IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-03-27

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Lumierehi ignas, menesis14:49
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ignasLumiere: hi15:04
ignasLumiere: so what are your thoughts about the mess we are in? ;)15:05
Lumiereugh :)15:05
Lumiereignas: I think using xen / virtualbox to make the distros available15:06
Lumierewould at least allow us to do it15:06
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Lumiereignas: does that make sense?16:04
ignasLumiere: probably16:31
ignasLumiere: I don't really know how to handle it *properly*16:32
ignasand whether we should be using PPA at all for example16:32
ignaswhether our release infrastructure should be reduced to making eggs and tags16:32
ignaswith a separate tool to make debian packages16:32
ignasor should vanguardistas.builder build debian packages instead of source packages16:33
ignasand I have no idea what to do with backporting/forwardporting16:33
ignasthough - that's no excuse ;) and we will have a jaunty release one way or the other16:33
Lumiereignas: I would have vanguardistas.builder make source packages17:09
Lumiereand have some builders to get packages17:09
Lumiereusing buildbot or w/e17:10
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th1aSo is this a "we have to spend extra time now creating an automated process which will work in the future" problem or a "every time we do a new release from now on it will be a time sink" problem?17:24
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Lumiereth1a: I think that may be about it18:26
th1aLumiere: Which?18:32
ignasth1a: not sure at the moment18:33
ignasth1a: still working everything out18:33
ignasth1a: it is a fact that our release process is highly fragile, and I am still not sure it can be different18:34
ignasthough - it might be that we will only have to update 1 package for jaunty to keep our packages building, but as I said - still looking at it18:35
ignas(python packaging stuff is in python-vanguardistas.pydebdep, so we only have to change it in one place)18:35
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