IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-02-05

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jstrawhi replaceafill22:50
replaceafilljstraw, hey man22:50
jstrawis tom there yet?22:53
replaceafillno, alan is22:56
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jstrawhi aelkner23:00
aelknerwhere are you?23:00
jstrawtheir instances don't have the xls importer23:00
aelkneri'm in jelkner's classroom23:00
jstrawI am at work at mckinley23:00
jstrawaelkner: can you take a look for me and see where in a fresh checkout it might be23:01
jstrawor what I might need to do to make it work?23:01
jstrawthis really is a #1 priority23:01
aelkner"their instances": who?23:02
aelknerjstraw: any work that justus did would be in the trunk23:04
aelknerso i don't understand what's missing23:04
jstrawthe grey button to do an xls import isn't there in their instance of cando23:04
jstrawwhich means either it isn't loaded in cando.cando2007 vs schooltool.stapp2008spring23:05
jstrawor something about how cando is getting the st egg is different23:05

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