IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-03-03

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jelknerth1a: good morning, Tom16:10
th1aGood morning jelkner.16:11
jelkneri don't know if anyone will show for the schooltooler's meeting today, but i'm glad we are starting the process...16:12
th1aIf jelkner is happy, th1a is happy.16:13
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jelkneryou've been saying all along that you want SchoolTool to become a real open source project16:14
jelknerth1a: hopefully, this will help16:14
th1aIt is a real open source project.16:14
jelkneryes, of course it is!16:14
th1aYou may find this entertaining:
jelknernot just entertaining, but *totally* appropriate to our situation at GCTAA.16:17
* jelkner goes to see if he can find dwelsh16:19
jelknercool, someone in georgia is looking at schooltool!16:24
jelknerwe were closed yesterday also16:25
jelknerthough we had 6 inches, not 1/4 inch.16:25
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jelknergood morning, replaceafill!16:28
replaceafilljelkner, mr elkner good morning16:28
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ptarrantand I16:30
th1aptarrant: Could you paste that error message you just showed me here:
ptarrantwhich one? the one from installing xchat?16:30
lisppaste5ptarrant pasted "xchat error" at
jelknergood morning everyone!16:31
ptarrantgood morning jelkner :)16:31
jelknerit is 9:30 am EST16:31
jelknerdoes anyone here have anything the would like to talk about at our 1st weekly schooltoolers meeting?16:32
th1aWhy don't you get us started jelkner?16:33
* jelkner uses his teacher's skills to allow appropriate wait time...16:33
ignasth1a: what kind of problem is that? (seems like someone has zope packages in his python2.6 site packages)16:33
ptarrantignas: that would be me16:34
jelknerok, my goal in calling this meeting is to provide another regular forum (in addition to the mailing list)16:34
jelknerfor SchoolTool users to come together to:16:34
ignasptarrant: Zope3 does not support python2.5 fully yet (I think) so python2.6 is definitely out of question16:34
jelkner1. share experiences using SchoolTool16:34
jelkner2. look for help / advice on installation and use16:35
jelkner3. discuss ideas related to how SchoolTool can better help us serve education16:35
th1aSo that message is probably what you get if you try to run SchoolTool on Jaunty now?16:35
ignasjaunty uses python2.6 as the default python?16:35
ignaswhat was the actual command that was being run?16:36
th1aI don't know.16:36
th1a(about which python jaunty uses)16:36
jelkneri'm going to commit to showing up here for at least the next several tuesdays.16:36
jelknerif it turns out that there is not yet a real demand for this sort of meeting16:37
jelkneri'll try again next fall16:37
th1aWell, the important thing is there is demand from jelkner.16:37
ptarrantignas: which command? i ran both python2.4 /usr/bin/paster and python2.6 /usr/bin/paster16:37
jelknerth1a: i just believe that once we break into the big time there will be a need / demand for a meeting place like this16:38
th1aptarrant got the pasted error while apt-getting xchat16:38
ptarrantjelkner: the forum sounds like a great idea, and i will attend these meetings as long as they are hosted16:38
th1aBut it seemed relevant16:38
jelknerptarrant: cool16:39
jelknerbtw.  where are you located?16:39
ignashmm, tricky, i'll have to get a jaunty machine and see what's up16:39
ignasit seems that packages in jaunty have dropped python2.4 support16:39
th1aI think we just need to punt away from trying to debug ptarrant's bug since he upgraded to jaunty.16:39
ignasso i'll probably have to make schooltool python2.5 only16:39
th1aI mean, we need to run on jaunty.16:39
ptarrantjelkner: Ga, USA EST)16:39
th1aBut ptarrant also had some pre-existing packaging glitch.16:39
th1aSo I don't think we can fix both at the same time.16:40
jelknerptarrant: great, a southern neighbor of ours16:40
ptarrantagreed, i can install 8.10 tomorrow and re-install schooltool16:40
jelknerptarrant: are you a teacher, sys admin, administrator?16:41
ptarrantjelkner: actually all 316:41
jelknerwhich school?16:41
ptarrantjelkner: I'm in a small private school (around 350 students k-12)16:41
jelknerdoes it have a web site?16:41
ptarrantjelkner: <-- which i built btw16:41
jelkner*very* cool16:42
jelkneryour a perfect use case for SchoolTool16:42
ptarrantthats what th1a said :)16:42
ptarrantplus we currently have no SIS what-so-ever16:43
jelknerthat's what i meant, in part16:43
jelknermany public schools are already invested in some proprietary sis16:43
ptarrantwe called a few of them, most wanted around 10-18 thousand for the first year, then a maintance charge every year after that16:44
jelknerso in arlington, for example, it is only by functionality beyond the core sis features that we were able to make inroads16:44
jelknerplus, you are making an unequal deal with a monopoly16:45
jelkneronce you go with them16:45
jelknerthey got you by the short hairs :-(16:45
ptarrantyep :)16:45
jelknerSchoolTool will be fundamentally different that way16:45
jelknerseveral competing vendors could support it16:45
ptarrantI tried making something in php/mysql but then i found schooltool and loved it so far16:45
ptarrantcompetition drives inivation right :)16:46
jelknerso i was right16:46
jelknerthis is the time for this meeting to start16:46
jelkneri would love to hear how it is working for you16:46
jelknerand what you would like it to do that it doesn't yet do16:46
ignasit's not working ;)16:46
ignashe'd like it to work ;)16:47
jelknerignas: i trust you will take care of that for him soon...16:47
ptarrantLOL ignas is right, it worked for awhile, then crashed, then i updated to jaunty trying to fix stuff i don't know about16:47
th1aptarrant: You can just wipe your test server?16:47
ptarrantits a test server :)16:47
ptarrantits built entirely for schooltools use, nothing else on it ATM16:48
th1aSince you tried that upgrade, unless ignas thinks otherwise, I think we should wipe.16:48
jelknerptarrant: since your top priority is getting ST running, let me go back to grading and planning and not interrupt further today...16:48
jelknerlet's talk again next tuesday16:48
th1ajelkner: I do have a question for you.16:48
jelknerth1a: shoot16:48
ignasth1a: for now - yes, i will get myself a jaunty for testing in some way16:48
th1aHow would you feel about a "power teacher" group which had elevated permissions?16:49
jelkneri think that could solve a lot of our problems16:49
jelkneri also think it will be a common use case16:49
ptarrantperhaps "power teachers" could assign students to classes?16:49
jelknerparticularly in smaller do-it-yourself deployments that are likely to be common16:50
ptarrantignas: i'll wipe the machine in the morning and get 8.10 on here16:50
ignasptarrant: ok, write us if it does not work16:50
th1aWe'll see if the same bug comes up.16:50
ptarrantwill do :)16:50
ignasit seems this release might be quite messy :/16:51
th1a2.4 is gone?16:51
ignasmight be, i mean - even if 2.4 is still there but our dependencies only ship for 2.5 and 2.616:51
ignaswe'll either have to upgrade to 2.5 or we'll have to repackage them16:52
ignasalso - i still don't know what our plans about cando are16:52
ignaswhat's the status of the deployment code by Jason16:52
ignasand what are our plans concerning these 2 issues16:52
th1aI'm not worried about packaging CanDo in April.16:53
th1aI mean, we aren't doing it.16:53
ignasand changing our releasing infractructure to support multi instance stuff16:54
th1aThat's not a priority for the release.16:55
ptarrantignas: <- does that mean 2.6 is default in jaunty?16:56
th1aI mean, particularly if we're going to have complications with Jaunty itself, we can't be doing any extraneous fiddling with packaging.16:56
ignasptarrant: yep16:56
* jelkner goes back to his teacher duties...16:56
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* ptarrant off to teach my class17:01
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ptarrantth1a: installed 8.10 and schooltool, no issues currently. I've yet to setup it up with data, but its installed21:40
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