IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-10-06

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th1aHi aelkner, ignas, jelkner.16:30
ignasth1a: hi16:30
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th1ahi jstraw.16:31
th1aSo our countdown now is 24 days to beta.16:32
th1aHow are we doing, ignas?16:32
ignasth1a: from user visible changes - mostly well ;)16:32
ignasif you would make a checkout of the date_management branch16:33
ignasyou could see around for yourself ;)16:33
ignason a clean database though16:33
ignasi have commited the school year activation16:33
th1aOK.  I'll have a look at that.16:33
ignasand school year tabs16:33
jstrawwell, there's some good news from my end... doesn't look like there are bugs from my schooltool installs16:33
th1ajstraw: Did you think there were?16:34
* ignas is trying to optimize the texts a bit, and is wondering why testbrowser fails to recognize <a class="active_schoolyear" href="http://localhost:7080/schoolyears/2005-2006">2005-2006</a>16:36
ignasas a link16:36
aelknertestbrowser can be a pain sometimes16:37
th1aLooks good to me.16:37
th1aignas: So what should I be looking for?16:37
th1aOr I guess it should just make sense ;-)16:38
jstrawth1a: nope16:38
ignasth1a: well - you should just try setting up the school as you were doing it in your documentation16:38
th1aI mean, the link looks like it should work.16:38
ignasth1a: and see what parts have changed16:38
th1aignas: OK.16:38
ignasth1a: i know16:38
ignasth1a: not everything works, some links are above when they should be below16:39
ignasand so on, but it should give you at least some insight into how it will look like16:39
ignassetting up one year should *work*16:39
ignasif it does not - it's a bug16:39
th1aWhere is the branch?  ~ignas on lp?16:40
ignaslp:~ignas/schooltool/schooltool_date_management i think16:41
ignasin 48 minutes16:41
ignasnext mirror16:41
ignasso you might have to wait for the last commit16:41
th1aHow are you feeling about your schedule, ignas?16:42
ignasi am pretty sure I won't manage to do *everything* i would like to16:43
ignasso I am focusing on the important things16:43
th1aThat's the only way to do it.16:43
ignasas soon as I'll have the school year switch over working i'll go for the evolution script16:44
ignasso even in the worst case we will have something to release16:44
ignasand that something will have school years16:44
ignasI also will make gradebook a plugin16:44
th1aYes, we must have gradebook.16:44
ignasi am not 100% sure i will have enough time to have section hiding based on active school years though and similar things, though I will definitely try to make it16:45
aelknerignas: have you merged my latest gradebook?16:45
th1aActually, what's the status of merging?16:45
ignasaelkner: no, not really16:45
ignascould you send me an email with branches you need merged16:45
ignasor a merge request on launchpad16:45
aelkneri believe there already is a reqest16:46
ignasok, i will look at it16:46
aelknerfor merging the one and only branch i use16:46
aelknerthe aelkner brnach16:46
aelknerlet me know if you need any info16:46
ignasyou need it in trunk or release or both?16:46
aelknerit's place in trunk will help the cando installation16:47
aelkneralso the beta release should have the latest16:47
ignasi am talking about gutsy release16:48
aelkneri don't know of any distinction between releases16:48
aelkneri just know you're making a beta, right?16:48
ignasok, i guess i'll just look at it16:48
ignasth1a: current release branch16:49
ignasjstraw: by the way - it was not the fault of the testbrowser, I was creating school year *after* creating the browser, and then expecting to find the link :)16:49
th1aI'll have to remember that.16:50
jstrawignas: -> aelkner?16:50
ignasjstraw: yes, sorry16:51
jstrawaelkner: the line to me above is for you16:51
ignasaelkner: you said  "testbrowser is a pain sometimes"16:51
aelknerwell, i've had problems finding links before, but i guess you figured out what the problem was16:51
ignasbut it was my mistake setUpBasicSchool() was not updating the manager browser state ;)16:52
th1aAh, so will it catch that mistake now?16:52
ignasit can't16:52
ignasyou can't expect that, if you create a browser16:52
ignasand then do stuff with another browser16:52
ignasyou either have to manager.reload()16:52
ignasor create the manager after the operations16:53
ignasjust like with real browser ;)16:53
ignasif th1a does stuff, i should not expect my firefox to auto refresh ;)16:53
jstrawignas: unless you write a bunch of ugly ajax16:54
th1aAnything else, ignas?16:55
ignasth1a: no, not really, only worked on school year activation this week16:55
ignasnext week i'll be adding switchover subscribers16:55
ignasfor every schooltool module16:56
jelkneraelkner: can you call me at work?16:56
jelkneras soon as th1a drops the gravel ;-)16:56
ignasand fixing some UI16:56
aelknerjelkner: yep16:56
th1aignas: Sounds like fun.16:56
th1aaelkner: You're up.16:56
ignaslike - new term link in a different place for school year view16:56
aelknerso this week was the first week i went 20 hours schooltool, 20 hours cando16:57
th1aaelkner: (also, send me an invoice...)16:57
aelkneronly i took some time off for myself this week, so it ended up being 20 cando, 10 schooltool16:57
aelkneri'll send the invoice today, sorry for the delay16:57
aelkneranyway, things were slow with SLA this week16:57
th1aYes.  I understand.  We'll get them rolling this afternoon.16:58
aelkneri patched their data to have the new rubric activities16:58
aelknerand i also had to patch their data a couple of times to get rid of some orphaned sections16:58
aelknerleft over from the way they used my section importer16:58
aelknereventually, as Chris requested16:59
aelkneri will need to have the importer be able to handle reimporting16:59
th1aWhat was up with the missing students?16:59
aelknerthere weren't any missing students16:59
aelknerthere were students that had advisors that were mssing17:00
aelknerbut yes, that reminds me of that patch17:00
aelkneri had to add a event handler to handle when they delete and advisor17:00
aelknerso that a student doesn't have a reference to an advisor that doesn't exist anymore17:00
aelknerbut yes, that's another thing i did for them17:01
aelkneranyway, we have the meeting today at 1:0017:01
th1aYes.  Although in the longer run we don't want to be deleting people.17:01
aelknerschooltool allows it, and they did it17:01
aelknertwo teachers that left at the end of the last school year17:02
aelknerso, that's where the problem occured17:02
aelknerbut it won't anymore17:02
th1aI mean, it is a case we'll always have to cover unless we make it impossible (we won't), but we do need to switch to a model where people are set to an inactive state without being deleted.17:03
jelknerth1a: we will definitely need to "deactivate" people17:03
jelkneryup ;-)17:03
aelknerafter ignas releases the beta, we could discuss a stadegy for that17:03
aelknerbut yes17:04
ignasth1a: the school year tabs have removed like 80 clicks from functional tests :)17:04
th1aThat should speed things up.17:04
ignasfor users17:05
aelknerso am i up or what? (aelkner mocks annoyance)17:05
aelkneri worked on getting up to speed with cando in its current state17:06
aelkneri fixed a bug for them last week with message queuing17:06
aelknerand figured out another problem they were having with course skill drivers17:07
aelknercando still has many failing tests17:07
aelknerwhich i could fix myself17:07
jelkneraelkner: any chance you could fix them before the sprint?17:08
aelknerbut i'd like for there to be a final hand-off meeting between Justus and myself17:08
aelkneri probably could17:08
aelknerdepends on priorities set by welsh17:09
jelkneri know replaceafil is eager to start digging in to the app17:09
jelknerbut he would like all tests to pass before he starts17:09
aelknerwell, if i don't have them fixed by the sprint, he could help fix them then17:09
jelkneri can talk to dwelsh about that17:09
aelknerignas: what's the expected arrival date of Justus back from vacation?17:10
ignasduno, he's on vacation17:10
aelknerhe didn't say when he was coming back?17:10
ignasi am sure by next week monday he'll be back17:10
ignasbut i didn't ask him when specifically17:11
aelkneroh, so that's not gong to help me this week17:11
aelknerok, fine17:11
ignasi don't know, I would not expect that to happen17:11
ignasi mean - he might do something, but you should not rely on it17:11
aelkneri won't17:11
th1aMy advice would be for aelkner to just fix them now.17:12
aelknerthat's already what i decided to do17:12
aelknerbut the priorities are set by dwelsh17:12
aelknerso that will be part of our cando meeting after this one17:12
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aelknerjelkner: are you guys ready to convene for a phone conference?17:13
ignasaelkner: i can only see a merge request for your CAS branch, nothing there for gradebook17:13
aelknerignas: you're right, sorry17:13
aelknerthat's what i had in the back of my mind17:14
aelkneri'll make the request right now17:14
ignasthat makes it easier for me to do it when you are not online ;)17:15
aelknerso i requested a merge into trunk17:16
aelkneris that enough to remind you to merge into the release as well17:16
ignaswe definitely want your changes in trunk17:16
ignasthat's enough17:16
ignasi'll see if it's worth merging to release myself17:16
aelkneri was really hoping17:16
aelknerbecause, th1a wanted me to get the inheritance out or the reuirements package17:17
aelknerand i added the spreadsheet capability that would probably make the release better17:17
aelknerbut it up to you of course17:17
aelknerth1a: that's all i have17:18
th1aOK -- jelkner, jstraw?17:19
jelkneri already said my piece17:19
jelkneri'm hoping we can get tests passing by the sprint17:19
jelknerth1a: yeah man, peace to you to!17:20
jelknerwe will have aelkner, fsufitchi and replaceafil for the weekend17:20
jelknerso we could get a lot done17:20
jelknerthe focus will be gradebook17:21
th1aSo what we want is for the current gradebook work to be merged into the trunk and then we17:21
jelknerand we start with the 3 pm meeting17:21
th1awill work on a branch?17:21
th1aWhat should the bzr logistics be?17:22
jelknerto whom are you addressing that question?17:22
th1aOur resident bzr expert.17:22
th1aThat's you, ignas.17:23
ignasth1a: :)17:23
ignaswell - bzr branch from trunk17:23
aelknerafter the merge, of course17:23
ignasyou will want to work on the same branch17:23
ignaswon't you?17:23
ignaswell - all of you have launchpad accounts17:24
ignasso you should probably push the branch to schooltool-owners17:24
ignasand get all of the participants in schooltool-owners group on launchpad17:25
ignasso you could just "bzr co"17:25
ignasand "bzr ci"17:25
ignasit should save you time integrating stuff17:25
ignasI don't think you will be working on separate features17:25
ignasanother way to do it would be - aelkner commiting, others contributing17:25
ignasand sending patches17:25
jelkneraelkner will be pairing with replaceafil17:26
aelknerand filip17:26
jelknerbut fsufitchi will probably be working independently17:26
jelknerhe will only be there friday night17:26
jelkneruntil 3 pm saturday17:26
aelknerso we'll need him to be able to commit to the same branch17:27
jelknerso we should think of something for him to work on that is not tied in to what the two of you are doing17:27
aelkneror n to if we wnat to do it with patches17:27
ignaswell - get him into schooltool-owners group then17:27
jelkneryes, that sounds best17:27
ignaswhat's your sprint "name" ?17:27
th1aI can do that.17:27
ignasi could even get you a schooltool.gradebook branch after I mere the changes17:28
ignasjelkner: can we do something more specific? like location, or date?17:28
aelknerignas: thanks17:28
th1aBattleground Sprint.17:28
ignasth1a: thanks17:28
ignasaelkner: so i'll do schooltool.gradebook_battleground branch for you after I merge17:28
aelknerGet out the vote sprint?17:29
aelknerignas: perfect17:29
th1aignas: Virginia is one of the states that will decide the election this year.17:29
th1a(if it is close, which I now doubt)17:29
aelknerlet's not count our chickens17:29
ignasth1a: well, if they do it wrong - you can blame them ;)17:30
aelknerthey could still stela this thing17:30
jelknerbut VA will still be voting Democratic for the first time since 196417:30
jelknerthis is historical17:30
aelknerlet's hope17:30
ignasaelkner: as far as offtopics go - have you watched "Burn after reading" already?17:30
aelknerone of my favorites ever!17:31
ignasgood :)17:31
aelkneryou liked it too?17:31
ignas"and what have we learned?" ;)17:31
th1aOK.  I think that's it.17:32
th1aSee most of you on Friday.17:32
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:32
th1aHave a great week!17:32
aelknerthanks, you too17:32
ignasyou too ;)17:32
aelknerjelkner: i tried calling you, but you didn't answer17:33
aelknerjstraw: ayt?17:34
jelkneraelkner: try now17:34
jstraw am now17:35
jstraw_not_ available for call17:35
aelkneris welsh around17:35
jstrawaelkner: I am at my ES17:43
jstrawjelkner: please remind aelkner and dwelsh that I will *not* be able to do phone meetings on monday17:49
jelknerjstraw: aelkner was wondering where dwelsh is17:50
jelknerhe thought we had a regular 10:30 meeting17:50
aelknerjstraw: ok, i'll let welsh know when i talk to him17:50
jelknerbut dwelsh is not to be found17:50
* aelkner takes a shower now17:51
jelknerok, i need to get back to grading17:51
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jstrawhi replaceafill19:02
replaceafillhi jstraw19:02
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