IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-02-03

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jstrawaelkner / th1a: ayt?03:21
jstrawI am getting a 404 on cando buildout03:21
aelknerjstraw: i'm here05:37
aelkner is the new url05:37
aelknerthat goes after extends= in buildout.cfg05:39
jstrawplease commit to trunk05:39
aelknerjstraw: committed05:49
jstrawthank you05:49
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ignasth1a: Justas is not coming, and the airlines or at least our travel agent are refusing to transfer the ticket to another person17:14
ignasso we'll have 1 developer less in the sprint17:14
th1aignas: OK.  Sorry to hear that.  Can you get a refund?17:21
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