IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2009-02-08

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replaceafilljoin #ubuntu-sv04:02
replaceafilloops :)04:02
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jstrawhi cpcarey, fsufitch, ignas__, replaceafill05:54
jstrawI got info on the problem at ACC05:55
jstrawthe Power went down at Ed Center and the genset failed05:57
jstrawit's pissing off the IS guys05:57
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ignas__jstraw: good, glad it's pissing off someone else too ;)06:06
jstrawignas__: "He is very frustrated. He said it went down around 3pm and then came back up briefly and now it is down again" from my Supervisor in Department of Instruction about her IS contact XD06:07
jstrawI should get an email update later06:15
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jelknerreplaceafill: did everyone get settled in at jstraw's ok?18:40
replaceafillu coming?18:41
jelkneri'm at home on my computer18:41
jelkneri might as well work from here18:41
jelknerbut let me know when you all go to dinner18:42
jelkneri'll join you18:42
jelkneri guess th1a will be leaving by then18:42
replaceafillah ok18:42
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ignas__aelkner: syndaemon -d -t -i 119:52
jelknerfsufitch: we need to talk about pycon19:53
fsufitchjelkner: yes, yes we do19:53
jelknerwhat are you plans for today?19:53
fsufitchjelkner: i think i did register, but didnt pay yet19:53
fsufitchim leaving here at 5 and then parents are picking me up from vienna metro at 619:53
jelknerthe big issue is the plan19:54
jelkneryou can take care of registration yourself19:54
jelkneri have the hotel room19:54
jelknerall we need is plane tickets19:54
fsufitchi need to 50/50 with you on the hotel room sometiem19:54
fsufitchbut  yeah, plane tickets19:54
jelknerwe don't pay until we check out19:55
fsufitchi c19:55
jelknerit is the plane ticket that is crucial19:55
jelknerlet me look...19:55
jelknerok, i have non-stop flights for $240 round trip20:01
jelknerfsufitch: does that sound ok to you?20:01
fsufitchsounds fine20:01
jelknerleaving thursday at 6:40 pm and returning sunday at 9:46 pm20:01
fsufitchthough ill have to pass it by my parents20:01
fsufitchunfortunately its not me thats paying directly >_<20:02
jelknercan you call them now?20:02
jelkneri can book them, so we can get the same flight20:02
jelknerbut i need you're ok20:02
jelknerbecause you would need to pay me back ;-)20:02
jelknerare you calling them now?20:03
fsufitchjelkner: what is the date of the flight?20:04
jelknermarch 2620:04
jelknerreturning march 2920:04
fsufitchi have an ok from my dad20:04
fsufitchhe asks when ud like the payback by20:04
jelknera month from now?20:05
jelknerso i can pay the credit card bill20:05
fsufitchhe says we can pay back next week20:05
jelkneri'm reserving them now...20:05
jelknerfsufitch: are jstraw and/or mattva01 handy?20:28
jelkneri don't see them in the channel20:28
fsufitchjelkner: ill tell them to get on20:33
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fsufitchwe were eating lunch20:34
jelknerfsufitch: check your email20:51
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fsufitchjelkner: k20:56
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fsufitchjelkner: i dont have any seat preferences :)20:58
fsufitchits great20:58
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fsufitchignas__: lp:~fsufitch/schooltool/schooltool_demographics_sprint23:36
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