IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2009-03-29

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Lumierehi replaceafill21:33
replaceafillLumiere, hey man21:34
* Lumiere goes to write some stuff down21:34
Lumiereand... watch the Austrialian GP21:34
Lumiereis there somewhere you want me to put my ideas together at first?21:34
replaceafillhhmm not really, a google doc?21:35
* Lumiere is testing out his 'Dave' from IKEA21:35
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Lumierehi jelkner22:05
jelknerLumiere: hi man22:08
Lumiereenjoy the US vs El Salvador game?22:08
replaceafillwe almost make it :(22:08
replaceafillbut US is #17 of the world :/22:09
LumiereQuintanilla used to play for DC United :)22:09
replaceafillyes :)22:09
replaceafilli liked the second goal ;)22:10
Lumiereugh :)22:10
replaceafillcastillo was making hejduk really dizzy22:10
Lumierewe looked asleep as hell for a while there22:11
replaceafilli'd hope they had looked like that for a little more :)22:12
LumiereI don't :)22:12
replaceafillbut well, it's the best soccer i've seen from my national team in a long time22:13
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