IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-11-17

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jstrawmorning all16:26
th1aGood morning/evening.16:26
th1ahi aelkner, ignas, yvl.16:31
th1aaelkner: What's the current status with SLA?16:31
aelkneri tested the latest fix on my machine against sla's latest data16:32
yvlmorning guys16:32
aelknerand it worked, so i just need to deploy to sla16:33
aelknerheah yvl16:33
th1aOK.  Can you do that RIGHT NOW?16:33
aelknerso should i just bring down schooltool without getting an ok from them?16:33
th1aWell, perhaps you should check your email more frequently because you did get an OK from Chris.16:34
th1aAt 5:38 AM actually.16:34
aelkneri saw, but it wasn't 100% clear16:34
aelknerthe sooner the better16:34
th1aaelkner: You really have to be more proactive about this stuff.16:35
th1aDo it now.16:35
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th1aOK... ignas, what's up in Vilnius?16:36
ignasnot much, still working on exporting the information, got sections and groups left16:37
ignasand then I can use the old sample data export16:37
ignasto test new import16:37
th1aOK.  Chugging along at a steady pace then?16:37
th1aHm... we should discuss jelkner's bugs.  Perhaps yvl can work on some of them.16:39
th1aHis new gradebook bugs.16:39
jelknerthat sounds good to me ;-)16:39
th1ayvl:  I don't have anything in your queue right now, correct?16:40
jelkneri could give an account on my instance to whomever is going to work on them16:40
yvltrue, th1a16:40
ignashmm, yeah, looking at some of them16:40
* ignas is not getting emails from launchpad because of some reason it seems16:40
ignaswill have to fix the critical add person one16:41
yvlI finished adding FCK editor; need to merge that branch SLA trunk16:41
yvlbut it contains evolution, so it needs to be done with care16:41
yvlbackuping Data.fs and testing after evolutio16:41
th1aOh, right.16:41
aelknerok, done16:42
th1aUm... yes, the critical add person one.16:42
aelkneri sent the email to all16:42
yvlaggregate report would be a good start to test16:42
th1aWhat's up with that?16:42
ignasmy bad, a missing functional test16:42
ignasand a broken line16:43
ignaseasy to fix16:43
ignaswill release a fix asap16:43
th1aPlease do.16:43
th1aOK, then there is
th1awhich is just a little glitch, I think.16:44
th1aWhat's your id on LP, yvl?16:45
th1aaelkner: Thanks.16:45
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th1aThis is the "columns too wide" bug:
th1aBasically, they just need to become fixed width and narrow.  Three characters wide, I'd say.16:47
yvlassign it to me?16:48
th1aDo we know what branch jelkner is using?16:49
* jelkner listens attentively...16:50
jelkneris there an easy way i can tell?16:50
ignasth1a: he is using trunk16:51
ignasth1a: iirc16:52
jstrawhe is using cando.cando2007 which pulls a trunk egg16:53
ignasyeah, thought so ;)16:53
jstrawmost cando instances don't run buildout -n on update16:53
jstrawso we forced it to run on his16:53
ignasjstraw: good16:53
ignasbecause cando was not adapted to work with school years yet16:53
jelknerthanks jstraw!16:53
jstrawwe know16:53
jstrawwhich is why his gradebook continues to work16:53
jstrawand his cando does not16:53
th1ayvl:  Also, keep in mind that the gradebook views have not really been "designed" at all.  They should probably be generally made to match the Journal views.16:54
yvlemm, this is a plan for the future?16:54
th1aWell, it will need to be done sooner or later.16:55
th1aI'm not sure how much explicit instruction it requires.16:55
yvlSo I should update parts of them to match Journal views as I go?16:55
th1aThat's what I'm saying.16:56
yvlI mean if it doesn't eat too much time (days, weeks...)16:56
th1aOne would hope it doesn't.16:56
th1aBut it will probably take days at some point.16:56
yvlgot it, thanks16:57
th1aActually, one thing we've not done well is having the developer change a couple things, send me a screenshot to check it out, etc.16:57
th1aWe tend to do waterfall UI.16:57
th1a(from my point of view, at least)16:58
aelknermay i make a request?16:58
th1aAside from getting CanDo working, does jelkner have any other gradebook issues?16:58
th1aaelkner: Go ahead.16:58
aelknercan you make a new branch for jelkner to use16:59
aelknera branch of cando that is16:59
aelknerso that, if you make any changes to that branch16:59
th1aWho you?16:59
aelknerit won't crash the live instance we have gong for the virginia users16:59
aelknerwhat i'm saying is16:59
aelknerif people are going to trouble-shoot jelkner's cando instance17:00
aelknerby changing cando17:00
aelknerplease do so to a different branch17:00
aelknerthan what the 1000s of cando users are now using17:00
ignasaelkner: emm, aren't you the one working on CanDo ?17:01
aelknerwell, jelkner's cando is a bit rogue17:01
aelknerhe wants bleeding edge and is only one client17:01
th1aYour point is well taken aelkner, but I think it applies mainly to you.17:02
jelknerand i want replaceafill's new gradebook integration code to live in it17:02
aelknerth1a: how do you mean?17:02
yvlmaybe it's time to merge cando-refactoring-model-6 to trunk?17:02
jelknerso we need a solution that permits that development to take place17:02
yvland do the new development there?17:02
ignasmaking CanDo work with school years is a significant endeavour, and I am not sure who and when should do it17:02
th1aignas: Indeed.17:03
* ignas is pretty happy that it started up with school years enabled at all ;)17:03
jelknerwell, it is going to have to be done17:03
jelknerso we need to sort that out17:04
jstrawthere is no code changes to CanDo aelkner17:04
aelkneri thought it sounded like ignas suggested that cando would need to change17:04
th1aCanDo needs to be updated to work with the new SchoolTool...17:05
jstrawaelkner: it does, it needs to be updated to work with SchoolYears17:05
th1aand everyone agrees that it needs to be done in a new branch.17:05
jstrawbut existing instances are ok until buildout -n is run17:05
th1alet's take a step back for a second.17:05
th1aaelkner: What are your plans for the week?17:05
* jstraw notes that someone should lock trunk CanDo to a schooltool egg that works...17:06
aelkneri had cando bugs that i was going to continue working on17:06
aelknerbut if wlesh doesn't need them so soon17:06
aelknerthen i could help wth the touble-shooting cando and SchoolYears issue17:06
th1aHow critical are the CanDo bugs?17:07
aelknerthat's dwelsh's call17:07
dwelshone critical, three high priority17:07
dwelshall four pretty important17:07
th1aWhat are the bugs?17:08
dwelshin other words, they are affecting the 55 current users17:08
ignasaelkner: there is nothing to trouble shoot, can do knows nothing about school years, and still assumes that there are global containers that have all the stuff17:08
dwelshthe critical is a failure getting data to save when trying to do so the first time in the gradebook17:08
jstrawI'll make the change for the egg17:09
dwelshthe other three are:  finish two items on a report; handle two sorting problems; make a change to messaging.17:09
th1aHow long should that take, aelkner?17:10
aelkneri would estimate17:11
aelknerthis week's half time for cando17:11
th1aOK.  Besides that we need to fix the damned sendmail problem.17:12
aelknerand let's forget SLA waking up on the CAS front17:12
aelknernot forget17:12
th1aYes.  Did you meet with them in person last week?17:13
aelkneri did17:13
aelkneri sent the email about that17:13
aelknera great meeting with the admin guy, also called Chris17:13
aelknerthe ball's in their court with getting the users installed on the CAS server17:14
aelkneri was going to call today to see how that's going17:14
th1aYes, do that.17:15
th1aAll right... ignas, what's the eta for the person bugfix release?17:16
ignas3 hours17:16
ignasmaybe 217:16
th1aCool.  That'll be 2008.10.1, right?17:17
ignasi think 2008.10.417:17
th1aOh... we're going to start needing release notes.17:17
* jelkner needs to leave to get ready for class17:18
th1aBye jelkner.17:18
jelkneris there anything you need from me before i go?17:18
jelknerth1a: i'll call you later today to figure out what we decided here ;-)17:19
ignasoh 2008.10.5 actually ;)17:19
th1aI'll be at school until about 1:30.17:19
jelknerok after 1:30 then17:19
th1aIs there a way that one is supposed to do release notes via debs?17:20
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ignasyeah, not sure how to do it automatically in a convenient way17:21
ignaswill have to look at our release machine17:21
ignasand find out if it can do more than "updated from upstream"17:22
th1aIn the short term, make sure and let me know when you release a deb, and where I should look at checkin comments to write something for the website.17:22
th1aI think we're pretty well squared away then.  Everyone knows what they are doing this week?17:23
jstrawignas: what is the last egg without schoolyears?17:24
ignasjstraw: look at .installed.cfg17:24
ignasto see which version is being currently used17:24
ignas(i think it's there)17:24
jstrawthat would tell me an egg that works17:25
jstrawwould it give me the last one?17:25
ignashmm, ok, can't find it there...17:25
ignasi'd say 2008.04 should be still ok17:25
ignaswhile 2008.10 should be with school years17:26
ignashmm, or is it too old17:27
ignaslet me see the logs17:27
ignasseems to be the last before schoolyears egg17:29
aelknerth1a: i just spoke with chris the sla tech17:29
jstrawok, so  for an egg 2008.10.0dev-r2439 is the name?17:29
ignasdon't know really17:30
ignassorry, can't recall the precise setuptools syntax17:30
th1aaelkner: and?17:31
aelknerhe said he will be doing something about the users either tonight or tomorrow17:31
aelknerand i reinforced my 100% availability to him17:31
aelknerso we have a good line of communication17:32
th1aOK.  Good.17:32
th1aDo you think CAS will actually work?17:32
aelkneronly kidding17:32
aelkneri don't see why not17:32
th1aHow confident are you on a scale of 1 to 10?17:33
aelkner9 out of 1017:33
th1aHm.  Maybe you should plan on being on-site the day they try to use it in production.17:33
th1aThe day after you throw the switch.17:34
aelkneri'd be happy to,17:34
aelknerthat's up to chris the tech to decide17:34
th1aI would suggest it.17:34
aelknerhe seems to be leaning towards doing it at night17:34
aelknerand from his own home17:34
aelknerto avoid service disruption17:34
th1aRight, but it might be good to be around the next day.17:34
aelkneri understand his thinking17:34
th1aOr offering.17:34
aelkneri'm available 100% of time as I offered17:35
th1aI think we're done here.17:35
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:35
th1aI'll be behind a school firewall for a while today.17:35
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen!17:36
aelkneryou, too17:36
ignasth1a: i'm uploading the new package now17:37
ignaswill copy it to hardy and intrepid in 20-30 minutes17:37
th1aignas: thanks.17:39
jstrawignas: schooltool-2008.10.0dev_r2433-py2.4.egg18:12
jstrawso schooltool == 2008.10.0dev_r243918:12
jstrawfor the
ignaslet me try18:13
jstrawaelkner, yvl: is there a reason we have not merged all this back to trunk?18:13
ignasok, you try18:13
ignasdon't have the sandbox suitable18:13
jstrawI do ;)18:14
ignasthough - i would do it in buildout.cfg18:14
ignasnot setup.py18:14
ignaswell - yeah, because developers can override buildout.cfg whenever they want easily18:15
jstrawthe zope version of i18nmessageid is limited there18:15
ignasbut is it "dev" ?18:15
jstrawI see this as temporary until SchoolYears is done... I am going to put a # XXX into it so hopefully it is noticed18:15
jstrawglobal name log not defined18:18
ignasnope, haven't seen such a thing18:19
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "log error" at
ignaswhat command did you run?18:20
ignasand what does svn diff on say?18:21
jstraw-                      'schooltool',18:23
jstraw+                      'schooltool == 2008.10.0dev_r2439',18:23
jstraw+# XXX Remove the version of schooltool once CanDo supports SchoolYears18:23
jstraw(the last line appears at the bottom of the fille18:23
ignasand the command that gave you this error was?18:24
jstrawbuildout -n18:30
ignasbin/buildout -n ?18:32
ignasbecause traceback seems to be python2.518:33
ignasand also - it is showing system eggs18:33
ignasand I was pretty sure I had cando buildout use the that isolates it from site-packages :/18:33
ignasand as your setuptools are in site-packages my guess would be - they are too old18:36
ignasok have to go now18:41
ignasth1a: released the bugfix18:41
ignasjstraw: look at the makefile for clues18:42
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