IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-09-30

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jstrawaelkner: here?02:56
aelknerwhat's up?02:57
jstrawdid you see the bug report02:58
jstrawI wanted to see if you wanted a data.fs02:59
aelknerjstraw: are you still there?04:16
jstrawI gotta throw a fuzzball down the stairs04:17
aelkneri'm dealing with an SLA problem now, but starting tomorrow, I'll be ready to address that bug report04:17
aelknercould you copy the data.fs to my vitual server?04:18
aelkneryour account04:18
jstrawhmm wonder what I set the password to04:18
aelknerif you need i can reset it04:19
jstrawlet me try first04:19
jstrawbunzip file to get a data.fs ;)04:35
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dwelshaelkner:  can you talk sometime today?17:24
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