IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-04-17

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th1aGood morning.16:06
aelknerhey th1a16:16
aelknercan you do a bzr pull on the report card branch16:16
th1aLet me see...16:17
aelkneri'd like you to try out the gradebook for now16:18
aelkneri got the spreadsheet stuff to work16:18
aelknerand the description with roll-over feature16:18
* th1a is a little sleepy still...16:18
aelkneryou'll laugh, but i/m sleepy for the opposite reason16:19
aelknerat this point, i'm hoping you have a buildout that uses my report card branch for the gradebook16:20
aelknerbtw, i still have work to do on the report card (the course/teacher info part)16:21
aelknerbut i wanted you to check out the css and javasript of the gradebook16:22
aelknerand i added style to the report card to minimze the activity width and widen the course/teacher part16:22
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th1aaelkner: Do you have the branch url?16:25
Lumiereth1a: did you see the xls import bug I put on lp?16:27
aelknerth1a:  bzr+ssh://
Lumiereth1a: early this week16:32
th1aWhich bug is it.16:35
aelknerth1a: haven16:36
aelknerhaven't you already set up the buildout for my branch?16:36
th1aOh, somewhere, probably.16:36
aelkneryou said something about not seeing the worksheet tabs16:36
th1aThat was in trunk.16:37
aelkneroh, forget abot trunk16:38
aelknerthat's always goign to be 'two weeks ago' code16:38
aelknerobviously there will be a release merge done, but if you wait for that16:39
aelkneryou won't have the chance to give me feedback that might16:39
aelknerresult in getting something fixed before the release16:39
th1aYes, well, 90% of the time I end up reporting bugs with my development environment when I start trying to get development branches running.16:41
aelknerwell, i don't know how else to get feedback from you before the release16:43
th1aThat's why I'm trying to get this to work.16:44
aelkneroh, ok16:45
aelknerso you can use the buildout instrructions that ignas made for developers16:46
aelknerand use the trunk branches for everything but the gradebook16:46
th1a    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module schooltool has no global gradebook_report_cards')16:46
aelkneri'll need you to give me the bzr info for schooltool, schooltool.lyceum.journal, schooltool.stapp2008spring16:48
aelknerand of course, i'm assuming you're using the report card branch i gave above16:49
th1aPerhaps you should go to bed, aelkner.16:49
aelkneram i inconveniencing you?16:50
aelkneror do you need more time to set up your sandbox16:50
aelknerok, i'll get into touch with you later this afternoon16:54
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Lumiereis ignas off today?16:58
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Lumierehi replaceafill17:10
replaceafillhey Lumiere17:10
Lumierereplaceafill: do you know how to work with the tabs at the top of SchoolTool17:11
replaceafillu mean like Home, Manage, etc?17:11
Lumierethe latest update to st 2008.10 adds gradebook17:11
Lumiereand I want it to go away :)17:11
replaceafilllet me check17:12
Lumiere(grab a trunk checkout to see it)17:12
replaceafilli thought the gradebook tab only appeared when you added schooltool.gradebook zcml to your instance17:12
replaceafillLumiere, grep -r 'manager=""' --include=*.zcml .17:17
replaceafillthat is the manager for those tabs17:18
replaceafillthe navigation viewlet that puts the Gradebook tab is under schooltool/gradebook/configure.zcml17:20
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Lumierehi ignas17:28
ignasLumiere: heh code freeze and merge deadline, yvl - not done, aelkner - still working ;)17:30
Lumiereignas: well... it was a nice thought17:33
Lumiereignas: we need to set it way.way.way earlier next time17:33
Lumiereat least so everyone knows it is set17:33
ignaswe should set the next freeze now17:33
th1aIs aelkner still working?17:33
ignasth1a: guess so, didn't get any merge requests17:34
ignasreplaceafill sent me a patch with grade export17:34
ignasth1a: you should be able to test it now17:34
Lumiereignas: next freeze should be 2009-10-01 or 2009-9-1517:35
ignasask th1a ;)17:35
th1aWell, yes, except now I've completely fubared my trunk trying to get aelkner's branch running.17:35
th1aWell, now I'm discussing with Mark getting into Ubuntu 8.10, so we may be moving up to their schedule.17:35
th1aWhich should not be a problem.17:35
th1aThat is.17:35
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replaceafillignas, do u know if it's possible to make work the zc.datetimewidget with z3c.form?19:13
replaceafillz3c.form doen't have it's own date picker widget, right?19:14
ignaswell - schooltool is using a custom one19:14
ignasbased on the zc one19:14
ignasso emm - all z3c date fields should have datepickers19:14
replaceafillyes i saw it19:14
ignasin schooltool19:14
replaceafillin which package is it?19:14
th1aignas: Can you merge from  aelkner's gradebook branch.19:17
replaceafilloh it's on the skin, thanks ignas19:18
ignasth1a: can I?19:19
th1aWould you?19:19
ignasth1a: ok, doing that now19:22
* Lumiere returns20:09
ignasth1a: merged the changes, tests are passing20:10
LumiereI will be pushing the update to the state this afternoon20:10
* Lumiere can't wait for better merge support20:10
Lumieresvn merging sucks20:10
ignasLumiere: which versions is state using?20:10
Lumiereignas: trunk20:10
Lumiereof cando20:10
Lumieresoooo 2008.10 and cando kgs20:10
ignasI see20:11
Lumiereignas: replaceafill is working in a branch20:11
ignasin that case whatever is happening with schooltool now is not changing anything for cando20:11
Lumiereand I merge his changes to trunk as testing20:11
Lumiereignas: yes, but my merges to trunk in svn this week were horrible20:11
Lumierefor whatever reason it conflicted a dozen files20:11
LumiereI am so ready for bzr's merge functions20:12
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replaceafillth1a, ping21:56
replaceafillpongping!?!?! :)21:57
Lumiereyou do know that ping-pong is named for the sound the ball makes :)21:59
th1ahi replaceafill.21:59
Lumiereso you ping off the paddle, I pongping off the table and my paddle ;)21:59
replaceafillhey th1a, just wanted to know if you could check the export?22:00
* Lumiere is in a very odd mood today... 22:00
replaceafilland if it's ok22:00
replaceafillLumiere, :)22:00
th1aWell, here's the thing.  Everything was looking great this morning until aelkner convinced me to try to switch to his branch, and since then, well, my life has been ruined.22:00
* Lumiere has IKE IKE by HINOI TEAM on in the background22:00
Lumiereth1a: make a new checkout22:00
replaceafillth1a, :D22:00
Lumiereth1a: this is why i have like 30 checkouts22:01
th1aError: Couldn't install: PILwoTk
Lumiereth1a: try setting a lower version?22:01
Lumiere1.1.6.3 is what I have22:01
replaceafillno is the one in ftp.schooltool.org22:03
LumiereI know22:07
Lumierethat is what I am saying :)22:07
th1aOh God, everything is broken.  My SchoolTool .deb packages are broken.22:07
th1aMy life is ruined.22:07
replaceafillbrb, lunch :)22:12
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Lumiereth1a: you could purge them all22:21
Lumiereand reinstall22:21
th1aa dist-upgrade seems to have helped.22:25
th1aAt least with my debs.22:27
LumiereJaunty came out last week... didn't it22:28
* Lumiere should pay more attention22:28
th1aNext week.22:28
th1aWhat's happening is I can't build PIL.22:29
Lumiereth1a: what is the error22:37
Lumierelisppaste5: url22:37
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.22:37
lisppaste5th1a pasted "PIL nightmare" at
th1aAh... ok.22:40
th1aapt-get install python2.4-dev22:40
th1aActually worked.22:40
LumiereC error messages22:43
Lumiereare the opposite of tracebacks22:43
Lumierethe most important stuff is almost always at the top22:43
th1aYeah.  I had tried getting python-dev because I could see it wasn't finding the header.22:48
th1aI'm not at all in the right mental state to deal with this is the problem.22:48
Lumiereis a better choice22:54
th1aZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/hoffman/Desktop/schooltools/pre-release-check/schooltool.stapp2008.spring/eggs/schooltool-2009.10.0dev_r2473-py2.4.egg/schooltool/common/configure.zcml", line 118.2-118.4223:07
th1a    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module schooltool has no global contact')23:07
LumiereI wonder if it is missing an egg in configuration23:08

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