IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-11-18

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jelkneryvl: is ignas around?14:37
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jelknerAiste: are you there?14:50
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jelknerth1a: how was my email?16:03
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th1aOK... ignas doesn't seem to be on now for some reason.16:11
th1ajelkner: I will probably have aelkner look at updating CanDo to handle years next week.16:12
jelknerth1a: not a problem, as long at the email is clear, we can just wait for a reply16:12
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jelknermy main concern is that we *clearly* articulate to replacefill what we would like him to do16:13
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th1aAlso, where you *put* a bzr branch isn't really a problem - just making sure you're getting the right one.16:13
jelknerso that he can be productive and help move things forward16:13
jelknerbut we have to put it somewhere16:13
th1aYes, but that isn't a problem.16:13
jelknerand so many times instructions like "just put it somewhere" is a problem for pea brains like me16:14
jelkner(who don't know where the any key is located ;-)16:14
th1aWell, there is this cool thing called "Launchpad..."16:14
jelknerahh yes16:14
jelknerthat'll do it16:14
jelknernow we're talking16:14
jelknerput it on launchpad16:14
jelknerok, i gotta go to work16:15
jelknertalk to you later...16:15
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fsufitchaelkner: ping16:18
fsufitchth1a: ping16:40
th1aHi fsufitch.16:44
fsufitchyay someone's here16:44
fsufitchi need some help setting up the security crowds in tests16:44
fsufitchunit tests16:44
th1aYeah, not sure where ignas is today.16:44
th1aI can't help you.16:44
th1aSend ignas an email.16:45
fsufitchdo you know how to make the tests run at least?16:45
fsufitchi can leave security out of the tests for now16:45
th1aHow to run unit tests?16:45
fsufitchhwo to run tests in general16:45
fsufitchwhat's the setup needed?16:45
fsufitchbecause just putting the README.txt in the right place deosnt do  it appaerntly ;)16:46
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th1aHi ignas ;-)16:46
fsufitchignas: hello16:47
fsufitchignas: could you briefly explain how i woudl go about setting up security crowds in my unit tests for tjTalk?16:50
ignashow does your unit test code look like?16:52
fsufitchwhat do you mean?16:53
fsufitchimport unittest16:54
fsufitchimport zope.testing.doctest16:54
fsufitchdef test_suite():16:54
fsufitch    return unittest.TestSuite((16:54
fsufitch        zope.testing.doctest.DocFileSuite('README.txt',16:54
fsufitch            optionflags=zope.testing.doctest.NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE |16:54
fsufitch                        zope.testing.doctest.ELLIPSIS),16:54
fsufitch        ))16:54
fsufitchit's paul's default from his tutorial16:54
fsufitchi never had to set up tests before, so i'm sort of clueless16:54
ignaswhat's the README.txt content16:55
fsufitchi'll lisppaste it16:55
lisppaste5fsufitch pasted "README.txt" at
fsufitchcome to think of it, i should have just used the regular Person()16:57
fsufitchignas: class is over pretty soon, and by the time i'll be able to get back on my comp you'll be long asleep ;)16:59
fsufitchif i have to go, could u just email me the stuff?16:59
fsufitchu know my email16:59
ignaswhy do you need crowds in unit tests?17:04
fsufitchit's not really enough to make groups called Students and Teachers17:05
fsufitchunless those are created by default, in which case, w00t!17:05
fsufitchare they?17:06
ignasI want to understand how and why are you unit testing security related code17:07
ignas(we do that in like 2-3 places in the system)17:07
ignasmost of the security testing is performed in functional tests17:07
fsufitchi'm dumb17:08
fsufitchi shoudlnt be testing security in unit17:08
fsufitchunit is for basic functioning,and i'm not *logged in* as anyone17:08
fsufitchso no security17:08
fsufitchugh >_<17:08
fsufitchsorry about that :)17:08
fsufitchthanks anyway17:08
fsufitchnow i g2g17:09
fsufitchclass is over17:09
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mgedminI got a schooltool mailing list reminder today17:14
mgedminit was sent on 1st of November17:14
mgedminwhat's up with the two-week delay?17:14
ignasmgedmin: mailman swap crunch17:27
ignasmgedmin: i'd blame it17:27
th1aWell, it was just rebooted.17:31
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jelkner_ignas: did replaceafill get in touch with you?20:56
ignasjelkner_: nope20:58
ignasdon't think so20:58
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jelknerignas: did you get my email?20:58
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jelknerignas: th1a said that is the way to communicate with you20:59
ignasjelkner: yep21:00
jelknerignas: ok, then i'll await your reply...21:01
ignasjelkner: done21:03
jelknerignas: i just sent another email21:25
jelknerit is important that we resolve all this asap21:26
jelknerreplaceafill wants to work21:26
jelknerand silly stuff keeps getting in the way21:26
th1aWhat has he done so far?21:27
jelknerhe sent an email to aelkner sayingI tried last week using Ignas' tips like IGroupContainer(ISchoolToolApplication(None), {})21:28
jelknerAlthough I think this is just a hack, it allowed me to understand better how school years work and I made some tests pass.21:28
th1aHm?  I mean, I thought he had completed something.21:28
jelknerhe also has the part of the blueprint that computes the scores finished21:28
th1aBut he hasn't started on the integration stuff yet.21:29
jelknerhe says he needs code to work with that has all tests passing21:29
jelknerso that is what i'm trying to help figure out21:30
th1aIn SchoolTool or CanDo?21:30
jelknersince he is working on both21:30
th1aI'm not sure having an intermediary is helpful in this case.21:30
jelknerit isn't21:30
jelknerand would gladly stay out of it21:31
jelknerif we could find another way to get things moving21:31
jelknerit was you who told me to send the email21:31
jelknerso i did21:31
jelkner(just following instructions)21:31
th1aWell, if tests are failing, that's another problem.21:32
jelknersounds to me like something a project manager might want to help resolve ;-)21:32
ignascando tests are definitely are failing with schooltool trunk21:32
th1aYes, we know that.21:32
jelknerthat is what has to be fixed first21:32
jelknerthat's what replaceafill says he is interested in working on21:33
jelknersince it needs to be done before he can continue with the blueprint21:33
th1aWell, first, we need to make a branch.21:33
th1aThen we need to make sure the tests are passing on the branch.21:33
jelknernow we are getting somewhere!21:33
jelknercan we do that?21:33
th1aWell, we don't need to be talking to YOU about it.21:34
ignasjelkner: it's not for me to do21:34
ignashe has to do it21:34
ignasbranch cando21:34
ignasand work on that cando branch21:34
ignashe can do it in svn if he has commit access21:34
th1aI didn't really mean "we."21:34
ignasor on bzr21:34
ignasif he will convert cando to bzr21:35
ignasand take care of all the "update running instances to bzr" stuff21:35
ignasi'd suggest sticking to svn, and svn branching, and then working on cando school year integration21:36
ignasone thing at a time21:36
ignasas for schooltool.gradebook and schooltool changes21:36
ignasthat's the point of bzr21:36
ignasyou only need me if you want to get things into trunk21:37
ignasand into ubuntu release21:37
ignasother than that - you can do whatever you want ;)21:37
jelkneronly if you know what you want21:38
jelknerbut i think i get it21:38
jelknerwhy not just have him make a branch on launchpad with both schooltool and cando in it?21:39
ignasbecause schooltool trunk21:39
ignashas no gradebook in it21:39
ignasthere is no cando bzr branch21:39
ignasand you cant put 2 branches in one place anyway21:39
ignasthey have to be 2 separate checkouts21:39
ignasbecause they are 2 different python eggs/packages21:40
jelkneri'll email replaceafill and ask him to look over the log today21:41
jelknerand then to "do whatever he wants" to get development going21:41
ignasi can explain things to him if he has questions21:42
ignasbut I am afraid he will have to spend some time reading about stuff (like how to setup schooltool sandbox)21:42
ignasso he would know what to ask ;)21:42
jelknerhe is ok with doing that21:43
th1aHe's done it before, more importantly.21:49
th1aWhy two American schoolteachers are mediating between El Salvadoran and Lithuanian developers, I don't know.21:50
th1aIt is an improbable system.21:51
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th1ahi replaceafill!21:51
ignasreplaceafill: hi21:51
replaceafillhey everybody, sorry i've been busy the whole morning fixing computers21:51
replaceafillhi th1a ignas21:52
replaceafilli just read your mails21:52
replaceafillignas, who maintains svn access to
replaceafilli mean who is the admin21:53
ignasis cando in there?21:53
replaceafilli wish i could branch there21:54
replaceafilland let the bzr stuff for later21:54
replaceafillwhat do u think?21:54
ignashmm, isn't Jason administering cando svn access?>21:54
th1aAt worst jinty.21:54
ignasor is it jinty?21:54
replaceafilljelkner, u there?21:54
th1areplaceafill: Probably you should just keep using svn.21:55
replaceafillth1a, yes21:55
ignasth1a: he has no svn commit access21:55
replaceafillth1a, exaclty21:56
th1aWell, that can be solved easily enough.21:56
ignascando is already mirrored on launchpad as a bzr branch21:57
ignasthough - it's only trunk21:57
ignasnot the competency branch21:57
replaceafillignas, trunk is old21:57
replaceafilli guess21:57
ignasyeah, trunk is old21:57
ignasthere was some way of adding cando commiters21:58
ignasthat either Lumiere or someone on their side could do21:58
ignashttps authentication based21:58
replaceafilli could mail jason asking for access21:59
th1aI just did.21:59
replaceafillth1a, thanks21:59
jelkneri'm here21:59
th1aEr, replaceafill go ahead and email Jason.  He can do it.21:59
jelknersorry, i was distracted22:00
replaceafillth1a, ok22:00
jelknerwhy not just have replaceafill create his own bzr branch with the latest cando?22:01
jelkneri'm trying to simplify the process22:02
replaceafilljelkner, that would be trickier22:02
replaceafillignas, you have to use launchpad import utilities, right?22:02
jelkneradministratively, it empowers you to "do whatever you want", as ignas said earlier22:02
ignasjelkner: yeah, and makes getting changes back into svn22:03
ignasjelkner: difficult22:03
jelknerso we don't spend so much time asking this person and that to do such and such...22:03
ignasjelkner: and you don't have a person who is doing the "integration" part22:03
jelknerwhy do we want changes back into svn?22:03
jelknerwe have been talking for a long time about moving to bzr anyway22:03
ignasbecause that's what everyone is using at the moment22:03
jelknerwhy can't next year's cando just be in bzr?22:04
ignasJustas, the school, you and everyone who has a cando checkout22:04
ignasjelkner: it can, but it's not something you do "just to save time" without talking to the admin (who has the access to svn repository anyway)22:04
jelknermine is totally broken22:04
ignasso you save time for Jason, by probably spending a lot of his time without talking to him ;)22:05
ignasas for import machinery22:05
jelknerwe can't do that22:05
ignasi think you can just bzr co http:// whatever cando branch url is22:05
ignasand if you have bzr svn22:05
ignasok bzr branch22:06
ignasyou will have a checkout that you can commit into22:06
ignaswhen you will want your changes in the central repository22:06
ignasor anywhere22:06
ignasor you will want changes that Justas/alan makes in your branch22:06
ignasit might be less than straightforward22:06
replaceafillth1a, aelkner is going to handle cando school years next week, right?22:07
ignasreplaceafill: would not bet on it22:09
replaceafillignas, ok22:11
ignasok, going home now22:12
ignassee you, email me if you have questions22:12
replaceafillok thanks man22:12
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