IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-04-02

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th1aignas: ayt?16:15
ignasth1a: ayt?16:16
th1aDid you see this about importing translation templates from branches on LP?16:17
ignasI have to read it16:19
ignasbut yes I saw it16:19
th1aYes, it is the kind of thing I have to make myself read ;-)16:20
ignasthough - i'd like the having it the "other" way more16:20
ignasdownloading and integrating translations automatically would be nicer ;)16:20
Lumiereignas: I bet that's coming16:21
th1aIt seems like this system would make it more likely that we should have most people transating trunk by default.16:21
ignasLumiere: not sure about it, their download cases are very fishy, i mean - they send you an email when the file is ready....16:22
th1aAnyhow, I'm not going to throw the switch on that myself.  We'll have to figure out what we want to do at some point.16:28
th1aignas: How are things coming in general?16:28
ignaswell - going through bugs while menesis is working on ZODB packaging for jaunty16:29
ignasZODB is packaged in a special way16:29
th1aDo we still have branches to merge?  What's the status of contacts?16:29
ignasworking on them and looking at bugs at the same time16:30
ignas"Also, what is the "name" for in an enum?"16:30
ignastrying to think of how to explain it16:30
ignasit's the "id" in the database for that demographics value16:30
ignasso maybe "ID" would be better than "name"16:30
ignaswe don't want to use titles as ids for demographics fields16:31
ignasas titles can get changed16:31
th1aid is better.16:31
th1aWe can add descriptions to those fields, right?16:31
th1aThat just goes in the interface?16:32
ignasthough hmm, they seem to be not visible by default16:33
th1aSo I can go on a labeling jihad.16:33
ignaslet me see16:33
ignasIFieldDescription is the interface16:33
ignasi am looking whether we have the description test in the form16:33
ignashmm, can't see the description16:35
ignasbut I will fix it16:40
ignasth1a: are you running trunk?16:40
ignasth1a: if you are using trunk - the descriptions should be visible now16:42
th1aI can.16:42
th1aYou mean, there were descriptions and they are invisible, or if I add descriptions now they will be visible?16:43
ignasthey were in some places16:44
ignasbut were invisible in z3c forms16:44
ignasnow contacts/persons/demographics fields/schoolyears/terms16:44
ignasshow descriptions in add/edit forms16:44
ignasso you can add things like (yyyy-mm-dd) in some places ;)16:45
ignasand file reports if it's not yyyy-mm-dd16:45
th1aYou flying a Redeemer yet?16:46
ignasnot even close ;)16:46
th1aOh, the jump drive skills are a bear, I guess.16:47
ignasok, so I am filing as fix commited16:47
ignasand you will go and add some descriptions in places where you feel they are neccesary16:48
ignasand yes - jump drive skills take ages, and I am working on T2 Large Lazorz atm16:48
ignasok, got to run16:53
ignassee you16:53
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