IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-03-26

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th1amenesis: Are you and ignas working on building new packages?15:03
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menesisth1a: yes15:05
menesisignas has already built them for ubuntu intrepid and previous versions15:06
th1aWhen do you think we'll have some fresh ones in the PPA?15:06
th1aOr do we?15:06
ignasth1a: not yet15:06
ignasi have yet to release, I am not sure I want to possibly break intrepid PPA15:06
ignasbefore the release15:06
ignasI will build them locally and try out15:07
ignasbut do we want intrepid users to get 2009.04 release "now"15:07
ignasth1a: what I have updated for intrepid is Zope3, so that versions in PPA would match the KGS15:09
th1aNo, testing is a good idea, of course.15:09
menesiswe have started building packages for jaunty, but it seems we'll have to update each package for the new python packaging rules15:09
th1aNew packaging rules AGAIN?15:09
menesispython 2.6 transition15:11
th1aI see.15:11
th1aAnyhow, do you think we can do a PPA release by next Wednesday?15:11
ignashmm, jaunty one?15:11
ignasor intrepid one?15:12
th1aintrepid is fine.15:13
ignasyeah, I will have schooltool 2009.04 in intrepid by wednesday15:17
ignasif not earlier15:17
th1aOK.  Excellent.15:17
* Lumiere wonders when those new rules were posted15:27
ignasLumiere: hi15:37
ignasLumiere: can you send me all the scripts that you did for schooltool server startup15:37
ignasor upload them in some bzr repository?15:37
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Lumiereignas: yea15:40
Lumieresent to pov email15:43
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ignasLumiere: got it, thanks16:05
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th1aaelkner: So do you want to come up next week?17:30
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aelknerth1a: sure17:59
th1aaelkner: Drive or fly?18:19
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Lumierehi ignas19:20
Lumiereare the files I sent of any use?19:20
ignasnot sure yet, had to start working on intrepid release19:27
ignasand my colleague went home early19:27
ignasso did not look at it much yet19:27
ignas - this is so going to cause us pain19:27
ignasat the moment our "releasing" infrastructure is running on schooltool.org19:28
ignaswhich is gutsy19:28
ignasso we are releasing to gutsy, and then forward-porting to jaunty19:28
ignasand suddenly packages that work for jaunty will not be suitable for intrepid, not even talking about gutsy19:28
ignasso backporting will be a pain19:29
ignasforwardporting - also19:29
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ignasand having release infrastructure using gutsy is making it even more insane19:29
ignasmenesis is setting up a cowbuilder so we could build locally without the PPA delay and test everything19:30
ignasbut I really don't know what will have to be done with future packaging/releases19:30
ignasand must run home now19:30
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* Lumiere suggests xen vm for build20:08
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