IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-10-07

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ignasth1a: bzr bind your checkout
ignasand see how school years look now20:00
th1awhere do I do the bind from, ignas?20:05
ignasthe place you checked out schooltool_date_management branch20:05
th1aFrom in the schooltool_date_management directory?20:05
ignaslaunchpad is having trouble mirroring the branch AGAIN20:05
* th1a was just flipping through his new issue of EON.20:06
th1aI got some true sansha thermic plating last night.20:06
th1aHow do I determine a good price for that -- it looks like I have to contract it?20:07
ignas - the Caldari Navy cloaking device and a WEB on a stealth bomber20:07
ignasth1a: yeah, you don't sell those on the market20:07
th1aYou're losing your carebear status.20:09
ignasand he lost it while his 6 man gate camp was watching20:10
ignasth1a: did you manage to get the changes?20:15
th1aGood job checking to see if the term occurs during the year.20:15
ignasyeah, bad job showing to the user the possible dates20:15
ignasin the add form20:15
ignasand in the error message20:15
ignasand error message will be shown in the form too20:16
ignasinstead of another page20:16
th1aWell, catching the error is the first step.20:16
th1aAre future years visible to regular users in the tabs?20:17
ignasat the moment - yes20:17
th1afuture inactive years?20:17
th1aYes, that's probably not necessary.20:17
ignaswell - "next" year is20:17
ignasbut i will not show the next for other users20:17
ignasand i will not allow you to add a school year that goes after the next20:18
ignasbecause as most of the data copying is performed20:18
ignasduring school year creation20:18
ignasthus - you should add the next school year as late as possible20:18
th1aOK... anything in particular I should be looking at?20:18
ignasnot really, I have just fixed the UI20:19
ignasof school year20:19
ignasso when you look at school year, term list looks different20:19
ignasschool year title looks different20:19
th1aYes.  That is better.20:19
ignaswell - that view just looks different ;)20:19
th1aPerhaps make it a fieldset.20:19
ignashmm, maybe it would look better, it would be nice to get one of the cando interns looking at it from the CSS side20:20
ignasth1a: you can actually just find the schooltool_date_management/src/schooltool/schoolyear/browser/templates/schoolyear.pt20:21
ignasand try playing around with it20:21
ignasif you want to ;)20:21
th1aI should have a crack at it.20:22
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