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th1aignas, yvl: You guys going to be around for a little while?15:31
th1aI'm going to pick up Alan and we have a few questions.15:31
ignasyeah, i might go offline for an hour or so, but will be online15:32
ignasfor 30 minutes or so rather15:32
th1aWe'll be online in about an hour.15:33
ignassee you15:33
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th1aignas: What's the status of report headers?17:01
ignaswill ask yvl17:02
ignasin a second17:02
th1aAlso, is there any place we can learn about section linking?17:02
th1aAnd we're probably going to make "due date" a required attribute of activity.  What should we do for date input -- just use a widget that ignores date formatting preference?17:03
aelkneractually, the widget delivers a date that is international17:04
aelkner2009-04-01 for instance17:04
th1aYes, but not the user's preference.17:04
aelknerwell, if we display the date back the way the user wants to see it17:05
aelknerthen the validation will have a problem17:05
aelknerunless ignas knows differently17:05
th1aThis is why it is a problem.17:07
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yvlhi th1a17:10
ignasaelkner: which form library are you using for activity form?17:10
aelknernow it uses z3c17:11
aelknerremember the sprint?17:11
yvlreport headers going slow (4 prototypes scraped)17:11
yvlwill try to implement 5th on saturday17:11
th1aWhat's making it difficult?17:11
yvlHard to choose a simple solution17:12
yvlthat would be easy to use for others17:13
yvlcurrently I think I will go with very basic headers and auto PageTemplate/Frame building17:13
yvlso that other people's code wouldn't need to calculate extra header margins for example17:14
aelknercould you explain the auto part?17:14
aelknerhow about page sizes17:14
aelknerwe have 8 1/2 by 11 innc in the us17:15
yvlyou will be able to set page sizes, margins for document17:15
yvlthen a PageTemplate will be generated on build17:15
yvlto fit the header/footer17:15
ignasaelkner: from schooltool.term.browser.widgets import CustomDateFieldTextWidget17:15
yvlI am seriously thinking about moving to after release17:15
ignasaelkner: fields['first'].widgetFactory = CustomDateFieldTextWidget17:16
ignasaelkner: should give you the ISO date widget17:16
ignasaelkner: i'll look whether I can make it the default widget for date fields now17:16
yvlso that people could write XML from which the PDF is generated17:16
th1aaelkner and I were discussing dealing with letter vs. A5 in generating report cards.17:16
yvlinstead of using flowables17:16
aelknerignas: so the school year and term add/edit forms now use the custom widget?17:16
ignasaelkner: used to use, then stopped using, but will start using again now17:17
th1ayml -- I would like to use RML.17:17
th1a+1 RML.17:17
aelknerignas: cool17:17
ignasaelkner: because we have agreed to go with a simple ISO dates everywhere thing17:17
aelknerwhat are ISO dates?17:17
aelknercould you give me 2009-04-01 in ISO?17:18
ignas2009-04-01 :D17:19
yvlth1a, I'll check if there are extra dependencies which z3c.rml brings in17:19
yvlif not, will add that to this release17:20
yvl(if no extra dependencies)17:20
mgedminbut the :D is only appended to ISO dates when the daylight savings time is in effect17:20
mgedminotherwise you use :S17:20
yvlaelkner, do you have you report cards committed anywhere?17:21
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yvlI'd like to take a look of how hard it would be to move from flowables to RML17:22
th1aUsing RML would make it much easier to allow people to lay out their own reports in the future.17:22
aelkneryvl: bzr+ssh://
yvlthanks aelkner17:22
th1aI used it myself for that and liked it.17:22
yvlyes th1a17:22
th1aThe only reason I didn't push it more for SchoolTool is POV didn't seem to like it -- although17:23
yvland I think it would make a lot easier to write their own reports17:23
aelknerabout dates, did you guys see how i used the standard date widget in the intervention goals view?17:23
th1anow that I'm remembering, there might have been some unicode issues originally.17:23
aelknerit delivers ISO dates17:23
aelknerso, my question would be, why do we need a custom date widget?17:24
th1ayvl:  So check to see if it RML handles unicode correctly now.17:24
ignasth1a: POV has no recollection of why they did not like RML17:27
yvland last discussion about RML in #schooltool happend in 200617:28
yvl(and now it has examples in simplified chineese, so unicode should not be a problem.... but I'll double-check)17:28
th1aOK.  Cool.17:29
th1aYes, we haven't talked about it in a long time.17:30
th1aSince 2006 I don't make as many low-level technical arguments ;-)17:31
th1aYou should be happy about that.17:31
aelkneranybody see my intervention goal add/edit views' use of the date widget?17:31
aelkneragain, i'm wondering why we need a custom widget17:32
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yvlok, gotta go now...17:32
* Lumiere thinks all dates in schooltool should be ISO YYYY-MM-DD and use a date chooser17:32
th1aThanks yvl.17:32
yvlspeak to you on Monday :)17:33
aelknerLumiere: that's what i did in the intervention package17:33
yvland a good weekend to all :)17:33
aelknertake care yvl17:33
Lumierecya yvl17:33
th1aI don't think ALL dates should be formatted that way.  It is nice for, say, the label at the top of your calendar to be localized.17:33
Lumiereth1a: I don't mind localized dates for display17:34
Lumierebut all entry boxes17:34
Lumiereshould be ISO17:34
th1aThat appears to be the only sane solution at this point.17:35
LumiereI do wonder if it would be possible to have a standard schooltool datepicker that we could use (and give a variable to)17:35
Lumierethat would give the text box and the little calendar link to the side17:35
LumiereI think that's the best long-term solution17:35
aelknerhello, can someone address my date questions, please?17:35
LumiereI have never seen interventions for more then a very brief intro17:36
aelknerLumiere: i understand17:36
aelknerignas: have you seen the code?17:36
aelknerignas: ok, so tom and i are getting back to discussing the gradebook...17:49
Lumiereth1a: btw, on gradebook... jelkner's going to hate to hear this, but APS's existing SIS is getting involved in the gradebook discussion17:55
Lumiereif they do, you can pretty much toss any thought about SchoolTool being APS's gradebook :)17:56
ignasaelkner: what your date questions?18:00
aelknerignas: th1a doesn't want to discuss dates any more today, so let's table this until monday's meeting18:01
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ignasaelkner: ok, so you won't have to do anything special, schooltool will use ISO dates by default in z3c forms everywhere19:14
ignasdate picker - probably later, will look at it, but probably later19:15
ignassane error messages - will try to do it today19:15
aelknerok, i looked at the intervention package, and i couldn't figure out what i did to get the picker on the form19:16
aelknerit looked like i didn't have to do anything19:16
aelkneras if zope just created the picker widget by default becuase the field was of type Date19:17
ignasaelkner: it did19:17
ignasaelkner: formlib forms do that19:17
aelkneryou mean, pre-z3c formlib?19:18
aelknerignas: are you saying that the school year and term add/edit forms don't have the picker becuase they are z3c forms?19:19
ignasyes, because the widget is a formlib widget19:20
ignasthe date picker widget19:20
aelknerthat seems hostile that z3c.fromlib has less functionality in this case as the older zope.formlib19:20
ignasaelkner: the problem is - it's has less and more at the same time19:21
ignasz3c - locale specific date formats , formlib - date picker19:21
aelknercould it be that the decision to go to locale specific date formats was a mistake on z3c.formlib's part?19:23
aelkneror why couldn't it still supply the widget, just put the locale specific date into the form?19:23
th1aIt is not a mistake per se.19:23
ignasaelkner: because date parsing has to be in javascript19:24
ignasso if you have 2005-01-01 in the text field19:24
ignasjavascript would select that date by default19:24
ignasso if you want to suport 05/01/0119:25
ignasjavascript has to understand it19:25
ignasbut as we are saying - ISO dates for everyone19:25
ignasI will look at the code and try to hook up the formlib javascript stuff19:25
ignasto the z3c widget19:25
aelknerso that's why you talked of having a schooltool custom date widget, right?19:26
ignasdefault z3c widget is locale specific19:27
ignasz3c does not have ISO widget19:27
th1awe're going out for a bit...19:28
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ignasth1a: i have switched the short date formatter to print out ISO dates20:44
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