IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-09-29

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ignasth1a: hi16:24
th1ahi ignas.16:24
aelknerhi all16:27
th1aHi aelkner.16:27
th1ahi jstraw.16:30
th1aaelkner: Would you like to start us off.16:31
aelknersorry, jelkner's pinging mw16:31
* th1a is incredibly sleepy since getting back from Indianapolis.16:31
th1aOK... ignas?16:31
aelknerso i got the gradebook to be a spreadsheet this week16:32
th1ago ahead aelkner.16:32
aelkneri'll ignore jelkner16:32
aelknerso, today, i'll send a note to SLA folks16:32
aelknertelling them that tonight, I'll be patching the SLA instance to have those activities16:32
aelknerand then they will be able to look it over tomorrow with the new gradebook spreadsheet16:33
aelkneralso, i'll ask them to meet with me this week to plan the CAS install16:33
aelknerso, all that is left is the CAS install and Justus' narrative report card16:34
aelkneri'll need to deliver that to them when it's ready16:34
th1aCan't you just show it to them on a test server first?16:34
aelknershow which thing?16:34
th1aThe gradebook?16:34
aelkneri did that last week16:35
aelknerthat yielded this week's work on the gradebook16:35
aelkneri don't why i need to show them something that i can just deliver to them16:35
aelknerto use now16:35
th1aWell, if you deploy it before showing it to them you may have to make more changes and touch the production server more times.  It may not make a difference either way.16:37
aelknerat this point, they liked the activities that i created for them16:37
th1aOK.  Use your judgement.16:37
aelknerand the gradebook now has the spreadsheet that they would probably find absolutely essential16:37
aelknerok, so i'll send them the note i described16:38
aelknerand hopefully meet with them this week to push CAS deployment16:38
th1aSounds good.16:38
aelknerthat's all i have until the subject of cando comes up16:38
th1aWill we be discussing CanDo?16:39
aelkneraren't we supposed to be switching me to 20 hours cando/week?16:40
ignasth1a: well, I can relay you what Justas told me this morning...16:40
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th1aGo ahead ignas.16:40
aelknerdwelsh: good timing16:40
th1ahi dwelsh.16:40
dwelshgood morning.16:40
ignasso - Justas is on a vacation, which is why he's not here at the moment, he told me that he has a commit that fixes most of the failures pending16:41
ignasand he'll need to fix some messaging stuff and remove some obsolete modules16:41
ignaswhich should take around 4-5 hours in total16:41
ignasthough he can't say for sure whether he will do it Tuesday or Thursaday16:41
ignasother than that - he deemde the codebase safe16:42
ignasand said that Alan can work on it even if not all the tests are passing16:42
aelknersure i could, but that wasn't the hope16:42
aelknerit's hard to know if you break something without tests passing16:43
ignaswell - it seems that the failures are pretty isolated now16:43
aelknerthat's good16:43
ignasand zope3 has not "expected failure" marker for tests :/16:43
aelkneri might be able to recognize when i introduce a failure of my own16:43
aelknerif the existing failures are ilolated16:43
ignaszope3 test runner that is16:43
ignasi'll ask mgedmin to implement one ;) or tell me that I am wrong, and that Zope3 has an expected test failure marker ;)16:44
aelkneri could start doing 20 hours cando this week16:44
aelkneri don't need 'expected failures'16:44
aelkneri can just get used to them for now16:44
aelknerJustus will be able to fix them this week, so...16:45
ignaswell - you it would help you to tell apart your own test failures from the ones that Justas has left...16:45
th1aaelkner:  Do you know what you would do on CanDo?16:45
aelknerwhatever jelkner and dwelsh ask me to do16:45
aelkneri don't know what that is yet16:45
dwelshall initial user stories are entered in launchpad16:45
dwelshjust read launchpad16:45
aelknerthat's fine16:45
dwelshthere are 11 bugs waiting16:45
dwelshthe new minor stuff is reports16:45
dwelshI can spec those with you quickly during our planned "walk-thru"16:46
aelknerso th1a, is it official?16:46
th1aAs official as anything in SchoolTool.16:47
povbotdwelsh: Error: "!!" is not a valid command.16:47
aelknerit think SLA will be slow enough16:47
aelknerthat i could use the work on cando16:47
aelknerdwelsh: we'll talk after the meeting16:47
aelknerthat's all i got for now16:47
dwelshgreat.  have been waiting for it.16:48
ignasok, as for my tasks16:49
ignaswell - School Timetables are in schoolyears16:49
ignasand i am working on the Active -> Next school year workflow16:49
ignasat the moment the most simple and working way of handling I could come up with16:49
ignas(with help from fellow PoV programmers)16:49
ignasWhen you create the first school year it is marked as active16:50
ignasnext schoolyear always is the schoolyear that goes after the active school year16:50
ignasyou can only switch from Active to Next schoolyears16:50
ignasyou can't delete an active schoolyear unless it is the last school year in the database16:50
ignasso either there are no schoolyears, or there is at least one active school year16:51
ignasthis should work at least for a while16:51
ignasthen we will see where and what kinds of problems users are having16:51
th1aThat sounds good.16:51
th1aIt is mostly a matter of keeping users from breaking it.16:52
ignasyeah, and not confusing them to death16:52
th1aI mean, the weird use cases -- skipping over a year, for example -- seem pretty weird.16:53
ignaswhich is why I am leaving them for later, if we will have users complaining - we will think about it...16:53
ignasbut at the moment - let's keep it simple16:53
ignasand One button16:53
ignasis as simple as it get's16:53
th1aYears generally flow in sequence, in one direction.16:53
th1aIt is the nature of the universe.16:54
ignasth1a: you should read some stuff about quantum mechanics ;)16:54
th1aThere is that.16:54
th1aSchoolTool won't handle quantum effects until 1.2.16:55
ignasother than that - i have fixed the buglet that jelkner found in person list view16:55
ignasnot sure if it already got deployed to the instance he is running though16:55
th1aThe hard part is writing the quantum tests.16:55
ignasthat's kind of everything16:56
th1aOK.  I don't have much to add...16:57
th1a... the CEO of one of the big Moodle hosts told me he thought the demand for a good open source SIS is high.16:58
th1aHad a good visit with Chris at the conference.16:59
aelknerdo tell16:59
jelkneryes, please!17:00
th1aNothing really specific to report -- he feels like we've got our roles worked out better in working with SLA.17:00
jelknerand tell me more about the SIS interest17:00
th1aNothing really specific there either jelkner.  Just a conversation.17:01
th1ajelkner: Are you still doing XO stuff?17:01
jelknerso how do conversations become plans?17:01
jelknerth1a: absolutely!17:01
th1aI ended up sharing a flight and 3 hour layover with Walter Bender.17:01
jelknerwe have our OLPC Learners Club17:02
jelknermeets monthly17:02
th1aSo Chris is going to try and get some XO stuff going in conjunction with the IMSA guys.17:02
jelknerorganized by Mike Lee from AARP, Michael Connet from Nortel, Kevin Cole and me17:02
th1aSo I was wondering about bringing some kids up to Educon.17:03
jelkner(see, aelkner, I used me ;-)17:03
aelknergood boy17:03
jelkneri was hoping to do that17:03
jelknerbut it depends on what they have for us17:03
jelknerif we can sprint, great17:03
jelknerotherwise, what would they do?17:04
th1aYes, some kind of sprint.17:04
jelkneri thought that was our plan17:04
jelkneryou were going to talk to chris about it17:04
th1aThat's what I'm saying.17:04
th1aI talked to Chris about it.17:05
jelknerwhat did he say?17:05
th1aEveryone seems to think it is a good idea in principle.17:05
th1aI guess you should talk to him.17:05
jelknerlet's discuss this at the ACC sprint17:05
jelknerand then i'd be glad to help organize it17:06
jelkneri think we should do it like we did in NH17:07
jelknerwe have a quick meeting in the beginning with all the educators17:07
jelknergather some user stories from them17:07
th1aAre we talking about SchoolTool or the XO.17:07
jelknereither one17:08
jelknerin either case17:08
jelknerwe want to involve other folks from the conference in what we are doing17:08
jelknerthat's why we want to be there, no?17:08
ignasjelkner: do you have a writeable version of ?17:08
jelknerwe can talk more in Arlington on the 11th17:08
jelknerignas: i'll make one17:09
jstrawhow much does schooltool want to comingle with the plone sprint?17:09
jelknerjstraw: not too much17:09
jelknerother than to let them know we are there17:09
jstrawI'm well and truly involved in the plone conference and sprint planning at this point17:09
ignasjelkner: I just want to have it modifiable to make a large todo list out of it, and attach comments17:09
jelknerand hopefully have someone come up and see us who is interested in SchoolTool17:09
jelknerignas: cool!17:10
jelkneri'll get right on that17:10
ignasjelkner: a looong term to do list though ;)17:10
jstraw*thinks it might not be a bad idea to have schooltool's team say hi at the saturday morning meeting*17:10
jelknerjstraw: yes17:10
jelknerwe will be sprinting in my room17:10
ignasbut still, I would like to work on schooltool in such a way as not to *block* features present in that list17:10
jstraw*runs to fix computers*17:10
jelknerignas: by "long term" i hope you mean in the next year or so17:11
aelknerth1a: i sent the note, i'l make the patch tonight17:11
th1aaelkner: OK.17:11
jelknersince if we are going to have a shot at interesting Arlington Public Schools in using the SchoolTool gradebook, we have about a year to show them something17:12
ignasjelkner: some features sooner some - in 2-3 years17:12
ignasdepends on how aligned will they be with my short term objectives ;)17:12
jelknerif we can interest them, it will also depend on how badly they want stuff and how much they can afford to pay for it17:13
jelknerso i like your approach17:13
th1aOK.  Anything else?17:16
ignasjelkner: is my assumption that if we get most of that list done we can take over the gradebook market in the US correct?17:16
jelknerthey did a very good job of outlining what most teachers would want in a gradebook17:16
th1aOne last thing... Plan for World Domination.17:16
jelknerignas: which email should i use to share the doc with you?17:17
ignaswould be more convenient for google docs i think17:17
jelknerignas: done.  i just shared it with you, but you can share it with anyone else you like17:18
ignasjelkner: cool, thanks17:19
th1aThat should pretty much wrap it up.17:20
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:20
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen.17:20
aelkneryou, too, thanks17:20
ignasth1a: oh, by the way - yesterday I have podded a noob! :)17:26
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th1aignas: Congratulations.  Are you in 0.0 now?18:00
ignaskind of, mostly18:00
th1aI'm heading back into Curse this week.18:01
th1aI can't really make money in 0.0 yet.18:01
th1ai.e., I need to get my ratting skills up.18:02
ignaswell - the closes 0.0 point from the low sec that i am in is a war zone ;)18:03
ignasso no money for me either18:04
th1aI haven't been able to play much lately, so I haven't been accomplishing much.18:05
th1aThe remnants of IAC are trying to move into the part of Curse U'K has been occupying, so I'm going to head in to try to help with that.18:06
ignasi see :)18:10
ignasth1a: our CEO stats - 441 kills, 8 losses, 55.13:1 ratio, 12.97 billion ISK inflicted in damage, and 557 points18:31
th1a441 to 8?  He must pick easy targets.18:41
ignasthe FC is quite amazing from what I can tell18:46
th1aHm.  Interesting.18:50
th1aIs the CEO the FC?18:50
ignasFC is from a different corp, but they spent most of the "good times" together18:55
ignasth1a: and i guess maxed scanning skills help finding easy targets19:00
th1aI've considered working on scanning.19:00
th1aIf scanning had a better UI I'd do more of it.19:00
jstrawwhat game is this19:01
th1aIt is pretty weird what intelligence and/or warnings you do and don't get.19:01
th1aLike, you can't look out the window of a station to see if anyone is waiting to gank you.19:01
th1aBut you everyone who is online anywhere in the system.19:02
ignas"you feel disturbance in the force" style ;)19:02
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th1aaelkner: Did you see Chris's email about the errors?19:48
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jstrawaelkner: ayt?22:40

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