IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-03-31

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th1aignas: Did you see the bug reported last night on Jaunty installation?15:52
ignasth1a: yes, though menesis is still not here, and he has the jaunty system15:52
th1aOK.  Not surprising that there would be some Jaunty bugs to work out.15:53
th1aSeemed to update ok for me.15:53
ignasi have not released jaunty packages at all15:57
ignasso it's kind of interesting how he installed them15:57
ignasmaybe menesis uploaded part of them15:57
th1aYeah... I didn't think they were ready.16:00
th1aignas: Did you see the export bug?16:07
ignaswhich one?16:07
th1aIt was added yesterday -- a crash on export after the update.16:08
th1aI guess I didn't assign it to you.16:08
ignascan't see it16:10
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jelknerptarrant: good morning phil!16:27
ptarrantmorning jelkner16:28
th1agood morning ptarrant.16:28
ptarrantmorning tom!16:28
ptarrantsorry, shutting down the office for the meeting :)16:29
ptarrantok, had to kick a student out :)16:29
ptarrantgood morning everyone!16:30
ptarrantso how goes things in the world of school tool?16:31
th1ajelkner is talking to me on the phone, so we're being kind of anti-social.16:32
ptarrantHAHA ok that works16:32
th1aI guess we should hang up.16:32
jelknersorry about that16:32
jelkneri can't walk and chew gum at the same time16:33
jelknerso talking on the phone and irc chatting is completely beyond me16:33
ptarrantLOL its ok, i never could do that either16:33
jelknerso, ptarrant, i was talking to th1a about pycon16:33
jelkneri had a *wonderful* time there!16:33
jelknerwe are really turning the corner on python in education16:33
jelkneri hung around quite a bit with a professor from michigan university16:34
jelknerdr charles severance16:34
jelknerhis name tag had "dr chuck" on it16:34
jelknerwhich is his website too16:35
jelknerhere is the most interesting part16:35
jelknerhe was "Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation and the Chief Architect of the Sakai Project"16:35
jelknerare you familiar with sakai?16:36
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ptarrantnope, i was about to google it :)16:36
jelknerit is a course management system16:36
jelknerapparently used more in universities than in high schools16:36
jelknerbut along the lines of moodle16:36
ptarrantahh, like moodle16:36
ptarranti have a feeling most course management systems are used more in colleges and very rarely used in HS16:37
jelkneranyway, he is currently working on a new course management system using python16:37
jelknerwell, we use blackboard here in aps16:37
jelknerbut blackboard isn't free software :-(16:38
jelknernor is it written in python16:38
jelknerso i was very interested to hear about his plans16:38
Lumiereblackboard is used extensively here16:38
Lumiere(in aps)16:38
jelknerhe wants to write a course management system that will run in the google cloud16:38
jelknerso that teachers could just create their own instance without installing anything16:39
* Lumiere is waiting for someone to make an open source webassign16:39
jelknerLumiere: please explain16:39
Lumiereit's an online assignment system16:39
Lumierethat is for math/physics16:39
jelkneryou mean for giving out and collecting assignments?16:40
ptarrantit looks like it also does a gradebook16:40
Lumiereand it works with blackboard16:40
jelknerLumiere: wow, funny you should say that!16:40
jelknerso, here is how my conversation with dr chuck went...16:40
jelknerif you could create something i could use to collect assignments, i would start using it immediately16:41
jelknerand, if it was free software and easy enough for a simpleton like me to hack on, i'd work on it, too ;-)16:42
jelknermore important to me than working with moodle, of course, would be for it to work with SchoolTool16:43
jelknerptarrant: how is your installation going?16:43
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ptarrantit is doing well, currently I am the only one using it as the administration isn't worried about it just yet, they got alot on their plate16:44
Lumiereimo, the long term best solution is making a single way for these to interoperate16:44
Lumierethat is NOT SIF16:44
jelknerLumiere: i agree16:44
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* ptarrant agrees with lumiere on the interoperatng16:44
jelknerbut that will only happen after we make several of them actually work together and can then think concretely about what such a system would need to do16:45
ptarrantin the summer (2 months away here) we are going to move the schooltool to a little rack server I have built16:45
Lumierethe best interoperating setups are not frameworks... they're simple to implement and quick to function (and sif is neither)16:45
ptarrantthere shouldn't be any issues i need to know about with me installing it on ubuntu 8.10 server right?16:45
th1aptarrant: We did just put up some updated packages yesterday, btw.16:46
ptarrantthla: oh, then i better get on that :)16:46
th1aThere are no known issues.16:46
Lumiereintrepid install/upgrade is easy16:46
Lumierejaunty otoh... ewww ;)16:46
th1aJaunty doesn't work yet.16:46
ptarrantLOL hint taken :)16:46
jelknerok, if there is nothing else to discuss, i need to get back to teacher duties...16:52
ptarrantare their any plans in the future of having a student information area added?16:52
jelknerptarrant: what do you mean by student information area?16:53
ptarrantlike, student parent info, contact numbers all of that stuff intergrated with schooltool?16:53
ptarrantin the words of burns: "excellent" lol16:54
Lumiereptarrant: a lot of that is coming in 2009.0416:54
th1aContact info has been written but not merged and released yet.16:54
th1aIn the version you download you can customize demographic data fields.16:54
th1aThe new package, that is.16:54
ptarrantwill existing installs be able to do that? or do i need to re-install?16:55
ptarrantexisting after patched that is16:55
jelknerptarrant: like i told you earlier, we desperately need someone to put all these features into day to day use16:55
jelknerso if you're that guy, we'll be sure to treat you *real* well ;-)16:55
Lumierewhat is this... a thai massage parlor?16:56
ptarrantbwhaha i want happy ending! lol j/k16:56
jelknerdon't we all?16:56
ptarrantI'll work on that in the next week16:56
ptarrantthe headmaster there just had triple by-pass surgery so the whole school is moving sluggish and not exactly up to par16:57
Lumiereptarrant: ouch16:57
ptarrantand i just inherited that 1u rack server im installing 8.10 server on now so, it will be getting schooltool installed in a few hours16:57
ptarranti'll be making sure the 2-3 teachers i can trust get on it at least weekly, its hard to convince them to use 2 gradebooks :)16:58
ptarrantI'll be seeing you guys later, i need to get ready for my class in 517:00
ptarrantth1a: i'll update you when i get the machine loaded with schooltool (and perhaps ask for help) :)17:00
ptarrantth1a: would you consider this newest package semi-ready for production?17:01
ptarrantor should it be "testing only" til april?17:01
ptarrantum...may, since april is 1 day away :)17:02
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th1aptarrant-AFK: Still testing, definitely.17:09
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