IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-03-17

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ptarrantgood morning guys15:19
ptarranti shall return i gotta drop off a comp really fast15:21
dwelshgood morning15:26
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ptarrantmorning dwelsh, jelkner15:27
jelknerth1a_: are you here?15:27
jelknerptarrant: good morning!15:27
jelknerso, we have some real agenda items for the meeting this morning.15:28
jelkner1. Releases and continuous integration15:29
jelkner(getting our changes and bug fixes to our users)15:29
dwelshptarrant:  are you otherwise known as replaceafill?15:30
jelkner2. Planning for the future15:30
ptarrantdwelsh :  Nope, only known as this nick as far as I know15:30
ptarrantexcellent jelkner so those sound really good, I would like to propose #2 as an "always" in the meeting, as planning for the future is something that should be constantly updated15:32
th1a_Good morning.15:33
* th1a_ is sick, but I should be able to survive this.15:33
ptarrantth1a_ : morning15:33
jelknerth1a_: sorry to hear that15:33
jelknerlet's keep it short than, so you can get back to bed15:33
jelknerwe need to good process for getting all our changes to our users15:34
ptarrantforgive me if this this sounds stupid, but first thing that comes to mind is a shell script that uses bzr?15:34
ptarrantif thats possible? i know little about how bzr works15:35
dwelshptarrant, forgive me, but which Nick are you?15:35
dwelsha POV Nick?15:36
ptarrantdwelsh : this is always my nickname - im confused as to what your asking?15:36
* th1a_ is confused.15:36
*** th1a_ is now known as th1a15:36
* ptarrant is also confused15:37
dwelshJeff Elkner and I literally do not recognize the nickname pterrant15:37
dwelshSorry to be so dumb15:38
th1aJeff invited him?15:38
th1aYou know, user meeting?15:38
th1aHe's a user?15:38
* ptarrant is the moron that 2 weeks ago tried to install jaunty to fix an issue15:38
dwelshApologies, pterrant.15:39
dwelshIntroductions might be helpful.15:39
jelknermy bad15:39
th1aI know the idea of other users is still kind of foreign.15:39
dwelshIt's hard addressing people when you don't know who they are.15:39
jelknerwe should start each meeting with introductions15:39
ptarrantim sorry dwelsh15:39
jelknerphillip works at a school in georgia15:39
jelknerptarrent: can you tell us more about your school?15:39
jelknerhow will you be using schooltool there?15:39
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dwelshGood to meet you pterrant15:40
ptarrantsure, Currently we have around 350+ students, we are hoping the use schooltool as a SIS system and gradebook.15:40
jelknergood morning replaceafill!15:40
ptarrantwe are a k-12 school15:40
replaceafillgood morning jelkner15:40
jelknerthat's what we need15:40
dwelshGreat.  Have you loaded an instance yet?15:40
jelknera real test case for schooltool15:41
ptarrantdwelsh: good to meet you / i have loaded the interface and currently have 2 teachers using it.15:41
dwelshreplaceafill:  your two changes look good.15:41
dwelshWe're ready to release what you've got15:41
ptarranti tried to get the vice principle to look at it, but he is slacking15:42
replaceafilldwelsh, great15:42
jelknerptarrant: this problem will be of interest to you too15:42
jelknerwe need to figure out a good process so that fixes are released to users as soon as possible15:42
dwelshth1a:  jason sent an IM to ignas, trying to sort out the correct schooltool branch15:42
dwelshwe will need a schooltool branch update and a cando update15:42
dwelshin order to update our servers15:42
jelknerit is our experience that is what builds confidence in the process and encourages user to get more involved15:42
dwelshright.  the users love to see fixes to their issues and concerns15:43
dwelshDoublas' fixes have been excellent.15:43
ptarrantjelkner: i don't know how if this is possible, but perhaps a shell script to run bzr (not sure if thats the correct command) to download the changes?15:43
th1aI guess eggs have to be built?15:43
ptarrantor could they be packaged so that apt-get would get them?15:43
jelknerptarrant: let's let the deveopers tell us ;-)15:43
jelknerthat is there job15:43
jelknerwe are the customers15:44
ptarrantahh :) sorry15:44
jelknerour job is to articulate as clearly as possible what we need15:44
dwelshI guess my need as a user is just knowing when we can run the updates15:44
jelknerso *they* can fix it15:44
jelknerth1a: you should tell us how this works15:45
jelknerbut we need a good solution badly15:45
jelknerreplaceafill: any thoughts?15:45
jelkneror should we take it to ignas?15:45
ptarranti would love to be able to login to the interface and if my permisions allow see an "updates available" message15:45
replaceafilljelkner, i think so15:46
th1aIf you want to talk about the procedures, the procedure is that we'll do it when we do it.15:46
jelknerin any case, th1a, once you're feeling better, this is a project manager's job15:46
th1aNow, if you want us to do it NOW, then perhaps we can do it NOW.15:46
jelknersince it directly concerns management of the project15:46
jelknerNOW would be good ;-)15:47
th1aNo, I mean, push the changes.15:47
jelkneras far as i understand it, ignas is making changes to trunk that will break our instances15:47
jelknerso we need to find a way to commit the fixes we need now until integration with trunk can be done later15:48
jelknerthe process needs to be clear, and hopefully as smooth as possible15:48
ptarranti would think good documentation is needed/required15:49
jelknerptarrant: +115:49
jelknerptarrant: while waiting for th1a to weigh in, do you have your users on launchpad yet?15:49
th1aYou can't have easy & well documented AND cutting edge/get my changes in tomorrow.15:50
jelknerth1a: fair enough15:50
ptarranti am a user on launchpad, not any one else15:50
jelknerbut we could have a simple document that explained our process15:50
jelknerwe are looking for a work flow all understand15:50
jelknerstarting with: 1. i find a bug15:51
jelkner2. i report it on launchpad15:51
th1aDo you have a simple document for YOUR process?15:51
th1aI understand our process.15:51
dwelsh3. developer fixes bug15:51
th1aI don't understand YOUR process.15:51
jelkner3. dwelsh assigns it to replaceafill15:51
dwelsh4. bug committed to test server15:51
jelkner4. developer fixes15:51
dwelsh5. user confirms bug fix15:51
dwelsh6. bug released to all CanDo servers15:51
jelknerso it is 6 we are hung up on, yes?15:51
dwelshthe issues here is making sure developers have right branch15:51
dwelshIt seems to me we should not be enmeshed in an upcoming SchoolTool release branch15:52
th1aThe three of us aren't going to sort this out.15:52
jelknerok, so you'll take it to ignas and get back to us?15:53
th1aThis is an ignas/replacafil/Lumiere problem.15:53
th1aIn particular, Lumiere and replaceafill have to explain what they need.15:53
jelknerok, we've stated the problem clearly enough?15:53
replaceafillLumiere, ping15:53
jelknerif we have, our job here (on that topic, at least) is finished.15:54
jelknerth1a: do you have what you need from us?15:54
th1aWell, perhaps we've established that your developer and sys admin have to explain more clearly what is going on to the lead developer.15:54
jelknerso, lead developer, what says you to that?15:55
th1alead developer = ignas.15:55
replaceafillhe's not here :)15:55
jelknerno, *our* lead developer15:56
jelknerwhich is u, man15:56
jelknerotherwise what th1a said doesn't make sense15:56
replaceafilli understand ignas and Lumiere started yesterday to find a solution15:56
replaceafillbut i guess it didnt work15:57
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th1ajelkner just missed that part of the conversation yesterday.15:59
jelknergood morning ignas!15:59
ignasjelkner: good morning15:59
replaceafillth1a, yes15:59
th1aAh... just who we need ;-)15:59
jelknerwe are here trying to figure out the workflow to get changes to our statewide users15:59
ptarrantgreat timming ignas :)15:59
ignasLumiere and I talked about cando deployment and updates16:00
th1aLet me make one thing clear:  the "official" workflow is when we are ready to do releases, we do releases.16:00
dwelshwelsh think that getting people working on the right branches is the trick16:00
dwelshwe have the same problem here:  we have production branches and development branches16:00
th1aReleasing things quickly is not the workflow.  That is doing a favor.16:00
jelknerth1a: what does that mean?16:00
dwelshwe need production branches of schooltool and cando16:00
dwelshand these need to be separated from development branches for upcoming releases16:01
dwelshthere does obviously need to be a merge down the line16:01
jelkneryou are opposed to continuous integration as a practice?16:01
dwelshbut that should not hold up fixing minor bugs needed by users now16:01
ignaswe have them, you are not using them, you will start using them16:01
ignaslike tomorrow16:01
ignasas I have said - Jason and I are discussing it and resolving some outstanting issues16:01
dwelshthen for ignas and tom to plan the upcoming releases and merges16:01
dwelshthat's all we need16:01
ignasI am already planning all the merges, and keeping the 2008.10 branch stable and up to date, just that cando was using trunk, again16:02
dwelshso how did the "again" issue happen?16:02
dwelshis that something we need to fix?16:02
ignasyeah - cando has no releases16:03
ignasonly trunk16:03
ignasso you don't have any workflow16:03
ignasto keep cando up to date with schooltool trunk16:03
ignasand have cando working with stable schooltool at the same time16:03
th1aIf you want new fixes tomorrow, you have to use trunk.16:04
ignasor merge yourself16:05
ignasproblem mostly is - there are no development resources to keep 2 branches of cando16:06
ignasthere are no resources to keep cando up to date all the time16:06
ignasand no resources to keep a special branch of schooltool for cando16:07
ignasso you have to rely on me merging fixes to the stable release branch...16:07
ignasnot optimal, but the best we can do with current resources...16:07
dwelshok.  I get the problem, at least16:07
jelknerso, ignas, what do you think is the solution?16:07
ignasyou use stable branch, and wait for me to merge16:08
jelknersince a solution is *very* important to the future success of our project16:08
th1aWe're not talking about weeks here, right?  Days?16:08
ignasdepends on how busy I am16:08
ignasif i am busy with a release - up to a week16:08
dwelshin other words:  igans is maintaining release branch of SchoolTool16:08
ignasas I already do16:08
dwelshand he is manually merging bug fixes into that16:08
dwelshdo I hear you right?16:09
dwelshOn the CanDo side, we will maintain both a release and development branch16:09
ignasyeah, as I already do16:09
jelknerquestion: shouldn't we have a trunk and development branch maintained by seperate folks?16:09
ignasof cando or schooltool16:09
jelkneras ignas points out, his primary responsibility is the trunk16:09
jelkneri mean the release16:09
th1aYou guys could maintain your own branch of SchoolTool.16:10
dwelshMeaning, we maintain the release branch of SchoolTool, once we're running on it.16:10
dwelshthen once SchoolTool has a new release, we port over to it, rerelease ourselves16:10
ignasnot sure I want to leave it, as we release ubuntu updates16:10
ignasfrom the release branch16:10
dwelshand then start maintaining THAT new release as the released version16:10
th1aYou guys don't have any problem deploying the CanDo specific bug fixes?16:12
ignas2 choices-  release branch and wait for me to merge, or your own branch that you control and maintain16:13
ignasand the other side of the equation16:13
th1aI think just putting up with a short delay is the sanest choice.16:14
dwelshlet's ask Jason.  He's the one who would be maintaining schooltool release branch16:14
ignasyeah, i think so too16:14
dwelshI'm ok with short delay (say a week).16:14
ignasdwelsh: only I will be maintaining schooltool release branch16:14
dwelshthe issue only relates to the schooltool side16:14
th1aIt is kind of a fast/cheap/good issue, really.16:14
th1aPick two.16:14
dwelshI would just beg you guys in schooltool to maintain both a release and development branch16:15
ignasdwelsh: WE DO16:15
dwelshgreat.  jason led me to believe otherwise.16:15
ignasbut we are focused on quality, not speed16:15
dwelsh(I'll blame him, he's not here:)16:15
ignaswe want trunk and especially release - stable and working16:15
th1aThe release is what comes out every six months.16:16
dwelshand we don't want a release branch that is enmeshed with bigger, longer-term, more complex development issues16:16
ignasth1a: the release branch gets bugfixes during the year, we had 7 bugfix releases i think16:16
ignasdwelsh: not sure I understand the part about bigger issues16:17
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th1aThe problem is that you want something that is both stable and that incorporates your patches immediately.16:17
ignasgood and fast, but expensive ;)16:18
dwelshThe bug fixes aren't big in release branches16:18
dwelshthey should not be big issues to check and merge16:18
ignasdwelsh: but someone has to do it16:18
dwelshright; I agree that you are the one, ignas16:18
ignasdwelsh: and that someone is very concerned about quality16:18
dwelsha week turnaround is reasonable to me16:18
dwelshthank God; quality; yes16:18
ignasdwelsh: and has rewrote the section title patch for example ;)16:18
jelkneryes, a week turnaround is fine16:19
th1aOK.  We're settled then?16:19
LumiereI'd have been around earlier16:20
th1aIs there any problem with getting CanDo patches deployed?16:20
Lumierebut I got called by my principal16:20
Lumiereth1a: the problem is getting schooltool patches that coinside with CanDo patches16:20
Lumieredeployed in such a way that doesn't break things16:20
Lumierewhich is what ignas and I talked about16:20
Lumieregimme 3 minutes to catch up on traceback16:21
Lumiereok... I am not interested in being a release mantainer for schooltool16:26
Lumiereand any change we're looking for on a release branch should be going to all schooltool users *anyways*16:27
Lumiereif it isn't... it needs to come to a dev team meeting for what should go in and why.16:27
LumiereI think the final workflow is going to happen once we move to bzr...16:28
LumiereI think once we're on bzr we'll be able to handle a development trunk and release branch easier16:28
jelknerLumiere: so what should we do now?16:29
jelknermake moving to bzr our top priority?16:29
Lumierejelkner: you let ignas and I finish what we started yesterday16:29
Lumierewe've got a basic plan in place, we just need to move it forward.16:29
LumiereI gotta run, back in 10-1516:29
jelknerok, as long as dwelsh the statewide users see the bug fixes within a week we are fine16:29
jelknerwe can probably get away with up to two weeks16:30
jelknerbut any more than that and we have real problems with the process16:30
jelknerok, i have class at 1116:31
jelkneranything else we need to discuss about this?16:31
jelknerwe'll wait to hear back from Lumiere after he finishes with ignas16:31
Lumierejelkner: this is going to be the longest one, we have to put together a workflow16:42
th1aOne question is what you're going to run post-1.0.16:42
jelknerth1a: we will want to run as current a version as we can each september16:44
jelknerso we will want karmic by next fall16:44
jelknerbut we won't want to change during the school year16:44
jelkneri guess that is how we resolved the ubuntu release cycle vs. us school year, right?16:45
Lumiereth1a: we'll be on 1.0 for september I think16:45
Lumierejelkner: I think the best thing we can do is standardize on the latest *release* we can16:45
jelknerLumiere: so you mean the april release?16:45
jelknerthat makes sense16:46
Lumiereif we need to be somewhere else we cross that bridge when we get there16:46
jelkneras st matures, this will get easier16:46
th1aOne of the benefits of running trunk now is that you should be able to get fixes in, at least to "core" SchoolTool before 1.0.16:46
Lumiereth1a: we don't have dev time for that I think16:46
Lumiereand we can try and keep a trunk that stays with trunk as time goes on16:46
th1aNo, I mean, isn't that what's happening now?16:46
Lumiereand a release branch that goes with st release branch16:46
Lumiereth1a: it is16:46
jelknerth1a: our problem is that we have maximum dev time only in the summer16:47
th1aRun SchoolTool core 1.0, and perhaps a bleeding edge gradebook.16:47
jelkneronce you come down and help us write the big nsf grant, all our problems will be solved ;-)16:47
jelknerthen we can budget for the next 3 years and have a plan that makes sense16:47
jelknerfor now, we muddle through as usual ;-)16:48
th1aWhat you want is inherently messy.  It is like running the school website on Plone trunk.16:49
jelknerthat too will settle down as things mature16:49
jelknerfor now, you're right, it is messy16:50
jelknerbut we need to make it work16:50
jelknerok, th1a, see you friday!16:51
th1ajelkner: Yes... hey, can I crash at your pad?16:52
jelknerth1a: of course!16:54
th1aOK.  Probably I should meet you at ACC?16:54
jelknermy son has a nice comfortable bed now16:54
jelknerand he isn't there on weekends16:54
jelknerso it is all yours16:54
jelknerth1a: what time to you arrive?16:54
th1aI should get to the school between 1:00 and 2:00.16:55
jelknerbtw. any interest in having indian food and being part of the meeting to launch sugar labs, dc?16:56
jelkneri know i already asked you16:56
jelkneryou said "we'll see"16:56
th1aSure, I'll come.16:57
jelknerit will be exciting16:57
jelknerok, incoming students...16:57
jelknertalk to ya'll later16:57
Lumiereth1a: once ignas and I finish what we're doing, doing builds like ours for 8.10 will be easier16:57
*** jelkner has quit IRC16:57
Lumiereright now, locking to a version is painful, because buildout.cfg can only take a full revision number for dev eggs16:58
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* Lumiere is back19:13
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | Have you tried our PPA? | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you! | Build Status: | User stories wanted for tjTalk module"19:16
Lumieretinyurl wins...19:16
Lumierethey added alias's!19:16
*** jelkner has quit IRC19:24
ignasLumiere: ping19:48
Lumiereignas: pong19:48
ignascan you try out one thing for me19:49
ignaslisppaste5: url19:49
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.19:49
lisppaste5ignas pasted "2008.04.cfg" at
ignasadd the content to 2008.04.cfg19:49
ignasand add "extends = 2008.04.cfg" after extends = versions.cfg19:50
ignasin buildout.cfg19:50
ignasand remove the schooltool version safeguards19:50
ignasif that works - i'll get the code that generates the configs after each egg release deployed today19:50
Lumiereextends = 2008.04.cfg19:51
Lumiereversions = versions19:51
Lumierethe extends is 2 lines19:52
ignashmm, maybethat will work19:52
Lumierelet me buildout -n19:52
Lumieresee if it crashes and burns19:53
LumiereError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'schooltool==2008.10.9dev-r2474'.19:54
ignasLumiere: give me a second ;)19:56
Lumierek :)19:56
LumiereI wonder if 'a second' is enough time to stab welsh19:56
* ignas generated versions from his sandbox, and buildbot has different versions19:56
Lumiereignas: you like my topic update?19:57
Lumierereplaceafill: I keep getting spammed with him saying "we got more stuff to do"19:57
Lumierewhen I get all the bugmail from pl19:57
Lumiereerr lp... so I know what is coming anyways :)19:57
ignasshould work19:58
Lumiererunning make update19:58
Lumiereworking to the sounds of Lorenna McKennitt :)19:58
Lumierelooks like we're good to go19:59
LumiereI'll tag your paste in a sec19:59
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77185 "results" at
Lumierelooks good to me20:00
ignasecho "[versions]" && ls build/*/dist/*.tar.gz | sed s/.tar.gz// | sed s/build\\/.*\\/// | sed s/-/" = "/20:00
Lumierelol nice20:00
ignasok, how do I join the [versions] bit and the other bit in a file20:00
mgedmin(echo ... && ls ... | sed ... ) > file20:01
Lumiere> is stdout to file20:01
Lumiere>> is append20:01
Lumiere2> is stderr20:01
Lumiereignas: let me run it to make sure it all works while I'm at it20:03
ignasok :)20:04
Lumiereah crap20:05
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77185 "traceback" at
Lumieredid the latest release add a dep?20:05
ignasdid you update linux recently?20:06
Lumiereyes, but icu wasn't recently updated I think20:06 is hardy20:07
ignaswhile intrepid has 3820:07
LumiereI am on intrepid20:07
Lumierelets start over20:07
ignasthen you want to remove zope.ucol egg and rebuild20:07
Lumiereand make clean/make20:07
ignasthat will only help if you are not using egg cache i think20:07
ignasyou might have to delete the egg from there20:07
* Lumiere updates20:08
* Lumiere starts again20:09
Lumiereok now I need to add external activities20:09
ignashmm, ahh, yeah, indeed, schooltool.gradebook release branch does not have those20:10
Lumierewhich is on of the things we need to add to our side20:10
* ignas not sure they work with non-trunk schooltool though20:11
LumiereI'll find out in a sec20:11
* Lumiere deals with that20:12
Lumierebroken trunk is a bad thing though20:12
Lumiere(cando trunk is broken atm unless you know what to add)20:12
Lumierebecause it requires external activities20:13
* Lumiere kicks jelkner20:13
Lumierereplaceafill: we need to talk later about how to lay out the branches :)20:14
Lumierewe're definately going to want to have a "jelkner's cut his jugular" branch20:15
Lumiereand a "sane safe stuff" branch20:15
replaceafill:D cool20:15
* Lumiere misunderstood aelkner on the external activities stuff20:17
Lumiereif I had known that it *required* schooltool changes that were not merged20:17
LumiereI probably would have stopped from merging it20:17
ignasLumiere: not sure they do require20:17
ignasLumiere: i can and will merge them to 2008.10 version of gradebook20:18
ignasas they are on a separate branch20:18
Lumiereignas: look at the traceback20:18
ignasthat has no other changes20:18
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77185 "trace2" at
ignasLumiere: give me a few minutes20:19
Lumierefor now to test20:19
ignasi will try to merge external activities to out 2008.10 release20:19
LumiereI am branching external activiies20:20
Lumierethat will let me test it20:20
Lumierethen you can merge :)20:20
* Lumiere hates lp20:20
LumiereI should really be using staging20:21
ignasmerged and running tests before commiting ;)20:21
Lumiereyou might beat me to it20:21
Lumierecause this branch is taking a lifetime20:21
mgedminLumiere: what did lp do to you?20:23
Lumiere15 minutes to branch?20:24
Lumieremgedmin: by the time I branch this and start it... ignas will have merged, run tests, committed, and pushed eggs20:25
*** replaceafill has quit IRC20:28
ignasI have 2.3 gigs of schooltool in ~/src/schooltool/20:31
Lumiereok starting ;)20:32
Lumierehmm what did I miss20:32
ignastests passed20:32
ignaswaiting for buildbot to test it once again, and release it20:33
Lumierelol after all that I got the wrong thing20:34
Lumiereoh well20:34
ignasschooltool nightly KGS20:39
ignasnow that's something ;)20:39
Lumierethat should help all of us ;)20:39
ignasbleeding edge and KGS20:39
ignasfast + good ;)20:39
*** alga has quit IRC20:40
Lumierewell... we sure hope it is a KGS20:41
ignasit only get's set if the these schooltool packages pass all the tests using Zope3.4 KGS20:42
ignasand it tests them "all together" and "each separately"20:42
ignasto weed out unset dependencies20:43
Lumiereignas: am I going to be using trunk or like a 2008.10.cfg20:43
ignasand confclicts20:43
ignasbut first - it must pass the tests ;)20:43
Lumierewhich takes a while20:43
Lumierebtw, if you need to assign a couple buildbots to cando06int go ahead20:44
Lumieremy loadavg is 020:44
Lumiereand my cpu is .1 utilized XD20:44
Lumierethe machine is shared with my production instance of cando20:45
Lumierebut I rather doubt you could do anything to kill it20:45
* mgedmin bets he could :)20:46
Lumieremgedmin: I am sure you could20:46
ignasmgedmin: what do you think about the new face of schooltool buildbot ?20:47
ignas(new meaning - no more 27 targets ;)20:47
Lumierebut it is unlikely that any code that would be checked into repository20:47
mgedminignas: yes, you want a newer buildbot20:47
mgedminthe grid view is a bit better20:47
ignasit works! it works!20:48
mgedminignas: I press ctrl-minus five times and it fits20:48
Lumiereok replacing 2008.04.cfg with the url20:48
mgedminlooks like a MIDI piano roll or something :)20:48
Lumieremgedmin: lol20:48
mgedmina symphony for buildbot in c#20:48
Lumieremgedmin: eww20:48
mgedminwell, in python, actually20:48
Lumiereok python is ok20:48
Lumiereignas: is it possible to make buildbot have 2 master pages?20:49
Lumierethen we could at least have 1 cando and 1 schooltool page20:49
ignasLumiere: greasemonkey!20:49
ignasyou can even add tabs20:49
Lumierealso... you can kill all the buildout-integration stuff20:49
ignasis cando trunk using buildout now?20:50
Lumierehas been for a long time20:51
LumiereGetting distribution for 'schooltool.gradebook==0.3.6dev-r58'.20:51
LumiereGot schooltool.gradebook 0.3.6dev-r58.20:51
Lumierelooks like versions worked20:51
* Lumiere tries to run it20:51
* Lumiere wonders what he missed20:52
* Lumiere shoots himself20:52
Lumiereignas: still cannot import IExternalActivity20:53
ignascan you lisppaste your start-instance?20:53
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77185 "traceback3" at
Lumiereignas: it is just start-schooltool-instance instance20:54
ignashmm, 2008.10 has r58 in it20:54
ignasbut the last one is r5920:54
LumiereI also added schooltool.gradebook to my school.zcml to test it20:55
ignasok, release builder forgets to "update"20:55
LumiereI'll make cando.cando2007 include it20:55
Lumiereand this summer we'll push a cando.cando2009 <_<20:55
Lumiereor better yet20:55
Lumiere(or 1 I guess)20:56
th1aignas: Where do we stand with contacts?21:00
ignashaven't touched the relationships yet21:01
ignaswas busy preparing for the pre release branch21:01
ignaswant to have packages so I could test the python switch as early as possible21:01
th1aI just have to ask these questions in case the answer is "It is finished, but implemented in such a bass-ackward way you'll never actually find it in the interface."21:03
ignasnope, i mean - you can add contacts21:03
ignasand I think you can find "Contacts" under "Manage"21:03
ignasbut you can't attach them to persons yet21:04
th1aI don't have Contacts on the manage page yet.21:04
* th1a does bzr pull21:05
Lumiereignas: so, a thought on the buildout page... move the coverages all the way to the left and the releases all the way to the right21:05
ignasth1a: ahh21:06
Lumierethen you can check if tests are failing quicky and releases are all together21:06
ignasth1a: ok, i am going insance21:07
ignasth1a: contacts are not in trunk21:07
ignasth1a: because I want to know how many problems there are with python2.521:07
ignasth1a: before deciding on whether to go with grok21:07
th1aThat's fine.21:07
Lumiereignas: also, cando-coverage should be running on cando06int iirc21:08
ignasand as soon as I'll know if we want to use grokcore.component i'll either merge code by replaceafil, or i will merge the clean version21:09
ignasLumiere: yeah, probably, but i need to make it work first21:09
ignasLumiere: and then move the slaves around21:09
Lumiereworks for me21:09
* ignas found out *why* release buildbot was not doing updates21:11
ignasLumiere: try updating now21:11
ignasLumiere: 2008.10.cfg should point to proper versions now21:11
Lumiere/home/jstraw/compile/cando/trunk/eggs/zope.configuration-3.4.0-py2.4.egg/zope/configuration/ UserWarning: You did not specify an i18n translation domain for the 'text' field in /home/jstraw/compile/cando/trunk/eggs/schooltool.gradebook-0.3.6dev_r59-py2.4.egg/schooltool/gradebook/configure.zcml21:14
* Lumiere guesses that should be saved for replaceafill21:14
ignasok, cando buildbot works but is failing ;)21:15
ignascan you commit something21:15
mgedminthe phrase you're looking for is "successfuly fails"21:15
ignasto cando21:15
ignaslike - buildout.cfg fix21:16
Lumiereignas: yes... like the fix to make it not fail ;)21:16
Lumiereworking on it now21:16
ignasto see if cando buildbot will react to it21:16
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool21:16
Lumierereplaceafill: error message for you21:16
Lumiere/home/jstraw/compile/cando/trunk/eggs/zope.configuration-3.4.0-py2.4.egg/zope/configuration/ UserWarning: You did not specify an i18n translation domain for the 'text' field in /home/jstraw/compile/cando/trunk/eggs/schooltool.gradebook-0.3.6dev_r59-py2.4.egg/schooltool/gradebook/configure.zcml21:16
replaceafillLumiere, cool21:16
replaceafillthat's been there for a long time :)21:17
Lumierereplaceafill: your gradebook work is merged to the 2008.10 release branch21:17
replaceafillso, no branching anymore?21:17
Lumierein a minute nope21:17
Lumierewell you'll need to rebranch from the right place and give ignas fixes to it (I assume he can help with that)21:18
replaceafillah ok21:18
* Lumiere runs one more test21:19
ignasreplaceafill: just branch from 0.3 branch21:19
ignasreplaceafill: as that's what cando will be using21:19
ignasand i'll merge it to both trunk and 0.321:20
* Lumiere adds url and puts schooltool.gradebook into cando.cando2007 zcml on a fresh checkout21:20
ignaswhatever works for you ;)21:21
ignasok, must run now, want to buy something to eat21:21
Lumiereignas: I have to include the zcml for it to find stuff21:21
ignasduno, isn't cando including schooltool.gradebook itself?21:21
ignasi mean - it depends on requirements21:21
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:21
Lumiereit depended directly on requirements21:22
ignaswell - duno, depends on whether cando2007 needs the gradebook adapters and views21:23
ignasit will find the python code without zcml includes though21:23
Lumiereit needs the IExternalActivity21:23
ignasanyway - try without zcml include and see if it works + tests pass21:23
ignasit's an interface21:23
ignaspython level21:23
Lumierek I will try that21:23
Lumieregotta finish getting eggs first21:24
ignasok, really must run now21:25
* Lumiere requests smaller sample data21:37
Lumiereit would be nice if we had a 200 user 5 class sample21:37
Lumiereinstead of 1000 users21:38
Lumiereand like 500 classes21:38
*** ignas has quit IRC21:43
* Lumiere reloads buildbot repeatedly21:52
* Lumiere thinks that the utest suite is wrong on buildbot21:54
Lumiereooh 133 tests is rather low ;)21:55
*** ignas has joined #schooltool22:08
ignasLumiere, it seems cando tests passed22:13
Lumierebut that test count is pitiful ;)22:13
Lumiereand coverage failed22:13
Lumiere(I force ran it to test)22:13
ignasyeah, cause some stuff is not in buildout.cfg22:17
ignasif you want to fix it22:17
Lumierewhat do I need to add22:18
ignaslook at schooltool buildout.cfg22:18
* Lumiere only has stapp2008spring XD22:19
ignaswill do22:19
ignasit should have z3c.coverage somewhere22:20
ignasmaybe in scripts target22:20
ignasor somewhere close22:20
* Lumiere wonders how slow his internet is for these branches to suck so much22:22
ignasjust use launchpad code browsing22:23
ignasif you only want to see one file22:23
ignasalso - it's 70 megs of files22:23
ignasunless you are using bzr shared repositories22:23
replaceafillu mean every time i set up a new dev environment i download all of that?22:24
ignashey - it's full project history22:24
ignasgit takes up that much too22:24
ignasis easier ;)22:25
replaceafillyes, i was checking when somebody added the logo :D22:25
ignaslook at the [scripts]22:25
Lumiereyea I see it22:25
ignasjust do "cando" instead of "schooltool"22:25
ignasthat will add bin/coverage script22:25
Lumierejust added coverage22:25
Lumierestill getting a TON of errors22:27
LumiereNot printing coverage data for '<doctest README.txt[11]>': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '<doctest README.txt[11]>'22:27
Lumiereof that sort22:27
ignashmm, link me the Makefile22:28
ignason some svn viewer ;)22:28
*** th1a has quit IRC22:32
ignasLumiere, it is slow22:32
ignascan you just lisppaste it to me22:33
ignas(one thing that should be done is - changing all cando-buildout-integration things into plain "cando" in the Makefile)22:33
LumiereI have to rewrite the html bit22:34
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "makefile" at
ignas mv dist/cando-buildout-integration-*.tar.gz /home/ftp/pub/schooltool/releases/nightly - wrong, should be changed to plain cando22:35
Lumiereyes I know22:36
LumiereI didn't even know we were building stuff like that22:36
ignashmm, can you post me the full output of "make coverage"22:36
ignasLumiere, only i knew that22:36
* Lumiere points to buildbot22:36
Lumierewait nm22:36
Lumierethat's old22:36
ignasnp, told it to do it again ;)22:37
Lumiereand I don't want to wait for it22:37
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77201 "coverage" at
Lumiereit checks and tries to remove the coverage dir22:37
Lumierebut that fails22:37
LumiereI mean... 'test -d coverage || rm -rf coverage' is pretty obvious22:38
ignas|| :D22:39
ignasit should be plain rm -rf coverage22:39
ignasfixede everywhere but cando22:39
ignasso fix that22:40
Lumierefixed the || bit22:40
Lumierejust made it rm -rf XD22:40
Lumiereok, I removed the symlink too22:42
Lumiereand I fixed the mv dist thing22:43
Lumiereignas: that said, the errors in the annotation are there still22:43
Lumierejust it doesn't fail at mv parts/test/coverage22:44
ignasthey are warnings22:44
ignasnot errors22:44
Lumieremv parts/test/coverage .22:44
Lumieregrep: <doctest: No such file or directory22:44
Lumieregrep: README.cover: No such file or directory22:44
Lumierehow about those?22:44
ignasdon't know22:45
ignaslet me see22:45
ignasbut first - i'll finish making pizza22:45
Lumieremmm pizza ;)22:45
ignascan you post the log with "grep" errors22:48
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77201 "coverage2" at
ignas@cd coverage && ls | grep -v tests | xargs grep -c '^>>>>>>' | grep -v ':0$$'22:50
ignasthis seems to be failing22:50
ignasbut I don't know which part of it22:50
Lumiere<doctest README.cover22:51
ignasyeah, i mean  "ls | grep -v tests"22:51
ignasor "xargs grep -c '^>>>>>>'"22:51
ignasi'd guess xargs22:51
Lumieregrep -v tests22:51
ignaswhich means - grep -v tests skips all the tests22:51
Lumierehas <doctets README.cover22:52
ignasbut there is a file named <doctests Readme.cover22:52
Lumierewhich is empty22:52
ignasand xargs thinks it's 2 files22:52
ignasand can't find any of those22:52
* ignas has no idea why bin/test --coverage creates those22:52
Lumiereso actually those not printing coverage data for <doctest README may be a problem after all22:52
ignasit is a bug i'd guess22:52
ignaswell - the quick fix is rm -rf ing them both22:53
ignasbefore the grep22:53
ignasor grep -v skipping them22:53
* Lumiere tries it22:54
Lumieregot it22:55
Lumiere+rm parts/test/coverage/\<doctest\ README.cover22:55
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #77201 "Makefile diff" at
ignasi'll get either mgedmin or alga or maybe someone from #zope3-dev to look at the warnings22:56
Lumiereforcing release22:57
Lumiereand pov-cando-buildout is running22:58
* Lumiere finishes letting Enya - Tempus Vernum play before going home ;)22:58
ignasoh - and if you have a couple of minutes add "-v" to the "move release" ;)22:59
Lumierewill do in a bit23:00
ignasaha - cando-2007-dev.tar.gz23:00
ignaswill have to look at it23:00
ignasit does not have the version number, but hey - we have a cando egg23:01
ignasbuilt by buildbot23:01
Lumieredoes that mean we could have cando dpkg? :)23:01
ignasyeah, though - the egg is cando200723:02
ignaswhich is not really good23:02
ignas2007 should be the version number23:02
ignasnot a part of the package23:02
Lumierewell cando.cando2007 is the package23:02
ignasit is a version23:02
ignasso yeah23:02
ignascando version 200723:02
Lumiereit never got updated23:03
LumiereI think we've made good progress :)23:04
ignasyeah, cando is working23:04
ignasand i think it has all the parts dwelsh wants23:04
Lumierereplaceafill: can you test your branch with me later tonight?23:04
replaceafillsure, what time?23:04
Lumierereplaceafill: 7pm your time 8pm mine or so?23:05
Lumierewon't take but 15 minutes or so23:05
replaceafill8 urs is 6 mine23:05
Lumiereoh :)23:05
Lumiereis 8 ok?23:05
replaceafill8 urs?23:05
Lumierejust want to make sure everything looks ok23:05
Lumierebefore we merge it to trunk23:05
Lumierethen I can run a trunk test and write the steps to upgrade23:06
Lumiereto send to VA Dept of Ed23:06
Lumiereand push acc's update23:06
Lumiereignas: thanks again!23:07
* Lumiere will be back in 4523:07
replaceafillgreat work guys23:07
ignassee you23:07
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool23:12
replaceafillignas, does coverage run ftests?23:14
replaceafillor just unit?23:14
ignasmost of the time - even if functional test "executes" a piece of code - there is no guarantee that it tests what the output was ;)23:22
* ignas watched yesterday23:23
ignasgit is crazy/scary  and pretty cool at the same time23:24

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