IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-11-05

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fsufitchaelkner__: ping15:34
fsufitchignas: ping15:36
ignasfsufitch: pong15:38
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fsufitchignas: yay you're here15:41
fsufitchim having some really weird issues with permissions on tjtalk15:41
fsufitcheven if i set every page to permission="schooltool.view" i can only access them as a manager15:42
fsufitch*every page and object15:42
ignaswell - who do you want things to answer?15:43
ignas(meeting in here, got distracted in the middle of the sentence)15:43
fsufitcheven with the replacement that doesnt make any sense >_>15:44
ignasso - who should see and what?15:44
fsufitchoh okay15:44
fsufitchunauth users should be able to read all the questions and answers15:44
fsufitchwhile schooltool.view people should be able to ask and answer questions15:44
fsufitchand schooltool.edit people should be able to add/remove topics, and delete questions15:44
fsufitchand none of those are currently working, despite me having personally run over all the permissions to be what i want them to be15:45
fsufitchi think im missing something rly obvious15:45
ignasreading slowly15:45
ignas(distractions all around)15:45
fsufitchit's okay ;)15:46
fsufitchignas: pingy15:57
ignasreading again15:59
fsufitchagh, i dont get it!16:07
ignaswell - look at security.zcml16:07
ignasin persons16:07
ignasfor clues16:07
ignasyou want <allow> directive16:08
fsufitch    <class class="">16:08
fsufitch      <allow interface="schooltool.tjtalk.interfaces.ITJTalkApplication" />16:08
fsufitch      <require permission="schooltool.edit"16:08
fsufitch               set_schema="schooltool.tjtalk.interfaces.ITJTalkApplication"/>16:08
fsufitch    </class>16:08
fsufitchthis is what i have for my application config16:08
ignas  <security:allow16:08
ignas      interface="some.module.TJTalkApplication"16:08
ignas      crowds="anybody"16:08
ignas      permission="schooltool.view" />16:08
ignasor something like that16:09
fsufitchohhh, i need crowds16:09
ignaslook at security.zcml for examples16:09
ignasand for namespace16:09
fsufitchignas: do i have to write the crowds?!16:10
fsufitchand snap, class is over16:11
fsufitchi'll bbl16:11
fsufitchthanks for the hints tho16:11
ignasfsufitch: no, you will use the one you need16:11
ignasthe "anybody" or "anonymous"16:11
ignasor "student"16:11
fsufitchnow i g2g16:11
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aelkner__ignas: i installed the fonts at sla last night (had to do it manually - more about that in a sec)17:05
aelkner__turns out that sla's data crashes yvl's code though17:06
aelkner__is justus available to troubleshoot the bug17:06
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aelkner__ignas: ?17:07
ignasaelkner__: hmm17:11
ignasaelkner__: can you post the traceback17:11
ignasI will show it to him17:11
ignasor tell you what's wrong17:11
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aelknerignas: ayt?17:27
ignasaelkner: yes17:27
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aelknerignas: sorry, network trouble17:31
aelkneri may get dropped again, but i have a question17:32
aelkneris yvl available to look at a bug?17:32
ignaswell - kind of17:32
ignasjust post the traceback17:32
aelknerthere's no tracebook, strangely17:32
ignasso - how does the bug look like?17:33
aelknerjust the following error using sla's data17:34
aelknerxml parser error (bogus < or &) in paragraph beginning '7) Alchemy lab (independent & '17:34
aelknerA server error occurred.17:34
aelknerit looks like sla's use of the & char in their data crashes yvl's report17:34
aelknerthe one for all narrative's17:34
aelkneris there a way to escape the & before sending it to reportlab?17:34
ignasyvl is sorry17:35
aelknerthe browser gives the message i indicated, and the server, the following message in the terminal session:17:35
ignashe is saying he will fix it17:35
aelkner2008-11-05 05:55:53,437 Publisher received a legacy classic class exception: <type 'NoneType'>. This will be handled by the request.17:35
aelknerdoes he need the data.fs, or is it obvious from what i've given how to recreate the bug?17:37
ignasaelkner: i'll ask him when he can do it17:37
ignasaelkner: quite obvious, he forgot to escape the data17:37
aelknerok, thanks17:38
ignasaelkner: he said he can do it tomorrow17:38
ignas(we just had a 5 hour meeting in here...)17:38
aelknerany reactions from last night's election?17:39
ignasnope ;)17:40
aelkneroh, i thought people outside the us would be happy17:41
ignasthere was some FUD about Obama not being concerned with global domination enough thus enabling Russia to expand it's power towards eastern Europe17:42
ignasbut haven't seen/heard anything at the moment17:42
jstrawthe party in  AUS was impressive17:42
aelkneri never thought about your proximity to russia being a factor in your point of view with this result17:43
ignasI am not really thinking about it17:43
aelknerwell, after 5 hours of meetings, maybe you have have more to think about...17:44
aelknerneedless to say, we're all jazzed here17:44
aelknerignas: can i ask another quick question?17:48
ignasaelkner: yep17:48
aelknerapt-get install msttcorefonts failed, so i had to copy the fonts manually from my machine17:48
aelknerPackage msttcorefonts is not available, but is referred to by another package.17:48
aelknerThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or17:48
aelkneris only available from another source17:48
aelknerE: Package msttcorefonts has no installation candidate17:48
aelkneri'm guessing it has to do with /etc/apt/souces.list17:49
aelknerdeb gutsy main universe17:50
aelknerdeb-src gutsy main universe17:50
aelkner#deb gutsy/updates main universe17:50
aelknerdeb gutsy main17:50
aelknerdeb-src gutsy main17:50
ignasI think it's in multiverse17:50
aelknerso i just need to add  deb gutsy multiverse?17:51
aelknerif that's an obvious question, excuse my ignorance17:51
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aelkneranywa, i realize you're busy, thanks17:53
ignasdeb-src hardy universe main restricted multiverse18:06
ignasnot bzr18:06
ignasyou need hardy or intrepid18:06
ignasand not lt. probably18:06
ignasdeb gutsy main universe multiverse18:07
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aelknerignas: thanks18:15
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jstrawhi jeff22:39
jelknerhi jason22:39
jelkneri'm still basking in the excitement22:39
jstrawwhat sleep was that?22:39
jelkneri need to bring myself back down to earth and get back to work!22:40
jelknerbtw.  mattva01 told me he would send me an email with the info in the new vm, but i never saw it22:40
jstrawhe is realigning the IP addresses22:41
jstrawand now at dentist22:41
jelkneri'll check in with him tomorrow...22:41
* jelkner goes back to work...22:41
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jelknerreplaceafill: hola!23:22
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