IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2009-02-07

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fsufitchjstraw, ping03:44
ignasfsufitch: update?04:00
fsufitchignas, myep04:00
ignasfsufitch: we are doing demographics04:01
fsufitchtom's telling me about itrite now04:01
jstrawignas: you can't get tom, aelkner and replaceafill to join us?04:03
ignasjstraw: where?04:06
ignasjstraw: Alan is sleeping, but I can get the rest to join you, whatever that means ;)04:07
jstrawon IRC04:07
jstrawalan asleep? wow04:07
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jstrawwell hello there!04:09
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ignasdeb intrepid main17:46
ignasdeb-src intrepid main17:46
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