IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-09-23

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aelknerAnita Bryant16:40
aelkner                      'demjson'16:41
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aelknerth1a: did you get my email?17:00
aelknerth1a_: ?17:01
aelknerth1a_: ping17:34
jelknerth1a: ping17:35
jelkneri'm wondering if i have a schooltool bug to report?17:35
jelknerwhen viewing the list of persons17:35
jelkneri'm at the point where i have 2 screens worth of persons17:36
jelkneron the first screen, the grey bar has links to 1 217:36
jelknerbut when i click 217:37
jelknerthere is no way back17:37
jelkner(other than the browser's back button17:37
jelknershould i file a bug?17:37
ignasyou probably should17:38
jelkneri'm not exactly sure how to describe this in a way that would be helpful17:38
ignasmaybe you could give me enough access17:38
ignasso i could see for myself17:38
ignasyeah, asks me to log in17:38
jelkneri understand17:39
ignasok, found 2 bugs17:40
ignaswill look at it17:40
jelknerthanks, ignas!17:40
ignasjelkner, fix is in trunk18:01
ignasnot sure how long until it gets through buldbot and gets packaged into an egg18:01
jelknerwhile i've got u, do you have time for another question?18:01
jelkneri'm wondering if it would be possible for students to be able to edit their own personal data18:02
jelkneri know depending on the context, we would have to be able to disallow this18:02
jelknerbut in my context18:02
ignashmm, don't we have a checkbox in access control page18:02
ignasManage -> Access Control -> Persons can edit personal info18:03
ignasor something like that18:03
jelknerit would be great if students could set their own email, phone number, etc18:03
jelknerthen i could use schooltool to get student data that would be difficult otherwise18:03
jelknerand tedious for me ;-)18:03
jelknermy question is really about timing18:04
jelkneris this something i should write up now, or hold off until after the 1.0 release?18:04
ignasweird I was absolutely sure we had that feature :)18:05
jelknerok, students arriving... need to go18:05
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ignasth1a: any ideas about how to make demographics editable by users themselves without allowing them to change their names and surnames?18:20
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ignasi mean - a form in which most of the fields are throwing "you can't change me" is not too good18:21
ignasfrom code side - making most of the fields read only is probably possible18:21
ignasthough might be tricky permission wise18:22
ignasa special view for that - might be confusing to users18:22
ignasth1a: hmm, i guess - we should do what's best for our users, which means - make fields a user can't edit read only no matter what we do under the hood18:26
ignasand have the same edit view for both persons and managers18:26
ignasmgedmin, ping18:32
ignasmgedmin, other channel ;)18:36
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