IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-05-04

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krushikas I see, there is no way to install schooltool on a debian system?04:30
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ar2ri am from russian and i need your help to translate scholltool-2008909:48
ar2rand where i can download plugins09:54
ar2rhow do i change the interface language to russian?10:02
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ar2rhow do i change the interface language to russian?10:37
yvlyou can translate schooltool in Launchpad, here:
yvlthe translations will be released in roughly a month10:45
yvlas for switching to russian interface... you need to edit main.conf10:49
yvlfind examples with "lang"10:51
yvland write below commented lines:10:52
yvllang ru10:52
yvlyou will need to restart schooltool after that10:52
ar2rafter restarting the system - interface not full translated (about 5% at russian)11:00
ar2rAnd if to be more exact that names of months are translated only11:05
yvlhmm, thats odd.  I thought that a bigger part of it is already translated to russian - and released11:15
yvlwill look into it now11:15
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ar2rFor me too it seemed very strange11:19
yvlyou found a problem with the release, thank you!11:31
yvlthe translation messages are not precompiled11:31
yvlfor now... this should work:11:32
yvlcd /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES11:32
yvlmsgfmt schooltool.po11:32
yvlbut you will need sudo for this :|11:32
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ sudo msgfmt schooltool.po11:36
ar2r[sudo] password for artur:11:36
ar2rsudo: msgfmt: command not found11:36
ar2rWhat have I made not correctly?11:37
yvlhmm, seems you need the gettext toolkit:11:40
yvlapt-get install gettext11:41
ar2rafter msgfmt schooltool.po schooltools restarting?11:44
yvlyes, you need to do that11:44 should be generated now in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES/11:45
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ ls11:46  schooltool.po11:46
ar2rWhat to do further?11:47
yvlwhen you restart schooltool, it should be in russian11:48
ar2ryes i restart schooltool but the situation has not changed11:49
yvlhow did you restart?11:50
ar2rsudo /etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 stop11:51
ar2rsudo /etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 start11:51
yvlhmm, odd11:52
ar2rWhat reasons are still?11:58
yvlok, found it12:00
yvlsorry, I'm a bit new to this stuff12:00
yvlthe correct steps are:12:00
yvlcd /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES12:00
yvlmsgfmt schooltool.po -o schooltool.mo12:01
yvlI forgot that schooltool switched to python 2.5 ...12:01
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ cd /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES12:02
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ msgfmt schooltool.po -o schooltool.mo12:02
ar2rmsgfmt: ошибка открытия файла "" для записи: Permission denied12:02
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ sudo msgfmt schooltool.po -o schooltool.mo12:02
ar2r[sudo] password for artur:12:02
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ sudo msgfmt schooltool.po -o schooltool.mo12:02
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ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ sudo /etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 start12:03
ar2r * Starting SchoolTool 2009...                                                                                                                                                                                 Traceback (most recent call last):12:03
ar2r  File "/usr/bin/paster", line 18, in <module>12:03
ar2r  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/paste/script/", line 73, in run12:03
ar2r    commands = get_commands()12:03
ar2r  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/paste/script/", line 115, in get_commands12:03
ar2r    plugins = pluginlib.resolve_plugins(plugins)12:03
ar2r  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/paste/script/", line 81, in resolve_plugins12:03
ar2r    pkg_resources.require(plugin)12:03
ar2r  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/", line 626, in require12:03
ar2r    needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))12:03
ar2r  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/", line 524, in resolve12:03
ar2r    raise DistributionNotFound(req)  # XXX put more info here12:03
ar2rpkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: Not Found: FormEncode-1.0.1-py2.5 (did you run python develop?)12:03
ar2rI do not know why, but now is not started at all12:06
yvlok, this should not have happened12:06
yvlhmm, can you try:12:07
yvlcd /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/FormEncode-1.0.1-py2.5.egg-info12:07
yvlthe folder should exist..12:09
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES$ cd /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/FormEncode-1.0.1-py2.5.egg-info12:10
ar2rartur@artur:/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/FormEncode-1.0.1-py2.5.egg-info$ ls12:10
ar2rdependency_links.txt  PKG-INFO  SOURCES.txt  top_level.txt12:10
yvlomg :)12:11
yvlok, it seems you cannot run that command from python2.5 subfolder12:11
yvlcd /12:12
yvlsudo /etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 start12:12
ar2rartur@artur:/$ sudo /etc/init.d/schooltool-2009 start12:12
ar2r * Starting SchoolTool 2009...                                                                                                                                                                                 Changing user to schooltool:schooltool (112:125)12:12
ar2rEntering daemon mode12:12
yvlcool :)12:13
yvlthank you for you efforts12:14
ar2rThough transfer also is not full, but already on it was much better than that that. I very much am grateful to you.12:14
yvlif you start translating schooltool... please do it in launchpad12:15
yvlthen download from
yvlin .MO format12:15
yvland save it to /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/schooltool/locales/ru/LC_MESSAGES/schooltool.mo12:15
ar2rI so understand this problem will be corrected in the near future?12:16
yvl(launchpad will give you different filename)12:16
yvlbut I guess in about week and a half :|12:16
yvlpeople are on vacation this week...12:16
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th1ayvl: do you know menesis's nick on Launchpad?16:01
th1aShould I assign packaging related bugs to him?16:01
yvlth1a, menesis is menesis on Launchpad16:07
yvlplease do, but he is on vacation this week16:07
yvlso we're... kind of without release managers for a week :|16:08
th1aWell, a week to work on bugs.16:08
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th1aGood morning yvl, aelkner, replaceafill, Lumiere.16:30
th1aOr afternoon, as the case may be.16:30
yvlmorning guys16:31
th1aOK.  Welcome to the post-1.0 world.16:32
replaceafillgood morning everybody16:32
th1ayvl: How do you see the bug situation at this point -- what do you see as the priorities.16:33
th1a(other that th1a writing more docs... which I'll be doing)16:33
yvlthere are several bugs that are hard to stumble upon, but corrupt data: namely deleting terms16:34
yvlsection linking gets broken; section timetables get broken16:34
yvlI'd like to fix those ASAP16:34
yvlI finished main functionallity on section linking today, but didn't deploy it to trunk:16:35
yvlsection edit view: unlinking, linking for a single section16:35
yvlthere's also that Gradebook bug you entered today16:36
th1aWe need to find a balance in turning around easy user-reported bugs quickly and also getting to the deeper ones (that nobody may have reported... yet).16:36
th1aThe unicode one?16:36
aelknermay i comment on the gradebook bug a second16:36
yvlgo :)16:36
aelknerit occus to me that a simple change to the gradebook code16:37
th1aWhen I saw unicode I pointed it to yvl automatically, but aelkner can take it.16:37
aelknercould allow us to keep the functionality of section.members being a mix of students and groups16:37
th1aaelkner: We're talking about a different bug.16:37
th1aThere's a unicode bug.16:38
aelknersorry, there's a new gradebook bug?16:38
aelkneroh, i'll look now16:38
aelknerbut about the other bug, i'd like to comment on that before we decide to change section membership logic16:38
th1aThose are usually simple to fix.16:39
yvlyes, in some values are retrieved from database and converted to str instead of unicode - hence the conversion problem16:39
yvllistening, aelkner16:39
aelknerthe bug that tom and i dealt with this weekend involved16:39
aelknerthe fact that section membership allow a mix of students and groups16:40
aelknerth1a: if i were to change the one line of code in gradebook.py16:40
aelknerself.students = list(self.section.memebers)16:40
aelknerto be smarter16:40
aelknerto build self.students by looping through the memebers16:41
aelknerand tresating the groups in that list16:41
aelknerby adding all the students in that group16:41
aelknerthen there is no other place in the code that would need to change16:41
aelknerno evolution script would be necessary16:41
th1aI'm not sure what you mean...16:42
aelknerso we would be able to keep the heterogeneous nature of section membership16:42
th1aWe don't want the heterogeneous nature of section membership.16:42
th1aThere are two levels of bugs here.16:42
th1a1) The view is broken.16:42
th1a2) The implementation is wrong.16:43
th1aThe model is wrong.16:43
aelknerthat's kind of what i was asking16:43
aelkneris the model wrong wrong?16:43
aelknerif so, why?16:43
th1aSee, the problem is, I have a student who is in a course for, say, the first half of the year, gets a semester grade, should at least get half-credit for the course.16:43
th1aThey're enrolled as part of a group.16:44
th1aThey leave the group, say they leave the school.16:44
th1aDoes all traces of them leave the sectoin?16:44
aelknerah, i see where you're going with this16:44
aelknerin that case, never mind my point16:44
th1aI'd already disregarded it.  ;-)16:44
aelknerit's nice to disregarded off hand :)16:45
Lumierehi all16:45
th1aHi Lumiere.16:45
th1aSo where are you now, aelkner?16:45
aelknerworking on jelkner's desired dynamic score system functionality16:46
aelkneri've only gotten started at this point16:46
th1aIt is more th1a's desired dynamic score system functionality.16:47
aelknerbased on our discussions last friday16:47
* th1a wonders how I got talked into having aelkner work on new functionality...16:47
aelknerok, th1a desires it, too :)16:47
th1aIt is jelkner's influence.16:48
th1aHe controls our brains.16:48
aelknerhe's a subversive one, always has been16:48
th1aLet's get this fixed to stop his incessant complaints.16:48
th1aOK... anyhow... no issues thus far?16:48
Lumiereth1a: that's how you got talked into new functionality16:49
th1aThe Wrath of Jelkner.16:49
Lumiereth1a: there was a translation issue that yvl was talking about with a russian user16:49
th1aYeah, we're going to talk about that next.16:49
th1aWell, after the rambling, unstructured part of the meeting.16:50
th1aActually, to give some focus to this -- we pretty much can't do a release until menesis gets back, right?16:50
aelknersorry, it started with me interrupting yvl16:51
yvlunless Ignas springs from vacation in a miracle16:51
Lumierehe did for a minute or two earlier16:51
th1aHe hasn't picked up his parting gift from me in EVE yet.16:52
th1aOK, so we don't have to plan in terms of bugs to fix in the next couple days and release.16:52
th1aThat makes this a little less spastic.16:52
th1aSo when will our bugfix release probably be?16:53
th1aNext Tuesday?  Later?16:53
yvlnext Monday or Tuesday16:53
yvlmenesis will be just happy to jump into action :))16:54
* jelkner continues ignoring all this trash talk about him...16:54
th1aOK.  So aelkner, make sure and clean up the unicode bugs and check (test!) for more of the same.16:55
th1aDo you know what you need to do for those?16:55
aelknerjelkner: is that you calling me?16:55
aelkneri can't answer now16:56
aelknerth1a: are you referring to the bug that you pointed out at the beginning of the meeting16:56
aelknerthat you have assigned to justus16:56
th1aIt is yours now.16:56
aelkneryou want to assign that to me?16:56
th1a<yvl> yes, in some values are retrieved from database and converted to str instead of unicode - hence the conversion problem16:57
th1aGot that?16:57
aelknerok, so i'll change that in all occasions16:58
aelknerwhen would that change be released?  next tuesday?16:58
aelknerok, but i'll fix it first16:58
th1aLet yvl know when to merge the change.16:59
th1aYou know, once you get into bugfixes like this, it may be worth getting used to making a branch for each bug.16:59
th1aOnce you knew the steps to easily make a branch and switch your live instance to it,17:01
th1ait should make your life easier.17:01
th1aBecause otherwise you've got a branch with half of a larger project going, and then you have a 2 hour bugfix in the middle.17:01
aelkneri could use some coaching on that score17:01
aelknerright now i would rm -rf schooltool.gradebook17:02
aelknerand rebranch17:02
aelkneris there a way to switch instead17:02
th1aThe part which isn't obvious to me is the efficient way to switch your running instance to another branch.17:02
aelknerright, that's my question17:02
yvlhmm, I'll look into this at some point17:02
* yvl is not familiar with bzr that much17:03
th1aIt isn't a bzr question.17:03
aelknerignas spoke of this at a recent sprint17:03
aelknerbut we didn't get him to demonstrate17:03
th1aIf I have a different version of the gradebook, how do I tell SchoolTool to use *that* gradebook.17:04
aelknerth1a: i don't think you want to do that17:04
th1aThat's the point.17:04
yvlactually you want :)17:05
th1aI mean, you do want to do that.17:05
yvlI don't know how precisely to do that now17:05
aelknerit may just be how yo're putting it, but what i mean is17:05
yvlsomething with editing buildout.cfg I guess17:05
aelknerah, yes17:05
yvlsetting develop =  to your wanted folder17:05
replaceafilli change the develop part in buildout.cfg17:05
aelknerwe could just change the develop =17:05
aelknerand rerun bin/buildout17:06
aelknerthat would work17:06
th1aThat sounds right.17:06
aelknerdevelop = .... ../schooltool.gradebook_temp_fix_branch17:06
th1aDon't give it a generic name though.17:06
aelkneryvl: does that make sense?17:06
aelknerperhaps that's what ignas meant17:07
aelknerthat's why he said he only needed one sandbox17:07
aelknerhe had many branches of the same package and just switched the buildout.cfg17:08
th1aTry that.17:08
aelkneras long as the Data.fs file doesn't need evolution, that would work17:08
th1aThen you associate the branch in launchpad with the bug and request a merge through launchpad.17:08
yvlJust keep in mind that Data.fs is the same17:08
th1aThat's the way the whole thing is supposed to work.17:08
aelknerth1a: that last part17:09
aelknerhow one can request a merge through launchpad?17:09
aelkneri always just sent a note to ignas17:09
mgedminthere's an option on the branch web page, IIRC17:10
mgedminI found it once17:10
th1aGo to the branch's page in Launchpad.17:10
mgedminalso, I believe you can do that with 'bzr send' as well, but I've never tried17:10
th1aI've tried bzr send.  It worked.17:11
th1aOK, replaceafill, anything to report?17:11
aelknerteh "Propose for merging into another branch" link17:11
replaceafillyes, i fixed the two csv bugs17:11
th1aaelkner: Yes.17:12
replaceafilli will create the branch today and send it to yvl17:12
replaceafillth1a, wondering what to work on this week17:12
th1aCan you change the status of those on LP?17:12
th1aDo we need to make you a schooltool-owner?17:12
replaceafillth1a, havent tried17:12
replaceafillth1a, i will and if it doesnt work ill let u know17:13
th1aGoing forward we need to pay a lot more attention to the bug tracker and keeping the status of each one up to date.17:13
th1aIf you are starting to work on a bug, make sure it shows you as the assignee and set it "in progress."17:14
th1aThat is, if you want to take the assignment of a bug before it is "in progress," that's fine.17:14
th1aBut obviously you don't want to do that once someone else has started working on it.17:14
th1aWHich is why it is important to mark that state.17:14
th1aSo, given that, keep an eye on the new bugs and take the ones you want.17:15
th1aOK, let's talk i18n.17:16
th1aHypothetically, if someone has their browser set for a certain language preference, will SchoolTool automagically display the right language?17:16
yvlit should17:17
yvlbut for current release it will not17:17
th1aBecause we have this compilation problem?17:18
th1aIs there a reasonably short explanation of how to do it manually?17:18
yvlyes, I can send it to you by mail17:18
yvlit should be on today's IRC logs17:19
yvlbut it needs "cleaning up"17:19
th1aRight.  Definitely send me a cleanup today if you can.17:20
th1aI'll get it in the docs.17:20
yvlthere is one related thingie -17:20
yvluser can download updated translations from Launchpad in .mo format17:20
yvlif he's doing the translations and want to see immediate results17:21
th1aSo if you set the language in site.conf, does that force the language more if you don't have the browser set to that language?17:21
th1aDoes it become the default?17:21
yvlyes, it becomes the only language used17:21
yvl(except where untranslated)17:21
th1aCan you add the LP download to the instructions you send me?17:22
th1aDon't sweat your English style if that's an issue, I can clean it up.17:22
yvlok, thanks :)17:22
th1aAlthough POV developers generally have better English grammar than me.17:23
th1aWe took a test a few years ago.17:23
yvlI'm pretty sure that average English skill has droped a bit around here ;)17:24
th1amgedmin in particular did quite well.17:24
th1aOK... Lumiere?17:25
th1aAnything else?17:25
th1aOh, moquist brought SchoolTool 1.0 to the attention of the global Moodle community last week at one of their quarterly meetings.17:27
th1aIncluding Martin Dougiamas.17:28
yvlI'd really like to hear their impressions...17:29
th1amoquist has a better handle on how Moodle's XML-RPC web services work, so we might start doing some XML-RPC sometime soon.17:29
mgedminshouldn't that sentence be "Although POV developers generally have better English grammar than I" ?17:29
aelknermgedmin: true :)17:30
th1aI did that on purpose.17:30
aelknersure you did :)17:30
th1aNo, really, shouldn't that be objective case?17:30
th1aHave a great week guys!17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:31
moquistth1a: I wondered, but I believe it's subjective b/c there's an implicit 'do' at the end of the sentence.17:32
replaceafillth1a, i can change bugs status without being in schooltool-owners17:34
th1areplaceafill: OK.17:34
th1amoquist: Yes, I guess that does it.17:35
LumiereI am in a classroom17:36
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krushikcan i deploy schooltool on a debian system?17:55
th1aYou could try.17:55
th1aI wouldn't do it in production.17:55
krushikwhat problems will i see?17:55
th1aWe don't know.17:56
th1aYou'll tell us.  ;-)17:56
th1aI don't think there is any particular reason it won't work.17:56
th1aThe reason we don't have Debian packages is that there is a conflict about how to package the web framework we use - Zope 3.17:57
th1aBasically it used to be one big monolithic product, which was split up into a bunch of libraries.17:58
th1aThe Debian maintainer likes keeping it as one big project, but we've followed the rest of the community down the "lots of little libraries" path.17:58
th1aWhich you will see when it installs a screenful of packages as SchoolTool dependencies.17:59
th1aSo if this could ever be resolved, we'd have Debian and Ubuntu packages.17:59
th1aI'm not sure how Ubuntu releases map to Debian releases, so I don't know which packages to recommend.17:59
th1aWhich version of Ubuntu, that is.17:59
krushiki've seen it already, when tried to use jaunty repo)17:59
Lumiereubuntu releases don't map back to debian releases18:00
Lumiereubuntu always takes from sid18:00
Lumierewhich has no 'version'18:00
Lumiereth1a: he should be able to do a 2009.04 release buildout?18:01
th1aWell, that too.18:01
th1aYou could just build from source.18:01
th1aI'd just try the packages first.  ;-)18:01
mgedmino hai I just upgraded the pov buildbot slave from gutsy to hardy18:02
mgedminyou may want to click some force build buttons and see if everything works fine18:02
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool18:04
LumiereI'll do it for cando now18:04
krushikok. first, I'll try to use friends hardy to deploy schooltool on it to get an impression, and if like it, will try to solve debian deployment problem. thanks to all18:07
th1aThank you.18:07
Lumierekrushik: if you decide to try deploying on debian, start with sid18:13
Lumieremgedmin: see buildbot please18:13
Lumieremgedmin: it may need a make clean18:13
* mgedmin wouldn't have minded a link18:14
krushikI see. using sid already18:14
mgedminwhich one of those red builders is the one you want me to look at?18:15
mgedmin ?18:15
mgedminaha,     ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:15
LumiereI am assuming a make clean would solve that18:17
mgedminLumiere: I nuked all '*.o' and '*.so' files under /var/lib/buildbot18:20
Lumierethat works18:22
Lumierebut the question is will buildout -n rebuild em18:22
LumiereI'll force another build18:22
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Lumieremgedmin: failed again18:47
Lumieresame error18:47
Lumieremgedmin: do a make clean?18:50
mgedmintell me more18:50
mgedminthere are 36 builders with makefiles, should I make clean in each?18:51
Lumieremgedmin: we may have to18:51
Lumieremgedmin: is there a way to clear all builders and have them start over?18:51
mgedmingood idea18:52
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mgedminwow, in total all the buildbot slaves ate 16 gigs19:20
mgedminthere was just 200 megs free in that partition19:20
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Lumieremgedmin: trying now20:23
LumiereError: Can't download 503 Service Unavailable20:24
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool20:28
mgedminI don't own that domain20:29
mgedminthere's xlrd 0.7.0 on pypi20:29
mgedminas well as
mgedmindunno why your build tries to go to lexicon.net20:30
Lumiereand of course... that's from ignas20:40
Lumiereit comes out of his KGS20:41
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