IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-11-10

replaceafillaelkner, thanks for the time man00:26
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ignasth1a: hi16:30
th1aGood morning ignas, aelkner, jstraw, jelkner, replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillgood morning everybody16:31
yvlmorning guys16:31
th1aSorry, I forgot yvl ;-)16:32
aelknercan i start?16:32
th1aI was just going to suggest that.16:32
aelkneri worked on fixing the problem that sla had with line breaks when displaying narratives16:33
aelkneronly to discover that yvl had written his own solution16:33
aelknerso i installed his and rewound mine16:33
aelknerone thing, though16:33
aelknerpart of chris' email involved not only line breaks16:34
aelknerbut also <b> tags16:34
aelknerso my solution was to use tal:replace="structure...16:34
aelknerand i replaced the newlines with <br />16:34
aelknerthat allowed bold to appear bold16:35
aelknerbut it still begs the question16:35
aelknerhow do we handle various html tags not only in the narratives view16:35
aelknerbut also in the pdf report16:35
yvlreportlab accepts some of the tags: <b>, <i>...16:36
aelknerthere has to be a strategy that's consistent between both16:36
ignasuse fck editor for text + filter out tags you don't want to allow?16:36
th1aWhat are we using now for text entry?16:36
ignasa plain text box from what I understand16:36
aelknerthey just enter the text into the form16:36
jstrawth1a: in a lot of cases our text boxes are just plain text... and then strip a lot of stuff16:36
jstrawalthough it sounds like narratives don't strip the \n's like some of resources does16:37
aelknernewlines aren't stripped because the interface defines the fields as Text not Textline16:37
th1aWe should switch to fck editor as Ignas suggests.16:38
th1aI believe we don't want to strip \n's because there may be multiple paragraphs.16:39
yvlChris mentioned that they wanted multiple paragraphs views, as far as I remember16:40
th1aIs there an example of this?  In the journal?16:40
yvl* multiple paragraphs in the narrative views and narrative pdf reports16:40
th1aI mean, a fck example.16:40
th1aFor aelkner.16:40
ignasth1a: yes, there is an example in journal16:41
aelknerlet's keep in mind that any changes to the editing and viewing of these fields16:41
aelknerhas to happen in lock step with the pdf report16:42
aelknerso if we allow them to add markup to these fields16:42
aelknerthe pdf needs to look the same16:42
th1aThis is really more about making it clear what they can do, by giving them nice buttons, and not letting them do anything else.16:43
ignasaelkner: yep, i know, but the default config only allows links, bold and italic iirc16:43
ignasand messing up the tags with a WYSIWIG editor is more difficult than when doing it manually16:43
aelknerso can yvl handle this task for us?16:44
yvlok :)16:44
th1aFine with me.16:44
aelknermaking sure the pdf is as reflective of the tags as the view is16:45
aelkneranother thing about the view16:45
aelknerthe way it works now, the multi-line text comes across as double-spaced16:45
aelknerbecuase of the use of multiple <p> tags16:46
aelknerwouldn't we be better of using <br /> tags instead?16:46
aelknerputting the whole html inside one <p> tag?16:46
ignasaelkner: we16:46
ignaswe'll see16:46
th1aShouldn't the text just flow?16:46
aelknerlet's what i mean16:47
aelknerthat's what i mean16:47
yvlwell, it would be better to address this issue by fixing the css for <p> tag16:47
aelknerthat's a broader schooltool issue16:48
aelknerunless you create a class for the <p> tag16:48
aelknerthat's not the default schooltool one16:48
aelkneryvl's saying that if the <p> tag had less padding16:48
aelknerthen it wouldn't come off as double-spaced16:49
aelknerbut as th1a was saying16:49
aelknerthe text should just flow16:49
ignascan we do this discussion after the meeting?16:49
th1aI need to see an example.16:49
th1aLet's move on.16:49
ignasthank you16:49
th1aWhat else aelkner?16:49
aelknerso i went to Barnes & noble to find a book on Ubuntu re: installing a mail server16:50
aelkneri chose the book that had the most on the subject which was only two pages16:50
aelknerall the books suggested using pstfix16:50
aelknerso i will try using that and choose the Local option since that's all i need16:51
aelkneri have the meeting at sla today16:52
aelkneri'll be meeting their new sysadmin16:52
th1aThat is a good thing.16:52
aelknerand we'll discuss planning the CAS deployment16:52
aelkneralso, i'll explain to chris what we're doing with the narratives16:53
th1aOK.  Did you follow the discussion between Chris and me about the narrative email list?16:53
aelkneri'm trying to find the email.  how is it titled?16:54
th1aIt was a whole thread.16:54
th1aAnyhow, the upshot is that we don't have to worry about the prefix for these people.16:54
th1aWe can add the title later when we do a more general demographic overhaul.16:54
aelkneri found it16:55
aelknerso, they can just use the existing adminstrators group16:55
th1aSo you really just need to add the "intervention dudes" group, and append the groups members to the list.16:55
aelkneror we could create the inteventions dudes group16:55
aelkneri'm just gong to title the group "intervention"16:56
aelknerwhich matches the other uses of that word16:56
aelknerso that's all i got16:56
th1aSo I would say get the intervention group stuff done quickly if you can.16:57
ignasth1a: working on import/export16:57
ignasstarted from writing up an example file with formats for objects16:57
ignasand now I think I will worn on exporting not importing first16:58
ignasso I could generate some sample data in an easier manner16:58
ignas(making 100 sections manually without actual data is pretty difficult)16:58
ignasso - i have a format, will do export to that format16:58
ignasexport some stuff from an actual data base (i have a couple of sample data ones)16:58
ignasmaybe edit it16:58
ignasand then work on importing it16:59
ignasthat's everything I did17:00
ignasI have a file with templates for the stuff I want to do in the first iteration17:00
ignasso I might just commit it to a branch17:00
ignasfor you to see17:00
th1aSo, by default, if yvl hasn't been given something specific to do, and he has SchoolTool time, you should give him something to do.17:00
th1aYes, let me see the templates.17:01
th1ayvl: How was your week?17:01
yvlwell, several bugfixes - paragraph formatting and crash in pdfs17:02
yvlalso implemented sorting by advisors, then student for SLA aggregate reports17:02
yvlone question - should people be sorted by Name or Surname?17:03
yvland that's it for now17:03
yvlok, thanks.17:04
th1ayvl:  So for this week, work on the fck editor stuff.17:04
* th1a is trying to think of other places you should do the same thing.17:04
th1aThere are probably other places in the intervention system.17:05
yvlok, th1a17:05
aelknergoal editing is tricky17:05
th1aaelkner: You and Chris might go through the app quickly and note which fields might need rich text.17:05
aelknerin that there are LOTS of mutilline fields17:06
aelknerhe may not need the goals to be htmlable17:06
th1aWell, it is a good practice anyhow.17:06
aelknerthey happen to like the table that i set up for entering the goal fields17:07
aelknerit fits on onw screen17:07
th1aThe giant 3x3 grid?17:07
aelknerless scrolling necessary17:08
aelknermaking that 9 fck editor fields17:08
aelknercould be abit overkill17:08
th1aThey don't take up much more space if you just have one toolbar.17:08
th1aWell... we'll table that for the moment.17:09
aelkneri forgot to mention one thing17:09
th1aignas: filip is still stuck on his permissions in tjtalk, btw.17:09
aelkneri worked with douglas on the gradebook integration17:10
jelkneris that before or after i talked to him last night?17:10
th1aYes, we can move on to replaceafill.17:10
replaceafillwell, it was my mistake17:11
ignasth1a: well - he should email me the branch he is working on so I could look at it17:11
jelknerok, can i get a word in before you all start?17:11
jelknerthen i need to run17:11
jelknerto get ready for students17:11
jelkneri need to update my schooltool instance to use the latest gradebook changes17:11
jelknerin particular, i'll need waited catagories17:12
jelknerwhich i believe you all finished at the sprint17:12
jelknerhow should mattva01 proceed?17:12
jelknerto update me, i mean17:12
aelknerthat's a buildout issue17:12
jelknerwhat does that mean?17:12
aelknerright now the cando branch uses schooltool eggs17:12
aelknerincluding schooltool.gradebook17:12
aelknerignas: are these still pre-time versions?17:13
jelkneranyway, i'm under real time pressure17:14
jelkneri need to meet with another teacher before my students arrive17:14
jelknercan i leave this question in you all's able hands?17:14
jelkneri need:17:14
jelkner1. to run the latest gradebook17:14
ignasaelkner: nope, they are school year enabled I think17:14
aelknerthat could problematic17:15
jelkner2. to be ready to incorporate replaceafill's changes when they are ready17:15
jelknerth1a: i'll give you a call a bit later this morning17:15
jelknerafter my first class is over17:15
th1aCalling me will do you no good.17:16
jelknerand irc is blocked here17:16
jelkner(i'm working on that this morning, too)17:16
th1aI think matt needs to talk to someone.17:16
th1aAs far as I can tell, this isn't an actual problem.17:16
jelknerplease define "someone"17:16
th1aaelkner or ignas.17:16
th1aThis probably can be sorted out via email.17:17
jelknervery well17:17
jelkneri'm too busy to raise a big fuss right now17:17
jelknerso i'll save that for later today ;-)17:17
th1aI think a few emails will solve the problem.17:17
jelkneri hope17:18
jelknerlet's try17:18
replaceafillignas, you know why buildout could raise URLError: <urlopen error (111, 'Connection refused')>17:18
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th1aSo what does jelkner need to do?17:18
ignasreplaceafill: well - maybe some website that has a required egg is blocked17:18
ignasor down17:18
ignasreplaceafill: you should do bin/buildout -v or -vv17:19
ignas(verbose mode)17:19
ignasand see which one is timing out17:19
replaceafillignas, i'm getting it since last night17:19
replaceafillignas, ok thanks17:19 is down17:19
ignasso it might be related to that17:19
th1aDoes jelkner just need to upgrade his source checkout?17:20
aelknerwhat i'm trying to explain is that if they update the egss17:21
aelknerthey will introduce the whole time isuue into their instance17:21
aelknerthat means evolution scripts will be run17:21
aelknerand the UI will look a LOT different17:21
th1aDon't scare your brother.17:22
aelknerthat shouldn't be done without having ignas available17:22
aelkneri'm not trying to scare anyone17:22
aelknerjust being prudent17:22
th1aYes, but ultimately, this should work using normal processes.17:23
ignasjust backup everything and upgrade ;) it's the only way to see if everything works17:23
ignasand you can restore back to normal from backup17:23
th1aThat's what I'm saying.17:23
ignasif anything breaks17:24
th1abzr up everything?17:24
aelknerhow do we get back to the old eggs?17:24
ignasaelkner: well - back up the whole directory with your buildout17:24
ignasnot just the database17:24
th1aYes, back up the whole thing.17:24
aelknerok, that's a plan17:24
aelknerdoes jelkner have his own cando instance?17:24
aelkneror is this a jason thing?17:25
aelknerthat's what i'm asking17:25
aelknerbut jelkner is busy at the moment17:25
replaceafillignas, how could i check the time using only "python"17:26
replaceafillignas, cause i still dont have bin/buildout17:26
replaceafillignas, python also hangs17:26
ignasthats interesting17:26
replaceafillignas, it just freezes on "Downloading ...setuptools..."17:27
ignasi'd have expected it to hang when getting versions.cfg17:27
ignasreplaceafill: open buildout.cfg17:28
ignasreplace the versions.cfg line17:28
ignasto point to
ignassee if it works17:28
th1aOK, before the official end of the meeting, I have an official request.17:29
th1aHaving two developers working part time is making it hard for me to keep track of what is going on.17:29
th1aSo I'm going to need *brief* updates via email during the week about what you are doing.17:30
th1aI don't literally think I need them daily, but if we don't do them daily we'll probably forget.17:30
th1aSo send me a sentence letting me know what you're working on.17:31
yvlok th1a17:31
th1aOr, "I am going to be working on a different project the rest of the week."17:31
th1aThis hopefully will keep aelkner and yvl from doing the same thing again.17:32
replaceafillignas, line changed, same behaivour17:32
th1aYou can just send that at the end of the day.17:32
th1aHave a great week!17:32
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:32
replaceafilland pypi is not the problem because i can get the setuptools eg17:32
ignasbootstrap works for me17:33
ignasreplaceafill: wget
ignasor rather wget
replaceafillit works17:33
replaceafillboth of them :)17:34
ignasthen open bootstrap.py17:34
ignasfind the line that says17:34
ignas        '-c', cmd, '-mqNxd', tmpeggs, 'zc.buildout',17:35
ignasand change -mqNxd bit to '-mqNxdvv'17:35
replaceafillerror: can't create or remove files in install directory17:36
replaceafill[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'vv/test-easy-install-3921.pth'17:37
replaceafilli guess bootstrap didnt like the vv change17:37
ignasmove v17:37
ignasbefore mq17:37
ignasand only leave one17:38
ignasit won't help17:38
ignasdo this17:38
ignaspython/bin/python ez_setup.py17:39
ignasand see if it works17:39
replaceafillit works too17:39
ignasit works17:39
replaceafillstill,  URLError: <urlopen error (111, 'Connection refused')>17:40
ignascan you post full output17:40
jstrawhi... I have nothing to do with jeff's instances17:42
jstrawand mattva01 is out today ;)17:42
aelknerthanks jstraw17:42
ignasand '-c', cmd, '-mqNxd', tmpeggs, 'zc.buildout' looks like '-c', cmd, '-vmqNxd', tmpeggs, 'zc.buildout' ?17:43
ignasjust remove v and remove q17:44
ignasq means quiet17:44
ignasso '-vmNxd'17:44
ignasso '-mNxd'17:44
replaceafillaelkner, what should be the relation between IExternalActivity and IActivity? or they have nothing to do with each other?17:48
replaceafillignas, different output same result
replaceafillignas, oh wait this is 110 the other one was 111 :O17:52
ignasdo you have buildout script in bin/ ?17:57
ignasdo you have buildout script in python/bin/ ?17:57
replaceafillno, just python17:58
ignascan you change "    zc.buildout.buildout.main(sys.argv[1:] + ['bootstrap'])17:58
ignas" to "    zc.buildout.buildout.main(sys.argv[1:] + ['-v'] + ['bootstrap'])17:58
ignaslisppaste5: url17:59
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:59
ignasand post your buildout.cfg17:59
replaceafillignas, it worked18:08
replaceafillignas, well, almost :)18:08
replaceafillim getting Connection refused a lot18:09
ignasdo you have egg cache setup in your .buildout/default.cfg?18:12
ignasth1a: did you look at templates?18:36
th1aWell, let me look at them some more.18:37
th1aIn the timetable worksheet, you might need to list all the days of the week.18:38
th1aOne worksheet per section?18:39
th1aignas: You know, if we had just done this at the beginning, it might have saved us, like, a year.18:40
ignasth1a: no, one "block" per section18:42
ignasblock going one after the other18:42
ignasth1a: as for timetable work sheet i was thinking of 2 different ways18:48
ignasone - list all the days and all the possible periods in a grid18:48
ignaswith X'es18:48
ignasor - do it the way we did it before18:48
ignasthe benefit of the old way is - it only takes 2 columns18:49
ignasthe new way would be a bit more readable i guess, but less extendable - because now I can add a new column for activity descriptions18:50
ignasand stuff18:50
ignasand the grid only has 1 cell18:50
ignaswell - it's a spreadsheet so I can subdivide it, but still it'd be not as elegant18:50
th1aOne thing -- just have one homeroom period in the example.18:52
th1aThat's the case 98% of the time.18:52
th1aCan you make the days columns instead of rows?18:53
ignasi'd rather have19:07
ignasMonday, A, Homeroom19:07
ignasMonday, B19:07
ignasTuesday, B19:07
ignasthan Monday, Tuesday19:07
ignasand then - don't know where to put homereoom19:07
ignasMonday, Monday, Tuesday19:08
ignasA, B, B19:08
ignasHomeroom, ,19:08
*** aelkner has quit IRC19:13
th1aI would just use a * to designate the homeroom.19:14
th1aAlso, should I fit afterburners instead of mwd's on my EAF's now?19:15
* th1a is going to get lunch.19:16
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jelknerth1a: are you here?19:26
*** tdoggette_ has joined #schooltool19:26
replaceafilljelkner, i guess he went to get lunch19:34
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*** mattva01 has joined #schooltool19:44
jelknerhey matt19:44
jelknerreplaceafill: we are ready to roll19:44
replaceafilljelkner, good luck :)19:44
jelknerhere is what i want to make sure19:44
jelkner1. i'm can test the latest gradebook19:45
jelkner2. you make your changes to that same codebase19:45
jelknerto quote th1a: "Ignas's advice is to back up19:45
jelknerthe entire buildout directly (just cp the whole thing) and do bzr19:45
jelknerup(s).  That *should* work."19:45
jelknermattva01: u ready?19:46
mattva01this is on which server ?19:46
mattva01you mean svn up?19:53
mattva01anyway its revision 1505 now right>19:54
ignasmattva01: is this a cando instance?19:55
replaceafillr1505 | aelkner | 2008-11-02 19:39:04 -0600 (dom 02 de nov de 2008)19:55
mattva01ok getting a traceback but I think its easy , one sec19:56
ignasmattva01: the groups one?19:57
ignasIGroupContainer(app) ?19:57
mattva01ok try it quickly19:57
mattva01its up19:58
replaceafillignas, is there an easy way to get rid of the groups error?19:58
mattva01i don't see a group error19:59
mattva01jelkner:it work?20:01
replaceafillmattva01, views work for me20:01
jelkneri'm back20:03
jelkneri was helping some students20:03
jelkneris it ready for testing already?20:03
jelknerreplaceafill is a teacher on the system20:03
jelknerso he can test too ;-)20:03
replaceafillit seems to work20:03
replaceafilli dont want to edit anything though :)20:03
jelknerseems to work20:04
mattva01I'll keep the other one as a backup20:04
mattva01for a while20:04
jelknerlet me try to add a weighted catagory in ap csc20:04
jelknerhmm.... how do you do that?20:05
jelkneraelkner's not here20:05
jelknerreplaceafill: do you remember?20:05
replaceafillno, but let me check20:06
jelkneri'm wondering if the ui stuff was added to do that20:07
replaceafillit was20:07
ignasmattva01: if you don't see it - go to a persons container view20:08
ignasi *think* cando had a piece of code that was handling groups wrong20:08
ignasand it should say not app['groups']  but IGroupContainer(app) now20:09
ignasbut - maybe it's not a problem anymore20:09
mattva01I have no rights on that gradebook :)20:09
mattva01Ijust update it20:09
replaceafillignas, im getting it when i run the tests20:09
jelknermattva01: u mean it wasn't updated before?20:09
ignasreplaceafill: functional or unit?20:09
jelknerwhat was i testing then?20:09
replaceafillignas, functional20:10
ignasreplaceafill: look for the app['groups'] and replace it with IGroupContainer(app)20:10
ignasor IGroupsContainer20:10
ignaswhichever one is the right one20:10
mattva01jelkner:I was just explaining  that I have no rights to the gradebook itself, just the server its on20:11
jelknerbut am i running the updated code?20:12
mattva01revision 150520:12
replaceafillignas, /src/cando/newskin/        for id, group in ISchoolToolApplication(None)['groups'].items():20:12
replaceafillignas, /src/cando/virginia/browser/        Membership(member=student, group=app['groups']['students'])20:13
ignasas I said20:14
ignasinstead of ISchoolToolApplication(None)['groups']20:14
jelknermattva01: can u take a look at the bzr info and see if there are any entries about weighted catagories20:16
jelkneraelkner is at sla20:17
jelknerat a meeting20:17
jelknerso i need to leave him alone20:17
jelknerbut hopefully we can figure this out20:17
replaceafilljelkner, ah sorry i was fixing my cando bugs :)20:17
replaceafilljelkner, going back to it20:17
jelknerreplaceafill: i'm trying to determine if:20:17
jelkner1. the changes you made at the sprint are in the gradebook20:18
jelkner2. if you added something to the ui to permit editing weighted catagories20:18
jelknerall this is assuming i'm running the current code20:19
jelkneraelkner doesn't know which revision number that would be20:19
jelknerso 1505 doesn't help him20:19
replaceafillaccording to the tests if you go to a gradebook20:20
replaceafillyou get a button 'weight categories'20:20
jelkneri found it20:21
replaceafillits a form20:21
replaceafillwith all the categories20:21
replaceafilland you add values up to 10020:21
jelknerthe problem is, i was logged in as a teacher20:21
replaceafillah no20:21
replaceafilli dont have that permission either20:21
jelknerit doesn't appear teachers can change it20:21
jelknermanagers can20:21
jelknerthat's no good20:21
jelknerso i need another story (blueprint)20:22
jelkneryes, in our system, teachers have the power to determine their own grading system pretty freely20:22
jelknerso teachers, not managers, would be setting up the score system20:23
jelknerbut at the section level20:23
jelknerif managers did it, it would be at the course level20:23
jelknerignas: do you have any thoughts on this?20:24
jelknerth1a: r u here?20:24
jelkneropps, i'm wrong again20:25
jelknerthe weights i was looking were in cando20:25
th1aI am here.20:26
jelknernot the schooltool gradebook20:26
ignasjelkner: any thoughts on what?20:26
th1aGenerally teachers would do weighting.20:26
jelknerdo you remember how we set weighted graded categories in the gradebook?20:26
jelkneryes, teachers20:26
jelknerthat's what i thought20:26
jelknerso how do we do that?20:26
jelkneri need to start using that feature20:27
jelknerso i was hoping to set it up now20:27
jelkneri have an AP computer science course20:27
jelknerin which tests are 70%20:27
jelknerand everything else (i'll call them all labs) are 30%20:27
jelknerso it is a nice simple test of the weighted catagories20:28
jelknereasy to check for validity20:28
jelknerbut i don't know how to set it up20:28
jelknerth1a: where are you?20:28
jelknerthat i can't call, i mean20:28
th1aI am at home.20:30
th1aI just meant, talking to me about how to do this upgrade won't help you much.20:30
th1aIf teachers can't adjust weights, that's simply a bug.20:31
th1aignas: So are you exporting directly into the spreadsheet?20:32
ignasth1a: yep20:32
jelknerso i'll ask aelkner later tonight and file a bug if need be20:33
ignasjelkner: you mean - it even started up?20:33
jelknermattva01: you still here?20:34
jelknercan you answer ignas's question20:34
jelknerand is the app i'm see at: the new one?20:34
jelknerthen i guess it started up20:35
jelknersomething seems fishy20:35
jelkneraelkner didn't think it would be so easy20:35
jelknerand now ignas is acting surprised20:35
ignasmattva01: hmm, interesting, why can't I see the school year tab though...20:35
jelkneryes, i don't see anything different either20:36
jelknerit all looks the same to me20:36
mattva01ok its revision 150520:36
ignasmattva01: do you have school years in manage?20:36
ignasmattva01: did you run bin/buildout ?20:36
jelknerlet me look20:36
mattva01oh right20:36
mattva01yeah that would be me being clumsy20:36
jelknerso, should i log out again and wait for mattva01 to really undate it this time?20:37
ignasjelkner: or you should just not upgrade ;)20:38
ignasyou have your new gradebook, don't you? ;)20:38
ignasor at least new CanDo20:38
mattva01URLError: <urlopen error (111, 'Connection refused')>20:38
ignasbecause I think gradebook is an egg (isn't it)?20:38
jelknerwhat i need is the new schooltool gradebook20:38
ignasmattva01: bin/buildout -N20:38
mattva01same error20:38
jelknertime for class20:39
jelkneri need to go...20:39
jelknerbb later...20:39
*** jelkner has quit IRC20:39
ignasmattva01: yeah, but more output20:39
ignaslisppaste5: url20:39
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.20:40
lisppaste5mattva01 pasted "Urlerror" at
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool20:41
ignasmattva01: replace versions.cfg from the one that points to zope srerver with
replaceafillignas, on the groups error,  File "/home/elbixio/Desktop/competency-model-refactoring-6/src/cando/newskin/", line 37, in groups20:43
replaceafill        for id, group in IGroupContainer(ISchoolToolApplication(None)).items():20:43
replaceafill    TypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0xb5ee4ec>, <InterfaceClass>)20:43
replaceafillam i adapting it right?20:43
ignaswhich test is failing?20:44
ignasif it's a functional one20:44
ignasthen - maybe you should add a school year20:44
ignasor even better - groups = IGroupContainer(app, None)20:45
ignasif groups is None: groups = {}20:45
ignasor hmm20:45
ignasgroups = IGroupContainer(app, {})20:45
ignasso if there are no school years20:45
ignasgroup container is assumed to be empty20:45
ignas(will not work so well with cando import script, as it should be moved to have a school year as a context)20:46
ignasmattva01: anything happening?20:46
replaceafillok, going for lunch now, see you all later20:46
mattva01one sec, internet is having issues20:46
mattva01this file is where again?20:46
*** replaceafill has quit IRC20:47
mattva01oh in buildout20:47
mattva01that seemed to do it20:51
mattva01jelkner: try it now20:59
jelkneri'm in class21:03
jelkneri'll try as soon as i can21:03
ignasmattva01: it still is saying "Your School Server Running SchoolTool  2008.04"21:08
ignasmattva01: let me see if new eggs exist21:09
ignasmattva01: ok, due to zope site being down - our egg releases do not work21:13
ignasand the last version of schooltool egg released is schooltool-2008.10.0dev-r2444.tar.gz21:14
ignas(October 23)21:14
mattva01ah ok , so this can't be done today?21:15
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mattva01ignas: so what should I do?21:46
jelknerignas: advice please21:47
jelknerwe really need to get this resolved21:47
jelknerso i can go back to grading ;-)21:47
*** ignas has quit IRC21:50
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replaceafillmattva01, ping23:50

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