IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-09-16

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spowersi'm trying to use ZODB from the schooltool-owners PPA and not having a lot of luck02:27
spowersi'm missing ZODB.utils apparently02:27
th1a_hi spowers.03:06
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th1aTrying *just* to use ZODB.utils?03:07
spowersactually, i'm trying to pull-start tinyzis 0.205:46
spowersexcept i can import ZODB now, so nevermind i guess05:49
spowersthe tests are even pretty much working05:50
spowersit wasn't working when i was on my work box, then i came home and ssh'd over and it's OK now05:50
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jelkneroops ;-)15:28
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jelkneraelkner: got your message21:55
jelknercan you call again?21:55
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jelkneraelkner_: can you call again?22:03
jelkneri got your message22:03
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