IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-03-24

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jelknergood morning15:33
jelknerth1a: i have a phone conference meeting with steve hargadon tonight15:34
jelknermike huffman will be on it too15:34
jelknerRe: Future of Education and Open Source15:35
jelkneri'll let you know how it goes15:35
th1aWell, guess I'm not so important anymore.15:36
jelknertake it up with hargadon15:37
jelknerhe pulled it together15:37
jelkneri think necc will be a big part of the discussion15:38
jelknerand since it is in dc this year15:38
jelknerour local dc groups will be able to participate15:38
jelknerhow did the meeting yesterday go, btw?15:44
jelkner(i guess i should just look at the log ;-)15:44
th1aIt went fine.15:44
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