IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-09-19

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th1aaelkner: Is there a sample XML competency file?20:16
aelkneri have one from the august sprint20:21
aelknernot a sample, a really big one20:22
aelknerare you looking for something smaller?20:22
th1aSize doesn't matter.20:23
th1aActually, could you check it in somewhere so we can point people to it?20:24
aelknercould it wait until justus passes cando to me?20:26
aelkneri mean, we need to get away from naming our branches cando-refactoring-branch-620:27
aelknerand get a more stable branch name20:28
aelknerwhich i would do as soom as i took over cando20:28
th1aIt doesn't need to go into a branch at all.20:33
ignasaelkner: i think Justas wanted to merge it to trunk before passing the flag to yo20:34
aelknerthat would be the place to put it20:34
aelkneri could put it in trunk now, now that i think of it20:34
aelknercause it would cause any merge conflicts20:35
aelkneryvl: ayt?20:35
th1aI'm just saying that you could also make something like "examples" as a root level directory and stick it in there.20:35
ignasnope, he's not there20:35
th1aSince you don't necessarily want to check it out with the trunk each time.20:36
th1aexamples being a peer of trunk, tags, etc.20:36
th1aOr just push it up to Launchpad.20:37
th1aThat might make the most sense.20:37
aelknerexplain "puch it up to Launchpad"20:37
ignaspush it20:37
ignasas in - create a new bzr repository20:38
ignasadd the file to that repository20:38
ignasand push it to cando bzr branches20:38
ignasor something like that20:38
aelknerso, create a new barcnh?20:38
th1aJust for the xml file.20:39
ignasyeah, bzr init20:39
ignasthough, adding it to cando trunk20:39
ignaswould probably be the easies way to do it20:39
ignasor even cando refactoring branch20:40
aelkneri'd think so20:40
ignasor are you going to be giving out a link to that file20:40
aelkneranyone who branches cando, should get it20:40
ignasand updating it constantly20:40
ignasaelkner: cando is in svn, so anyone who checkouts cando ;)20:40
aelkneroh, right20:40
aelknerso why not add an examples directory to cando's trunk20:41
th1aYou can do that too.20:41
th1aIf you stick it in the current development branch it'll be easier for me to pull it ;-)20:43
th1aLet me know when you check it in, aelkner20:50
aelkneri'm having trouble guessing which of the xml files that i have is really one that would work with cando20:51
aelkneri think justus would be better prepared to answer that question20:51
aelkneras he has been in touch with the cando group for the last month and knows the status of the code versus xml20:52
aelknerwouldn't it be better for him to make that determination?20:53
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th1aaelkner: Should I be able to checkout sla-buildout and have it work?21:31
* th1a has to set up some instances for a presentation next week...21:32
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th1a_aelkner: Should I be able to checkout sla-buildout and have it work?21:36
* th1a_ has to set up some instances for a presentation next week...21:36
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aelknerth1a: i don't see why not21:48
th1a_Hm... I might have bollixed something up... trying again.21:49
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th1aaelkner:     ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/hoffman/Desktop/schooltools/schooltool.gradebook/src/schooltool/gradebook/configure.zcml", line 14.2-17.3622:06
th1a    NameError: name 'IRequirementContainer' is not defined22:06
th1amake: *** [run] Error 122:06
th1aHm... wait.22:06
th1aWhy is it looking in schooltools/schooltool.gradebook?22:07
th1aI'm running that from schooltools/sla-buildout.22:07
aelkneron the phone with welsh22:07
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aelknerth1a: off the phone22:31
aelkneri think you'll need to switch to my gradebook22:31
aelknerin fact i know you'll need to22:31
aelknerbzr switch bzr+ssh://
aelknerlet me know if that helps22:33
th1aaelkner: When do I do bzr switch and where?22:40
aelknercan we do this via phone?  it would go faster.22:41
aelknerth1a: shall i call you?22:43
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