IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-11-11

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jelkner_how can i log jelkner off this channel, so i can be he?14:41
jelkner_(since i am he)14:41
ignasjelkner_: /msg nickserv ghost jelkner14:43
ignasor something like that14:43
ignasmaybe your nickserv password somewhere in there14:43
ignasif you are registered14:44
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jelknerignas: thanks!14:46
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ignasyour other irc client is persistent ;)14:46
jelkneri can't imagine where it is running14:47
jelknermaybe at work14:47
jelknerat least i'm back to being the real jelkner ;-)14:47
ignasyvl: src/schooltool/app/browser/cal.py14:55
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mgedminoops, wrong channel17:14
mgedminbut alga is here17:14
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replaceafillignas, do u know the difference between philikon classproperty and rwproperty packages?19:34
ignasreplaceafill: nope19:36
replaceafillschooltool uses rwproperty, right?19:36
replaceafillok thanks19:38
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