IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-03-10

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Lumierehi all15:35
jelknergood morning15:35
jelknerdoes anyone know if phil got st running?15:41
jelkneri was hoping to talk to him today about what is going in at his school in georgia15:42
th1aI haven't heard from him lately.15:45
th1aBut he did a clean install and it was working fine.15:45
th1aIt had been working; he ran into some weird paste bug that we couldn't debug after he tried upgrading to Jaunty.15:46
jelknerso i'll keep popping in here on tuesday mornings just in case other schooltoolers want to chat15:46
jelknerthe first thing would have been to run what we are all running15:47
jelknerwhy did he want to upgrade?15:47
jelknerit will be helpful if we can start having regular deployment stories so we can benefit from each other's experiences15:47
th1aHe was trying to get the paste bug to go away.15:48
jelknerth1a: do you have his email address?15:49
jelkneri could send him a quick "hi, how's it going" email15:49
th1aignas: ayt?15:51
ignasth1a: yes15:51
th1aHow's the merge coming?15:53
ignascontact relationships will be missing, but will merge today15:54
th1aWhat's the status of contact relationships?15:56
ignasshould be easy to add, like a day of work to make it work, and one more day to make it more convenient15:58
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aelknerignas: ayt?20:04
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Lumierereplaceafill: I am putting together your test instance20:27
replaceafillLumiere, cool! thanks :)20:27
* Lumiere goes to steal replaceafill's public ssh key from lp20:28
replaceafillLumiere, :D there are several of them!20:28
replaceafilli have one for each pc i use to work and upload things20:29
Lumierewhich one should I use to give you access to the cando server?20:29
* replaceafill is looking20:30
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fsufitchaelkner: ping21:44
aelknerfsufitch: what's up?21:45
fsufitchaelkner: i have about 5 minutes, but i got a really quick question about unit testing21:45
fsufitchwhen i build a tree of my questions and answers in tjTalk by just saying question['answername'] = theanswer, theanswer does not get __name__ and __parent__ attributes21:45
fsufitchhowever, that's how i do it in my views too, but there it does do that21:46
fsufitchis there a way to force it to do that?21:46
fsufitchif not, i have myself a nice piece of untestable code <_<21:46
fsufitchwell, it is testable but only by ftests, not utests21:47
fsufitchso... any idea?21:47
aelkneri would put a pdb trace in your view code where it adds the object to the container21:47
aelknerit should lead you to zope.container code21:48
fsufitchhmm, i'll try that21:48
fsufitchbut i dont see why the discrepancy in what the code does in two diff places21:48
fsufitchin any case, i gotta dash, gotta catch my school bus :-P21:49
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Lumierereplaceafill: hi22:15
replaceafillLumiere, hey22:15
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