IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-03-09

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th1aignas:  Is it daylight savings time there?15:00
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ignasth1a: nope, seems like not15:07
ignasth1a: and in your place?15:07
th1aSo the meeting will be at the regular time UTC and an hour later Eastern time.15:09
ignasdepends on whether you need yvl15:10
ignashe's out in a meeting at the moment, though I know what he's doing and how it's going15:10
ignasso we can have the meeting at the usual time (we have more americans than Lithuanians anyway)15:11
th1aWell, I forgot this was happening, so I guess it just depends on when people show up.15:13
Lumiere_hi all15:13
th1ahi Lumiere_.15:14
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LumiereI hate DST15:15
Lumiereso very much15:15
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aelknerth1a: why would the meeting be an hour later?15:17
th1aThe meeting is UTC time.15:17
jelknerthat will pose a problem for me tomorrow15:17
th1aBut I guess we should just go ahead at the regular time.15:17
jelkneri can't start a meeting at 10:30 am EST15:17
jelknersince i start class soon thereafter15:18
aelknerjelkner: tomorrow you should start at 9:30 then15:18
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | Welcome to Daylight Savings Time, check the meeting times! | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you! | Build Status: | User stories wanted for tjTalk module"15:18
jelknerand phil is the only other person committed to attending15:18
jelkneryes, that makes sense15:18
ignasLumiere: thanks15:18
jelknerphil is EST also15:18
aelknerignas: do you ever switch the time this spring?15:19
Lumiereignas: it's why th1a gave me op ;)15:19
ignasaelkner: we haven't yet, but we will15:20
aelknersoon, right?15:20
aelkneri remember living in germany that it was a difference of a couple of weeks, is that right?15:21
ignasyeah, probably15:21
th1aWe've moved it up here in the past couple years.15:21
Lumiere2 years ago15:22
LumiereI still remember how much that screwed with windows15:22
Lumierethat update was a pita15:23
Lumiere(especially on w2k)15:23
Lumierethank goodness for the timezone packages in *ix15:23
th1aOK, let's go ahead and get started.15:29
th1aignas:  Want to start us off?15:29
ignasI got the evolution script working15:30
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ignasbut then got distracted with fixing our buildbot infrastructure for our next release15:30
ignasgetting coverage reports back up15:30
dwelshgood morning15:31
ignasreducing the amount of builders15:31
th1aMorning dwelsh.15:31
ignasand adding our last release properly15:31
dwelshth1a: wanted to review CanDo budgets with you15:31
ignasand adding of the upcoming release to the buildbot before making it15:31
ignasI want to have double checks in place before merging everything to all the release branches and trunk15:32
ignasas this is a very significant change15:32
ignasJustas is working on the multi term section functionality15:32
dwelshth1a:  I've shared CanDo07, 08 and 09 with you as Google Docs15:32
ignashe said he'll be done on wednesday15:32
dwelshth1a:  maybe we can schedule a time to talk about them?15:32
ignasthat's it15:33
ignasI still have to review a bunch of code15:33
ignasmerge some fixes that Douglas made15:33
ignasand look once more at what our german friends are up to15:33
th1adwelsh: Whatever you want.15:33
dwelshSometime today?15:33
th1aWell... today is bad.15:34
dwelshtomorrow am?15:34
th1aSure.  Not during jelkner's meeting.15:34
th1aignas: Have you merged the sprint changes to trunk yet?15:34
dwelshHow about before (1/2 hour needed)15:34
aelkneri was going to ask that myself15:34
ignasth1a: not in trunk, but will do that either today or tomorrow15:34
aelknerschooltool.gradebook, too, right?15:35
ignasall of them15:35
dwelsh8:45am even better15:35
aelknerplease send an email when you;ve done that15:35
th1aYes, ping schooltool-dev15:35
th1aignas: How's the multi-term section thing going?15:36
th1adwelsh: 8:45 is fine.15:36
ignaswell - Justas is working on it, he said everything seems fine15:36
dwelsh8:45am it is.15:36
ignasand said he should be done on Wednesday15:36
aelknerth1a: does that work effect schooltool.gradebook?15:37
ignasaelkner: not yet, but will when it will be released15:37
ignasaelkner: as we'll need someone to add at least some kind of integration15:37
aelkneryou mean BEFORE the release, don't you?15:37
ignaslike links to hop from one term to another in section grading views15:37
ignasafter the release of the feature15:37
ignasto trunk15:38
th1aIt won't break it but there will be a number of obvious convenience features to add.15:38
aelknersounds easy enough15:38
th1aI mean, the whole point is convenience.15:38
th1aWe're making changes in the model to allow us to make the user experience better.15:38
th1aOK.  Sounds good.15:39
th1aOne more thing we need from yvl -- aelkner will need to use the custom header in his reportcard layout.15:40
th1aSo we'll need a quick howto on that.15:40
aelknerdoes he use it in the sla package?15:41
ignasok, will tell him that15:41
aelknerfor narrative report cards?15:41
th1aI think it came after.15:41
aelknerso, is yvl's throat healed?15:42
th1aI'll start going over the whole application once Ignas merges these changes to trunk.15:42
ignasaelkner: yeah, he's alright now, but he's in another meeting15:42
th1aPerhaps aelkner and yvl can discuss this at the regular (UTC) meeting time.15:43
th1aaelkner: How are you coming along?15:44
ignashope so ;)15:44
aelknerwell, i wrote the deployment view last week15:44
aelknermy discussion with you cleared up the issue of how to deal with multiple deployments15:45
aelknernamely, i will allow them15:45
aelknerfor now, if the administrator deploys a second time, we won't stop them15:45
aelknerand if they say, oops, i didn't mean to do that, they won't be able to undo it15:45
aelknerthe other part of our discussion yielded your idea for setting up report card layout15:46
aelknerwhere they can choose which term/report card activity columns to display on the report card15:46
aelknerso even if they make the mistake of deploying a bogus template15:47
aelknerthey can always just not set up a column in the report card to use it15:47
aelkneryou mentioned possibly in the future having a way for the administrator to hide a deployed worksheet15:48
aelknerbut i think you intended that for post 1.015:48
aelknerdid i understand correctly?15:48
th1aProbably post-1.0.15:49
aelknerso this week i will move on to writing the report card layout view15:49
aelknerand then the actual report card itself15:50
aelknerso that's it15:51
th1aOK.  Thanks.15:51
th1aI think douglas will be showing up UTC.15:52
th1aSo I have a meeting today with the charter school here that's been using SchoolTool for resource booking, and with the head of CS at Brown (who is the parent of a student at the school)15:53
th1aabout using SchoolTool as their SIS in fall of 2010.15:54
th1aParticularly if we can get some Brown CS students doing some work on it.15:54
th1aThat's all I've got.15:55
* th1a is going to take a shower and be back at 1330.15:56
Lumiereth1a: if you need me to work through my resourece booking usage with you, let me know16:08
Lumiere(I was working on other stuff)16:08
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Lumierehi replaceafill16:19
Lumierereplaceafill: I have some bad news for you16:19
replaceafillhi Lumiere16:19
replaceafillLumiere, oh no!16:19
Lumierereplaceafill: Daylight Savings started here this week16:19
Lumiereso the meeting moved up an hour (th1a's going to be back in 10 minutes to chat with you)16:20
Lumierereplaceafill: no worries (we all realized it)16:20
dwelshth1a:  just met w/Jeff.  How 'bout 8:30am?16:20
dwelshlumiere:  I need an instance running Douglas branch16:20
dwelshlumiere:  otherwise, I can't check his fixes16:21
replaceafilldwelsh, yes i was going to ask for that16:21
Lumieredwelsh: we'll figure something out tomorrow16:21
dwelshare you in?16:21
dwelshcan you come to ACC?16:21
dwelshsay... 1pm?16:22
Lumieretomorrow I will be at ACC16:22
Lumieretoday I am going to Herndon16:22
Lumierefor the first time in like 14 days I am heading to herndon16:22
dwelshok.  I have CanDo budget mtg. w/Kris and Jerry at 12n (hence th1a mtg.)16:22
dwelshI'll see you around 1pm.16:22
replaceafilldwelsh, are we skyping tomorrow?16:23
dwelshyes.  1pm, tue, 3/10, acc16:23
LumiereI'll get the instance up at 12:30 and then we can get a bite to eat at 116:23
dwelshreplaceafill:  yes, Skyping at 9am16:23
dwelshjeff and I both will be there16:23
dwelshth1a:  if we could do 8:30-9a, that would be great16:24
replaceafilldwelsh, 9 your time, which is now 7 my time :)16:24
dwelshyes, 9a EST16:24
Lumiere</3 Daylight Savings Time changes16:25
dwelshth1a:  your planned visit on 3/21 is looking right on time!16:25
dwelshhopefully, we'll have VA and APS picture set by then.16:26
dwelshso we can focus our attnetion on outside funders16:26
aelknerreplaceafill: i had a chance to review your branch for fixing the queued message bug16:28
aelknerlooks really good16:28
replaceafillaelkner, :)16:28
replaceafillaelkner, it was missing tests16:29
aelknerespecially the fact that you added tests16:29
aelknercando can ALWAYS use more tests :)16:29
replaceafillaelkner, did u see my XXX comment?16:30
replaceafillaelkner, i know u dont like them16:30
replaceafillaelkner, but i didnt want to forget it16:30
replaceafillaelkner, it's about comparing message objects16:30
aelknerif you think it can go, then i'd go ahead and remove it16:30
aelkneryour focus has been on that area for the code/tests16:31
aelknerso you would know best at this point16:31
replaceafillaelkner, i have another question16:31
replaceafillaelkner, how can you get the course from the section?16:32
aelknerall around schooltool, we use list([0]16:32
aelknerit's leftover logic from when we thought a section could be for more than one course16:33
replaceafilloops i did course = getRelatedObjects(self.context, URICourse)[0]16:33
replaceafillself.context being the section16:33
aelkneri understand16:33
aelkneri would switch that to using the attribute16:34
aelknerso that it would be easier to find later16:34
replaceafillwill do16:34
th1aSections will probably need to handle more than one course eventually, btw.16:34
th1aIt is just an expedient.16:34
th1adwelsh: 8:30 is fine.16:35
aelknerand at that point we could do a global grep of the use of the course attribute16:35
aelknerand decide how to change the views that use that16:35
aelknercourses, i mean16:35
th1aI'm just saying, it isn't a mistake that the data model allows it.16:36
aelknerthat's cool16:36
replaceafilldwelsh, i'm going to work on the respond privately button feature16:37
ignasaelkner: it's not leftover, we still think that sections can have more than one course16:37
ignasaelkner: ask th1a16:37
aelkneri'm not saying there isn't an application need for multi-course sections16:38
aelkneri'm just saying that the code to use the [0] course16:38
aelkneris not well defined16:38
ignaswell - i'd not use that16:38
aelknerit returns an arbitrary result16:38
ignasI always list all the possble courses16:39
aelknerthat's what schooltool uses everywhere16:39
ignasnot everywhere that's for sure16:39
aelkneroh, where?16:39
aelknerperhaps everywhere is over-stating it16:40
ignaswell - the only places that are using it are - dashboard, and lyceum.journal in a couple specific places16:40
ignasbut in general, you want to display a list16:40
replaceafillignas, i had to get the course for displaying it in the membership form16:40
replaceafilli used [0]16:40
ignaslist all of them16:40
aelknerignas: sould you direct replaceafill to an example that uses all courses16:41
ignasit's safer that way16:41
replaceafilllike "Instructors in [course1, course2] [section]"16:41
yvlhi aelkner.  Short question about the headers - they're not merged anywhere yet - when do you need them?16:41
ignasyeah, if there is only 1 course - you show the 1 course, if more - you put commas in between16:41
yvl(report headers)16:41
replaceafillignas, cool will do that16:42
th1ayvl: There is no big rush -- a week should be fine.16:42
yvlcool, thanks16:42
ignasreplaceafill: thanks16:42
th1aAt worst we'll have a few days of headerless report card prototypes.16:42
th1aI'm more worried about multi-term section linking.16:43
yvlok, good to know :)16:44
yvlUI will be crappy I guesss, but it'll work16:44
replaceafillignas, can i assign grades in the lyceum.journal? or just absences and tardies?16:46
ignasyou can assign grades, why you are you asking?16:47
replaceafillignas, it allows me to input a and t16:47
replaceafillignas, i was testing it this weekend16:47
replaceafillignas, dwelsh asked for the arrow keys functionality and lyceum has it :)16:48
ignasahh, well - in lyceum it is implemented in a very "interesting" way16:48
ignasnot sure if you can apply it to schooltool.gradebook16:48
ignasbecause in lyceum - there is only 1 input box, and it is being populated by intercepting keystrokes in javascript16:49
aelkneryvl: could you please email me when the report header work is done?16:49
ignasand in schooltool.gradebook you need to somehow handle "down" arrow while in an input box16:49
replaceafilland i wondered about the lyceum scores, how do u put a score in?16:50
ignaswell - numbers 1 to 016:50
th1ait is a single digit.16:50
replaceafilli thought about pressing 1-916:50
ignason your keyboard16:50
ignas1 - 1, 0 - 1016:50
replaceafillweird, it didnt work when i updated the gradebook the numbers went away16:51
yvlok, aelkner16:52
ignashmm, they should have been stored using ajax16:52
ignasdid the cells get "green"16:52
aelkneryvl: thanks16:52
ignasafter entering numbers?16:52
replaceafillignas, no16:52
ignasdid they go red?16:52
ignas"blue" - in progress, red - error, green - stored16:52
replaceafilli didnt see colors if i remember correctly16:52
ignasboth for grades and for absences16:52
ignascould you try again16:52
replaceafillaelkner, btw there's a css rule in the schooltool.gradebook that messes with one cando message style rule16:54
replaceafillaelkner, schooltool.gradebook defines a width of 90px for the title class16:54
replaceafillaelkner, and cando uses a title class for displaying messages in threads16:54
aelknerperhaps cando should define a cando-title class16:55
ignasnot good really16:55
ignasif it's aa title in message threads16:56
ignasit should be .message .title { }16:56
ignasmaybe pick something more specific than message, or add a class around it that tells what kind of message container it is16:56
* Lumiere was in a section that was multiple courses when he was in HS16:57
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th1aLumiere: It is a pretty common case.16:58
replaceafillignas, if i have message objects stored in the zodb and i add an __eq__ method to the message class, will that break the stored objects?17:05
replaceafillwill i need evolve those objects?17:05
ignaswell - method will not break anything17:09
Lumierereplaceafill: if you're starting a refactor... is there more that needs to be cleaned up in there?17:09
ignasbut why would you want an __eq__ ?17:09
replaceafilli need to compare two messages and even if the same <message object at ...> the is operator returns False17:10
replaceafillmessages are btreecontainers17:11
ignasreplaceafill: removeSecurityProxy ?17:13
replaceafillignas, damn! zope's security17:13
replaceafilli'll try that :)17:14
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th1aignas: Are you ready for Apocrypha?18:02
ignasth1a: ready?18:03
ignasth1a: what's there to prepare for? ;)18:03
th1aOr... excited?18:03
ignaswell - yeah, I really want the skill queue ;)18:04
th1aI guess you should have bought some scan probe launchers and set a long skill.18:04
th1aI'm confused about how common unstable wormholes are going to be.18:04
ignasno clue, but I have my anathema ready and loaded, and I am running a 16 day skill ;)18:05
th1aIs your corp planning on hitting the wormholes?18:06
ignasno idea, we are in the middle of a move at the moment18:07
ignasbut if we will stumble on one - how could we resist ;)18:07
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jelknerjcrowley: hey man20:41
jelknerwho is there?20:41
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