IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-04-16

Lumieresorry I had some issues locally00:04
Lumierewell, I am about to push a 2008.10 update to the state00:04
ignas_ok, so you have an old importer that is not ignoring "other" sheets00:04
ignas_and it's not in 2008.1000:04
ignas_the new importer00:04
ignas_that is00:04
ignas_so you will have to add pseudo empty sheets for all the stuff00:04
Lumiereso, how do I get around it (or do i ask you to push new importer to 2008.10)00:05
ignas_try adding sheets with just the header row00:05
Lumieredo I need the Holiday / Weekend rows?00:05
ignas_hmm, not sure00:05
ignas_you will have to try00:05
ignas_can' t see the old code, sorry00:05
ignas_it was assembled so that "it could import the sample_data.xls"00:06
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #78650 "round 2" at
ignas_add Weekends stuff00:10
ignas_and post me /home/jstraw/compile/cando/trunk/eggs/schooltool-2008.10.9dev_r2478-py2.4.egg/schooltool/export/simporter.py00:10
ignas_so I could look at the code00:11
ignas_I am not on my laptop at the moment00:11
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #78650 "3" at
ignas_ok, this one I don't like00:12
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #78650 "simporter" at
ignas_I guess i'll have to do some merging after all00:12
*** balor has quit IRC00:12
ignas_Lumiere, for a hacky solution00:13
ignas_open simporter.py00:13
LumiereI can do hacky for the moment00:14
ignas_and in the import_foo block00:14
ignas_comment out everything except groups00:14
ignas_        self.import_groups(wb)00:14
ignas_is the only one that you need00:14
Lumierebut, I need the merge so that I can give something sane to VA CTE00:14
Lumiereso I can leave everything in it00:15
Lumiereand it will just ignore them... yes?00:15
Lumiereand I assume I have to restart zope for this one :)00:16
Lumierebtw, I think we should look at selenium testing our js in gradebook after 1.000:16
ignas_yeah, you should00:17
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #78650 "and it continues" at
Lumierelol evil00:17
Lumiereignas_: I was thinking buildbotting it would be worthwhile00:18
ignas_what do you have in that cell?00:18
ignas_sh.cell_value(rowx=row, colx=0) returned 140252.000:19
ignas_which means - you have format set to float and a number in it00:19
ignas_or a date in there00:19
ignas_ouch ouch ouch00:19
ignas_merging is very very tricky00:19
ignas_the refactoring was done after the DC sprint00:20
ignas_so it includes demographics stuff00:20
ignas_I will chery pick it for ya most probably00:20
Lumierelet me set type to int00:20
ignas_set it to "string"00:20
ignas_are your usernames numbers?00:20
ignas_I see00:21
Lumiereand I set to text00:21
Lumiereand it failed00:21
Lumierethey're the locality student id number00:21
Lumierealmost universally00:21
ignas_can you add a single quote before each of them?00:22
Lumiereugh... yea00:22
ignas_without much pain00:22
Lumierenot really00:24
LumiereI tried to do an =CONCATENATE00:25
Lumierethat failed00:25
ignas_hmm, setting format to text should work /00:26
LumiereI mean00:27
LumiereI could hack simporter00:27
ignas_is the error still using float?00:27
Lumiereto... try: int(key) except: key00:27
ignas_key is a string00:27
ignas_the cell class documentation00:28
ignas_XL_CELL_TEXT1a Unicode string00:29
*** ignas has joined #schooltool00:31
Lumierethe issue comes that xlrd assumes that any non-text value is a float00:31
Lumierebut, I don't understand why text isn't marking them as text00:32
ignasyou can force excel to *store* it as text00:32
ignasby adding a single quote in front of numbers00:33
ignasbut that is tedious00:33
ignaslet me try00:33
ignasand force format, and export as CSV00:33
ignasso i would know what you get in that case00:33
ignaslinux tools seems to be ignoring the "text" formatting00:39
ignasgnumeric did an amazing thing00:40
ignaswhen you set a bunch of numbers to the "text" format00:40
ignasand try editing a cell00:40
ignasit says "This is marked as text, but is a number, if you will edit it - it will become text, do you want that?"00:40
LumiereI was in ooffice00:42
Lumierepulseaudio kernel panic'd my system00:42
ignasoofice does the same00:42
Lumiere(flashing caps lock and scroll lock)00:42
ignasyou mark it as text00:42
ignasbut it is still left aligned00:42
ignasyou add a space/remove a space in the end, click enter00:43
ignasit becomes right alignes00:43
LumiereI am really not interested00:43
ignasa.k.a. TEXT00:43
Lumierein doing that to 400 kids00:43
ignaswhat I want to say - it's fing oofice that is not marking the field as text00:43
ignasI will see how to force it on the xlrd side00:43
Lumierewe should be checking types as things come in00:44
Lumierebecause we already know what type we want things as00:44
ignasok, the fastest solution i can do will be to change the CSV file import00:45
ignasso it would handle updates00:45
ignasnot just "adds"00:45
Lumiereignas_: does new importer not handle this either?00:45
ignasit does00:46
ignasbut it is using demographics stuff now00:46
ignasin some places00:46
Lumiereah right00:46
ignasand it needs some fixes for numbers00:46
ignasand I don't want to have 2 incompatible versions in the wild00:46
Lumierewe could also just do plan b00:46
ignaswhile i can merge the group CSV fixes to both00:46
Lumierewe can do that or we could just write a view that has a text area00:47
Lumierethat you dump a list of usernames into00:47
Lumierethat get added00:47
ignasgroup csv importer is not doing members00:47
ignasfor a group00:48
ignasdoing that00:50
* Lumiere notes that it is sad that gstreamer framework/rhythmbox is the only app I have seen that plays this mp3 stream with titles <_<00:50
Lumiereignas_: the view?00:50
Lumiereerr ignas: a view?00:51
Lumierethat's what welsh suggested00:51
ignasI would fix the importer if you were using 2009.0400:52
Lumieremight as well fix it anyways ;)00:54
ignaswill have to00:55
Lumiereso I guess I should bug report "xls import needs to handle integer data properly" :)00:56
ignasdid not expect gnumeric and oocalc not handling the "This is TEXT not NUMBER" thing00:58
ignasexcel does not do that properly too00:59
ignasthey seem over cautious about treating numbers as text00:59
ignasLumiere: can you apply patches? ;)01:00
Lumiereignas: patch -p0 something.diff01:01
Lumiereor is it patch -p0 < something.diff01:02
Lumierebeen a while since I applied a patch :)01:02
Lumiere(I have 15 minutes before I need to comb my hair and report out to the lobby for the show tonight01:02
ignaslisppaste5: url01:03
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.01:03
lisppaste5ignas pasted "Patch that adds group member import" at
ignasselect it and "xsel | patch -p0"01:04
Lumiereuh small issue01:06
Lumierethis is going to assume that I am not using an egg01:06
ignasI want you to use it on an egg01:08
ignasyou might have to delete/reinstall the egg01:08
Lumiereyea but the src/01:08
Lumiereisn't in the egg01:08
ignasor -p201:08
LumiereI just removed it from the diff01:08
Lumiereand I'll -p001:08
ignas-p1 removes the src01:09
ignas-p2 src/schooltool/01:09
ignasand so on01:09
ignasI just want to be sure it works for you ;)01:09
Lumiere    ConfigurationError: ('No such file', '/home/jstraw/compile/cando/trunk/eggs/schooltool-2008.10.9dev_r2478-py2.4.egg/schooltool/group/browser/')01:11
replaceafillignas, do you recommend to base a gradebook export view on the ExcelExportView?01:11
ignasreplaceafill: hmm, not sure, look at how it is at the moment01:12
ignasand think ;)01:12
replaceafillignas, doing it :)01:12
ignasLumiere: ok, as for number to text01:12
ignasLumiere: you can mark numbers as text in openoffice01:12
ignasLumiere: did patch add src/schooltool/group/browser/ ?01:15
ignasbecause it's in
ignasreplaceafill: some day it will be pluggable, but I did not spend any time on xls import at all after sprint planning started01:16
ignasexcept for adding demographics support01:16
replaceafilli like its write method :)01:17
replaceafilland i like the "MegaExporter" name :)01:18
ignaswell, as they say - there is nothing more permanent than temporary things01:19
replaceafillif it's temporary it might change, right? and if i subclass it, my new functionality could break01:20
ignasyeah, but anyone changing it will update schooltool.gradebook anyway01:21
ignasthe thing is temporary interface mostly01:21
ignasthe exporters/importers should be distributed01:21
ignasand not live in one file01:21
ignasthe backend should make testing easier01:21
replaceafillah ok01:21
ignasand it needs some serious refactoring...01:21
replaceafillbtw, im reading the reenginering pattern book u recommended in the cando list :)01:22
replaceafilli liked the part "first do it, then do it right, then do it fast"01:22
ignasLumiere: as for the making numbers into text, just so you know "Select the column, Data -> Text to Columns, select column, select "Text" as the Column type"01:23
ignaswell - yeah, quite a lot of users used sample data, which they would not have been able to if I was not persuaded that we need it "yesterday"01:24
ignasand would have worked on import / export until they were good01:24
ignasLumiere: that makes the numbers into "text" and allows xls importer to cope with them01:24
ignasLumiere: don't worry, the code I sent you does not work ;)01:30
ignasLumiere: fixing it01:30
ignasLumiere: looks like it's working01:33
ignascommiting + releasing01:33
ignasLumiere: schooltool-2008.10.9dev-r2480.tar.gz01:36
ignashas the view01:36
*** ignas has quit IRC01:36
Lumieresorry, gotta go01:42
ignas_Lumiere, hope you will be testing this fix today ;)02:12
ignas_for your own good ;)02:22
ignas_anyway - 2:22 am here02:22
ignas_logging off02:22
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ignasth1a: ping16:08
*** menesis has joined #schooltool16:10
th1aignas: pong.16:11
ignasth1a: committed contact management UI to trunk16:11
ignas(not sure when it will reach launchpad)16:11
ignasyou can and probably should look at it16:11
ignasnow thinking whether I should do attencance explanation stuff or work on some XLS import/export polishing16:12
th1aexport/import polishing.16:12
ignasor am forgetting something more important than both of these16:12
th1aexport/import is an early pain point -- avoiding having people get stuck on it is important.16:13
ignasok, will go through it and keep on improving it until time runs out then ;)16:14
th1aDid you chop the lesson plans off the journal view?16:16
ignascan do that too if you need me to16:16
th1aIf you can do that quickly.16:16
ignasok, the ajax interface will still be there (the snippet views), but it will not be in the UI anymore16:17
ignassomeone will have to clean it up after the release16:17
ignasth1a: ok, schooltool.lyceum.journal just lost the boxes16:55
ignasth1a: if you are using trunk - it should be there16:56
ignasthe "removal" should be there ;)16:56
ignasok, first - i am splitting the sections sheet into 4 separate sheets, and putting the school year + term ids into the sheet name17:17
ignasso you could delete the sheets for terms you don't want17:17
ignasin one go17:17
ignasand only generate section data for 1 term17:17
th1aThat sounds good.17:17
ignasdon't like waiting for 20 minutes for everything to import17:18
ignasand also - the 60K line long sections sheet is not something we want our users to handle17:18
ignas4 sheets each 10K lines will be at least marginally better17:19
ignas11280 rows in a sections sheet for 1 term17:24
th1aMuch better.17:24
ignasnope, my mistake17:24
ignasthat's all the sections17:24
ignasso it will be 250017:24
th1aEven better.17:24
ignasok, i am baffled17:25
ignasok, so it's 10K for 1 section after all17:26
ignaswas 40K lines before17:26
ignashad 1 line in the wrong place, so the row counter kept running on in the other sheets17:27
ignas(starting sheet number 2 in line 10K)17:27
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th1aignas: We need a "notes" field for contacts.  A text area if possible.18:20
th1aignas: Contacts works great.  Good job.  I'm glad we pre-loaded the student's last name.  That'll make the secretaries happy.18:25
ignaswill try to add the notes field before the release18:26
th1aCan you control the order of the action items?18:30
th1aI'd make contacts third after edit.18:30
ignasyeah, I mostly can18:30
th1aAlso, we can't really control the order in the "tabs" at the top of the page?18:30
ignasnot sure about third ;) but can move it further left for sure18:30
ignasas for tabs - we can control the order of tabs18:30
ignasa lot better than action buttons actually18:31
th1aCan Manage always be last?18:31
th1aActually, I guess years should be last.18:31
th1aYou know, we've not done anything with Home at this point.18:32
ignasdon't know, I use it18:32
th1aTakes you to yourself.18:32
ignasi mean - if I want to get to my front page - i click home18:32
Lumiere_My preference would be something like "My Sections"18:32
th1aWell, my preference would be to make that page more useful.18:33
th1aBut in the meantime perhaps we should just turn it off.18:33
th1aI don't know what I would tell a teacher to do with that link.18:34
th1aWhich is not to say that it is completely useless, but if I can't tell you what good it is, perhaps we should hide it.18:35
th1aParticularly given its prominent placement.18:35
ignasfunctional tests are using it to get to all the management views18:36
ignasit's the place where you go to see all the actions18:36
ignaslike "manage groups"18:36
th1aThat's enough to keep it around ;-)18:36
ignaslist of your own sections18:36
ignaseither taught or learned18:36
th1aSo: Home  [components] Manage [years]18:37
th1aCan we do that?18:37
th1aWhere components are Calendar, Gradebook, etc.18:38
ignasyeah we can do that18:38
ignasHome is used when you want to - see the list of your section, the list of your contacts, the list of your groups, the list of your advisors/advisees18:38
th1aOK.  That's bugged me all along.18:39
th1aYeah, ok.18:39
th1aHome can stay.18:39
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ignaswill do when I'll be done moving sections around in import/export19:21
ignasbye now19:21
*** ignas has quit IRC19:21
replaceafillLumiere_, ping19:22
*** Lumiere_ is now known as Lumiere19:23
Lumierereplaceafill: I have to get a shower19:23
replaceafillLumiere, are you going to make another update tomorrow?19:23
replaceafillLumiere, ah ok we can talk later19:23
Lumierereplaceafill: the Pilot update is tomorrow19:24
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th1aThomasKarlRichte: Hi.21:29
*** jcrowley has joined #schooltool21:34
*** elarson has joined #schooltool21:35
th1ahi jcrowley & elarson.21:37
*** jcrowley has left #schooltool21:38
th1aAh... the soup guy.21:38
elarsonhe's my best friend21:38
*** rjelliso has joined #schooltool21:39
elarsonwho is rjelliso? sounds like a weird name.21:39
th1aWho is elarson?21:39
elarsonI AM21:39
rjellisoguy in jeff's class.21:40
rjellisohe wants to talk to jeff, but jeff isn't here.21:40
th1ajelkner is not here?21:40
rjellisoapparently not.21:41
ThomasKarlRichteth1a: hi21:44
th1aI was thinking that I might be able to help out if you want to get more German involvement in SchoolTool going.21:45
ThomasKarlRichtesounds good21:46
th1aAt least I could potentially pay expenses to send someone from POV over from Vilnius if any of them are interested.21:46
th1aSomething like that.21:46
th1aI assume it is not too difficult to get from Lithuania to Germany (notwithstanding Poland).21:47
ThomasKarlRichtetoday I got an Email from a man from berlin he has schooltool running do you know hin, his name ist Kai Heide21:47
th1aI don't know him other than answering a question on Launchpad from him.21:48
th1aI don't know how spread out all of you are geographically.21:49
th1aWhat city are you in?21:49
ThomasKarlRichtehe says he like to have schooltool running on a red hat box whants to build some rpms from the ubuntu 8.1021:49
th1aWell, that would be good.21:49
ThomasKarlRichteI am from Cologne west part of germany21:50
ThomasKarlRichteback to the Lithuania connection :-)21:51
*** elarson has quit IRC21:51
th1aYou're not one of the two students who have been working on SchoolTool, right?  Those are two other guys?21:51
th1aI'm going to have to write this down.21:51
ThomasKarlRichteyes this two students are from Augsburg in the south of germany21:51
*** rjelliso has quit IRC21:52
ThomasKarlRichteBTW do you habe a phone number. would like to talk a little bit with you21:53
th1aMy phone # is 401-785-3648.21:53
th1aDo you know how to call the US?21:53
* th1a can never remember how to make international calls.21:53
* th1a can never remember how to call the US when overseas.21:54
* th1a hates phones.21:54
th1aBut will be happy to talk to ThomasKarlRichte  ;-)21:54
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