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Lumierereplaceafill: hi01:58
replaceafillhey Lumiere01:59
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ignasLumiere: good luck migrating to bzr ;)14:41
Lumiereignas: at some point, it may be better to just dump svn and import to bzr15:23
* Lumiere wonders what ohloh is15:24
Lumiere <_<15:28
Lumierepcardune imported schooltool svn15:30
Lumierewithout ignoring .svn dirs15:30
ignasLumiere: you were using cvs back then it seems15:31
Lumiereand cvs2svn = fail15:32
ignaskind of15:32
Lumiereany chance of an svnadmin cleaning it up?15:32
ignasask mgedmin ;)15:33
ignasthere is some svn renaming utility15:33
ignasthat could rename all .svn to .subversion15:33
ignasin the repository15:33
* Lumiere looks at mgedmin and gives puppy-dog eyes :)15:33
mgedminsvndumpfilter is your friend15:36
* mgedmin handwaves15:36
* mgedmin points Lumiere towards
mgedminessentially, you ssh to the repository15:38
mgedminrun svnadmin dump > somedumpfile15:38
mgedminfigure out the correct svndumpfilter command to exclude .svn dirs15:38
mgedmineyeball the output of svndumpfilter for sanity15:38
Lumieredo I have write access?15:38
mgedmincreate a new empty repository15:38
mgedminsvnadmin load the filtered dump15:38
mgedmintake a look at the new repo (with svnlook perhaps)15:39
mgedminmaybe check it out, see if it looks sane15:39
mgedminmake sure the new repo has the same UUID15:39
mgedminI think it should, the UUID is stored in the dump15:39
mgedminif all's well, rename old repo to .old, rename the new repo to the old place15:39
ignasLumiere: - now with revision number15:40
mgedminoh, I almost forgot: copy all the hooks from the old repo to the new one!15:40
Lumiereignas: nice15:40
Lumieremgedmin: you're scaring me ;)15:41
mgedminwhat's my password on
ignasmgedmin: emm - your ssh key should be there15:41
ignasmgedmin: is it not?15:41
mgedminit is, but sudo doesn't accept ssh keys15:41
ignasmgedmin: i can reset it for you I think15:42
mgedminor you could fix the cando repository :-)15:42
ignasand send the new password to you over an unencrypted Wireles connection15:42
Lumiereignas: no gpg email?15:42
ignasmgedmin: send me a password using gpg ;)15:43
mgedminignas: look at your ssh session15:43
ignasyou want that as a password?15:44
mgedminno, just testing15:44
mgedminwe have a secure communications channel15:44
ignaswhich command sends these messages15:44
mgedminwrite $username15:44
ignasmgedmin: got it?15:47
mgedminuh oh yes15:47
mgedminsvndumpfilter does not support wildcards ...15:50
mgedminit seems15:50
mgedminand it's a C program, not a python/perl script15:51
mgedminso, now y'all have enough clues and should be able to solve the problem (whatever it is)15:52
* mgedmin disappears15:52
Lumieremgedmin: maybe it would be easier to svnamdin dump and write a script that locates and removes the .svn dirs <_<15:52
ignasLumiere: read the link mgedmin posted, it mentioned something about manual editing15:53
ignasLumiere: and in a few minutes i'll ask alga about the "rename" thing15:53
LumiereI saw that15:53
Lumiereignas: I guess it could work to script-edit all the .svn folders to .subversion15:56
mgedminnuke them out15:56
mgedminI wonder if you could do something hacky like replace 'Node-Path: .*/.svn/.*' -> 'Noide-Path: DELETEME', and then svndumpfilter --exclude=DELETEME15:57
mgedminor if svndumpfilter would be indignant about getting multiple files with the same name in the same revision in its input15:57
mgedminNode-Path and Copied-From15:58
mgedminalso, both are probably spelled differently15:58
ignasmgedmin: i'd still go for renaming the .svn stuff16:01
* ignas would feel safer16:01
mgedminkeep a backup of the old repo for safety16:01
ignasre renaming something that was wrongly renamed is easier16:02
ignasthan trying to extract that same thing from the old repository16:02
ignasand put it into the new repository16:02
ignasno need to fix it16:02
ignasbzr migration will solve it16:02
ignasas bzr does not care about .svn16:02
ignasand works on a lower level16:02
ignasthan "svn co"16:03
Lumiereand isn't changing .svn to .subversion easier to script?16:08
ignasprobably is16:13
ignasLumiere: do you have access to
ignasi mean - if you can ssh16:14
ignasand svndump /svn/cando/16:14
ignasthen you should probably download it16:14
ignasplay with the dump16:14
ignasand just give me the "finished" dump16:14
ignasor we can just wait for migration16:14
ignasohloh stats are not really important16:14
Lumierelets wait till we're getting close to migration16:20
LumiereI got a bit on my plate right now16:20
* Lumiere is about to write a little php app to manage either svn or bzr repositories for websites <_<16:22
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