IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-11-03

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* th1a is getting dressed...16:26
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aelkneri much prefer imagining a dressed thla16:29
jelknerth1a: can i ask a quick question before the meeting starts?16:31
jelkneraelkner: morning, bro!16:31
aelknerdon't foret to call arnie today16:32
* th1a goes to get his copy of Robert's Rules of Order.16:32
* jelkner not waiting for th1a's ruling, asks his question...16:33
jelkneri can't stay for the meeting today16:33
jelknersince i need to get grades completed16:33
jelknerso i can work on GOTV tomorrow and not come to work16:33
jelknerso, will you be around on Wednesday?16:34
jelknerso i can follow up with you about what to do next regarding getting the gradebook updated?16:34
th1aI will be around Wednesday.16:34
jelkneri want to use test the new features during 2nd quarter16:35
jelknerok, i'll call you then...16:35
jelkneri'm taking the day off16:35
th1aSure... you're using a checkout now, right?16:35
jelkneri think16:35
th1aOK.  So we'll be switching you to releases, then.16:35
jelknerwhat does that mean in terms of getting replacefill's changes in?16:36
th1aHm... I guess we'll have to discuss that.16:36
jelknerthat's what i want to talk about16:36
jelkneri was going to do it today, but it would be better to wait til wednesday16:36
jelknerok... back to grading...16:36
th1aHave fun.16:37
th1aAnyone else other than aelkner have anything to say?16:37
th1aOtherwise, I suggest adjourning to phone.16:37
th1aCan you ring me aelkner?16:40
jelknerdwelsh is on his way...16:42
jelkneri'll stay logged on, but i'll be on my windoz machine doing grades...16:42
jelkneruntil wednesday (and victory at the polls!), tha116:43
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dwelshgood morning17:02
dwelshaelkner:  you there?17:05
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th1adwelsh: ayt?17:18
th1ayou need to talk to aelkner about our payment arrangement.17:20
th1aI'm on the phone with him now.17:20
th1aaelkner's internet seems to be down.17:21
dwelshok.  not a problem.  he's sent me his first invoice.  I'll add whatever I need to add to it to cover his full paycheck for October.17:22
th1aRight.  I guess he got a little out of the loop about the deal.17:22
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th1aaelkner: I discussed the payment issue briefly with dwelsh -- check the IRC log.17:38
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th1aaelkner_: I discussed the payment issue briefly with dwelsh -- check the IRC log.17:50
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jstrawhi all20:09
th1ahi jstraw.20:09
jstrawanything important I missed this morning?20:09
jstrawI was running a mock vote at my school20:09
th1aActually, it is a holiday in Lithuania so I just talked to Alan on the phone.20:14
th1aWe're having a meeting tomorrow, regular time.20:14
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