IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-04-14

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th1aGood morning ptarrant.16:30
jelknergood morning16:30
ptarrantgood morning th1a16:30
ptarrantand jelkner16:30
ptarranti guess its that time huh?16:31
* ptarrant puts the do-not-disturb sign on outside of door16:31
ptarrantI won't have much to contribute experience wise as i am just getting 8.10 installed on the rack and have yet to install schooltool <- we had spring break last week so i was out16:32
jelknerptarrant: i am still getting ready for the first day back myself16:34
jelknerso we should probably keep this real short16:34
jelkneri was talking to th1a this morning16:35
* ptarrant is super excited to try the new package everyone has been working on though16:35
jelknerabout getting a non-profit arrangement where schooltool could receive donations16:36
Lumiereyou lucky people16:36
ptarrantthat would be great as I am sure my school would donate after getting up and running on it16:36
jelknerhe is looking at possibly joining the Software Freedom Conservancy16:36
Lumieregetting spring break off :)16:37
jelkneri'm hoping he moves on that sooner rather than later ;-)16:37
ptarrantLumiere: It was indeed a lucky time, my grandma survived a Heart attack, and I survived a tornado with very little property damage :)16:37
jelknerptarrant: is your grandma ok?16:38
Lumiereptarrant: deep south?16:38
LumiereI was watching the weather this weekend16:38
Lumieresome of the morning storms have been incredible16:38
th1ajelkner: Here's the thing about SFC:16:38
ptarrantlumiere: Georgia, right in the thick of it 100mph winds16:38
ptarrantjelkner: grandma is fine, i am a EMT-I16:38
th1aWe'd have to enter into an arrangement with them based on whether or not we are just taking small donations or large donations through them.16:39
jelknerptarrant: i'm glad to hear that!16:39
Lumiereptarrant: if only we were all so lucky to have EMTs as family16:39
th1aThey aren't really interested in taking on another client for small donations.16:39
th1aAnd I'm not convinced that using them for large donations is a good idea.16:39
ptarrantth1a: how large is a "large donation"16:39
jelknergood question16:39
th1aWell, "large donations" in this case is funding through the State of Virginia or an NSF grant, so $50,000 - $100,000 per year.16:40
th1aWe're working on an NSF grant.16:40
ptarrantah well, we can't do any large donations from here :)16:40
th1ajelkner: actually, why don't you use Flint for this?16:40
th1aOddly, that may be the most sane approach.16:41
jelknerflint isn't tax deductable16:42
jelknerit don't think16:42
jelknerbut i'll check with him16:42
jelknerand he'll take a cut16:42
jelkneri'm sure of that16:43
th1aI thought that was the point.16:43
th1aThe Open Systems Institute.16:43
th1aOr whatever.16:43
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* jelkner tries calling flint16:44
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ptarrantwe could always go for the cash filled mexican pinnate approch :) j/k16:55
ptarranterr pinyata?16:56
ptarranti can't spell16:56
* ptarrant slinks away in shame after ruining the semi-decent joke it would have been16:56
* th1a missed it.16:57
jelknerth1a: barre open systems lab looks promising16:58
jelkneri'll pursue that16:58
jelknerpaul is even asking me if i want to be on the board16:58
jelkneri told him sure16:58
jelknerlet's see what comes of it16:58
jelknerthey are not yet a 501c316:58
th1aAh... damn.16:58
jelknerbut they are in the process of becoming one16:59
jelknerpaul has to finish his taxes today16:59
jelkneri'll call him again on thursday16:59
jelknerand get back to you16:59
jelknerturns out paul had a great conversation with walter bender in fossvt17:00
jelknerwhere sugar on a stick was unvailed17:00
jelknerso they are interested in sugar as well17:00
jelknerpaul is already talking about the maple sugar distribution17:00
jelknerwhich would run on legacy pcs17:01
jelkneranyway, i need to get ready for class17:01
jelknerbut this all looks promising17:01
ptarrantomg, i was thinking "sugar" was a code word for something...lol17:01
ptarrantand apparently it is, so i'll just keep quiet and nod my head...lol17:01
ptarrantthanks jelkner17:02
jelknerptarrant: my apologies for not doing that from jump17:02
jelknerok, i need to get back to teacher stuff17:03
ptarrantlol its cool17:03
jelknersame time next week...17:03
ptarranti'll be leaving ya also, same bat time/same bat channel17:03
ptarrantnext week17:03
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jelknerc u then17:03
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aelkneryvl: ayt?17:05
ignasaelkner: nope he's not17:22
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Lumierehi replaceafill18:26
replaceafillhey Lumiere18:40
replaceafilldid u get the bugs list?18:40
LumiereI'll pass it along today18:44
Lumiereonce I get to ACC and start working on cando18:44
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Lumierehi replaceafill20:29
replaceafillhey Lumiere20:29
LumiereI am sending out the notification today20:30
replaceafillnotification? like "new update available"?20:31
Lumierelike new update coming in 2h30m20:32
Lumiereon your server20:32
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Lumiereth1a: here?21:26
th1aI am here.21:27
Lumierewould you mind if I add a light sprinkling to your schooltool-org21:27
Lumierejust a touch of php to make it easier to manage21:27
Lumiereyou can decide not to use it21:27
th1aWhat php?21:28
Lumierepull the top/left column into a template file (so you aren't copying it all the time)21:28
Lumiereand a menu generation script21:28
th1aWell, that's really the only page that will use it.21:28
Lumiereyou can see an example of it at www.misato.us21:28
Lumiereth1a: are you planning for to be 1 page?21:29
th1aEverything else will either be in the book or Launchpad.21:29
th1aBasically, yes.21:29
Lumieremake sure to get apache to redirect 404s to the main page then21:29
th1aGood point.21:30
Lumierebut, if you decided to add a screenshots page or anything else21:30
th1aThat can go in the book.21:30
Lumierethen why is it all in bzr ^^21:31
Lumierethe site21:31
Lumiereit's like 2 files :)21:31
th1aa) why not;21:31
th1ab) because I want people to do translations.21:32
Lumiereb ah21:32
th1aYes, a lot of this is driven by trying to figure out how to make it easy to translate.21:32
LumiereI need to learn how to do apache language checking21:32
Lumiereand automatic language choice21:33
th1aAlso by discovering that nobody can ever find anything, so I think putting everything in a book that generates a table of contents helps.21:33
th1aSphinx just doesn't give you a nice landing page.21:34
LumiereI need to get a cando site going21:37
Lumieremaybe based on that page21:37
th1aSo I'm leaning towards assimilating CanDo a bit sooner than I thought.21:37
th1aI mean, I guess realistically it will be in a year.21:38
th1aWe won't want people suddenly getting CanDo added to their instance in October.21:38
th1aSo the timeframe is pretty clear.21:39
Lumierewell, I sort of see it happening like this21:41
Lumiere1) CanDo moves to bzr21:41
Lumiere2) CanDo submits for a code review (eek)21:41
Lumiere3) schooltool-cando-2009.08 is 'merged' and added as a separate package in 2009.1021:43
Lumiere4) CanDo is made available as part of 2010.0421:43
Lumiereso in October stable CanDo is available as a separate installation21:43
Lumiereand in April CanDo is released publically21:43
Lumiereas part of schooltool21:44
Lumierebut, there is a long way to get there21:44
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th1aLumiere: Yes, exactly.22:08
th1aExcept we're not *really* going to be able to do a code review.22:09
Lumiereth1a: well, I am thinking more like a long-term review22:11
Lumiereth1a: I don't want to force anyone to support code that isn't cleaned22:12
Lumierereplaceafill is reviewing and writing tests for everything he touches22:12
Lumieresome of the diffs I have been working through for merges22:12
Lumiereare substantial22:12
th1aWell, we'll have a better idea of whether or not you'll have someone supporting it for a few years after we hear from NSF.22:13
Lumierethe paperwork went up to APS from ACC today it sounds like22:14
th1aDid they write some stuff on Friday?22:14
LumiereI think so22:15
LumiereI just heard it in passing from one of the AP22:15
th1aI forgot to ask in the arguing about groups yesterday.  ;-)22:16
th1aOne more question about that --22:16
Lumieregroups or nsf22:16
th1aThe problem ultimately was from a CanDo import script that failed silently?22:17
LumiereI have no idea22:17
LumiereI don't know if it failed silently or if it just never had it22:17
th1aIt is hard to debug a problem when nobody seems to remember what they were trying to do.22:19
Lumiereth1a: hard to debug when the event that caused it is months in the past22:19
Lumiereso... I wonder if cando buildout will work on dapper ^^22:20
LumiereI am running out of server options22:21
Lumieremy VM doesn't have enough memory to compile cando22:21
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th1aLumiere: I've moved the ST Book development here: which will be its home for the next year.23:07
th1aCan you please add instructions on *starting* CanDo to your piece?23:07
th1aWe just forgot about that step.  ;-)23:08
Lumierealthough I *fixed* the problem23:13
Lumierereplaceafill: hi23:13
Lumierereplaceafill: I am about to get the party started23:13
replaceafillLumiere, hey23:13
Lumiereor I would if my ssh hadn't frozen23:14
LumiereI have a backup of the code23:14
Lumiereand I will copy the instance as I go :)23:14
replaceafillwill it be screen -x watchable? :)23:14
Lumierescreen is open23:14
replaceafillit's "screen -x", right?23:15
replaceafill1 attached and 1 detached23:15
replaceafilldid u stop the testing?23:16
Lumierejust attach to the attachd one23:16
LumiereI have already copied Data.fs23:16
Lumierestopped cando (before copy)23:16
Lumiereand am running make update23:16
Lumiereholy crap the compile of lxml is HUGE23:17
Lumiere29133 cando     20   0  442m 435m 4992 R  100 11.1   0:26.05 cc123:17
Lumiereno WONDER I couldn't make it run on my vm23:17
LumiereI don't have 500mb of ram to use in a comiple23:17
Lumierereplaceafill: screen 1 is top23:18
Lumiereok... dapper fails... svn is too old23:19
Lumiereok replaceafill make update is done23:23
replaceafillyes i see23:23
Lumiereand starting23:24
Lumierewe're up23:25
replaceafillwhat's that 503 file?23:25
Lumiereit is the text that shows up if proxying fails23:25
replaceafill15 minutes :)23:26
Lumierenot bad at all23:32
Lumierethe 15 minutes thing is for backups23:32
Lumierethe nightly backup script shuts cando down23:33
Lumiereso I want to be able to say "don't sound alarms instantly"23:33
Lumierereplaceafill: I am about to put cando on my home server XD23:34
Lumierebecause I can't get it to install on a vm23:34
replaceafillbecause of the ram?23:34
Lumierereplaceafill: are you still in the screen?23:39
Lumierethe other thing I use the 503.html files for23:40
Lumiereis notifiation23:40
Lumiereif someone logs into cando while I am pushing an update23:40
Lumierethey will get a message that lets them know that we actually mean to be down atm23:40

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