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aelknerth1a: ayt?03:29
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crashsystemsI'd like to enable PDF support, but did not see anything about that in the documentation. Anyone mind explaining or pointing me in the right direction?04:59
Lumierecrashsystems: sec05:00
Lumierefirst you need to make sure that python-reportlab and msttcorefonts is installed05:00
Lumierethen in /etc/schooltool-????/ edit schooltool.conf05:01
Lumiereand uncomment reportlab_fontdir05:01
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crashsystemsLumiere: do you mean /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/main.conf ?05:03
LumiereI don't have packages installed anywhere, so I don't know the exact paths05:03
crashsystemsok, thats done. do I need to restart schooltool for that to take effect?05:03
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crashsystemshmm, when I got the PDF generating stuff setup and made a report card, the file automatically ended in a .html. Once I put a .pdf on the end it opened just fine.05:14
Lumierenot sure... put a bug in?05:34
crashsystemsI'll do that tomorrow I think.05:35
Lumiereth1a: for monday... enable pdf in dpkg releases by default?05:40
crashsystemsthat would be cool05:40
Lumiereif nothing else...05:41
Lumiereit is nice for print calendar views ;)05:41
crashsystemsI'm thinking of poking around the SchoolTool code, though I'm familiar with Django and not Zope.05:41
Lumiereschooltool is one of the more complete zope3 apps to look at05:41
Lumiereas in released to the public05:42
Lumiereand feature conplete05:42
crashsystemsaka, most other zope apps are half baked?05:42
Lumiereor smaller05:42
Lumiereor not Open Source (yet)05:42
crashsystemsI wonder why that is05:42
Lumierewell Launchpad is Zope3 based05:43
Lumiereand will be open sourced once it is far enough along that they can support it05:43
Lumiereright now they don't want to have it out there and have to do support for other installs05:43
crashsystemsCan zope only use it's own data store, or can it connect to other database systems?05:43
Lumiereit can connect to other DBs05:44
Lumierebbiab... Left 4 Dead05:44
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jeiworthhi, just testing schootool 1.0, installed on a ubuntu 9.04 server virtual machine (virtualbox), can't get access on port 7080 though, nmap only lists port 22 open (ssh-server), do i have to install apache or in what config file do i have to change access to local network?18:13
jeiworthok, in /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/paste.ini you have to change host to your lan-ip instead of
Lumierejeiworth: just make it instead of
Lumiere0.0.0.0 will have it listen on all ports18:19
jeiworthLumiere: ah ok, thx (might be worth putting that into the installation instructions...) ;)18:21
LumiereI thought it was18:21
jeiworthhmm didnt catch it, let me check...18:21
jeiworthah yes, there was a link in the instructions to that, sorry, slipped my view18:23
jeiworthhmm one question, it appears that schootool is using  its on db-backend or is /var/lib/schooltool/schooltool-2009-Data.fs a flat ascii file?18:34
LumiereData.fs is a db file18:36
Lumiereit's a Zope Object Database18:36
th1ajeiworth: They are serialized python objects.18:57
jeiworthok, thanks, don't  know so much about python so my obvious question is why not use my or postgresql ;)18:58
jeiworthok, off for breakfast :D18:58
Lumierejeiworth: it is a different paradigm... mysql and postgresql are relational databases19:09
Lumierewe're using an object database19:09
jeiworthhmm ok, guess i'll have to do some reading... ;)19:09
jeiworthrighto, i have created a csv file according to the manual but when i try to import it i get the error that the usernames are invalid, usernames are normal ascii strings e.g. fdewald19:14
jeiworthmehh never mind :P19:20
Lumierejeiworth: I think th1a hasn't finished writing the xls import pages yet19:25
Lumiereyou'll want to use the xls importer19:25
jeiworthnono, i was way off in the wrong import  page *g* worked fine now importing persons, _then_ importing students ;)19:26
Lumierejeiworth: ah, yea you have to have people before they can be in a group students19:26
jeiworthyes, i noticed that :D19:27
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jeiworthsooo how do i change the interface language? i can see various languages in /control/TranslationDomain.html but how do i activate them? i don't see an option anywhere...20:44
ignasjeiworth: schooltool.conf21:50
ignasoption is "lang"21:51
ignaslang en21:51
ignasor lang de21:51
ignasor lang en, de21:51
ignasif you want to get a language switcher21:51
jeiworthignas: thanks!21:51
ignasyou can also file a bug about the missing option example in the default schooltool.conf in /etc/schooltool ...21:52
ignasif it's not there21:52
ignasyou are using PPA packages aren21:52
ignasaren't you21:52
jeiworthno, itÅ› not, that is the first place i checked, and in the online manual there was no reference either21:52
jeiworthignas: yes, i followed the instructions step by step and installed an ubuntu 9.04 server in a virtualbox vm21:53
jeiworthadding the launchpad repos to sources.list, etc21:53
ignasI see21:53
ignasthen - it's a flaw in documentation and in the default config file21:54
jeiworthkk will log a bug as soon as i've set it up and verified it's working ;)21:57
jeiworthah wait21:58
jeiworthschooltool.conf? not main.conf?21:58
ignas(it's schooltool.conf in the checkout)22:00
ignasso I am confusing them22:00
jeiworthah ok22:00
ignastell me if it does not work22:01
jeiworthignas: right, that didn't do any good, now i  can't access the web-gui anymore, do i need to set some tags before? <locale> or something?22:01
ignasno tags, no <locale>22:02
ignasjust one line22:02
ignaslang <language code>22:02
ignasdon't know what language are you trying to select22:02
jeiworthok, it just took a while after i restarted the service until it was actually available through the web interface22:05
ignasI see, does it work, are some of the strings translated?22:06
jeiworthyes,, some is the right expression *g* trying spanish atm22:06
ignaswell, next update should have more22:07
ignasyou can help in here
ignasand we, or rather they will include it in a month or so, maybe earlier22:08
jeiworthyeah, i found that page too, hope i have some time for it, primarily i am preparing a sugarcrm installation for a customer tomorrow ;) btw, do you know a good way to transfer data from mysql to schootool? basically i could do it by simply exporting the data in the correct order as csv and then import it into schootool, but of course it would be nice to have it automated :D22:12
ignasnope, no automation really, we can't support all the possible schemas...22:13
ignasso you will have to export to csv, then open it in excel/oocalc/gnumeri and upload it as an .xls file22:13
ignasso you will have to write your own automation probably22:13
jeiworthwell, actually the csv import i tried worked nicely too :)22:13
ignasyeah, though it can't do some things XLS can do22:14
ignasotoh - error handling in csv is better at the moment22:14
ignaswell, anyway, got to go now, having a vacation ;)22:14
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