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fsufitchyvl: yt?01:38
fsufitchaelkner: yt?01:39
fsufitchi have me a page template problem01:39
aelknerhow so01:39
fsufitch<div metal:fill-slot="body" tal:condition="view/hasDict">01:39
fsufitchthat's all well and good, but it replaces any other tags i put in it01:40
fsufitchlike an onload01:40
fsufitchso i can't have <div metal:fill-slot="body" tal:condition="view/hasDict" onload="positionCompDescription()">01:40
aelkneri wouldn't put the tal condition in a fill-slot necessarily01:40
aelknerit could have unexpected effects01:41
aelknerconsidering it's going to run a macro to fill the slot01:41
fsufitchit doesn't matter though01:41
aelknerso when does it do the onload?  who knows01:41
fsufitchbecause the page gets redirected immediately01:42
fsufitchand the onload isn't even in the final html source that gets to the browser01:42
fsufitchonload just gets eaten01:42
aelknerso you change it around01:42
fsufitchthe problem here isn't the tal:condition ;)01:43
fsufitchit's that because it's a fill-slot, all that my firefox gets is a <body>01:43
fsufitchnot a <body onload="...">01:43
fsufitchand i'm just asking if there's a way to circumvent that01:43
aelknerhave you body onload=... as the first subtag01:43
aelknerof the fill slot tab01:44
fsufitchbut then i'd have <body> <body onload="...">01:44
fsufitchwon't firefox hate me for that?01:44
aelkneris that what you get?01:44
fsufitchthe div turns into a body because of the metal:fill-slot01:45
aelknerwait a second.  let e check a page template01:45
fsufitchand loses any tags i put on it in the process01:45
aelknerwell darn, i was mistaken01:46
aelkneri thought you had to supply the body, but the fill slot takes care of that01:46
aelknernow i don't know about how the fill slot works with parameters01:47
aelknerin the form that you give it with tal:condition and onload01:47
fsufitchyour idea to put a body inside the div worked!01:47
fsufitchand i dont even get nested bodys01:47
aelknerah ha01:47
fsufitchi assume this is zope magic01:48
aelknermaybe that's why i remembered it that way01:48
fsufitchand i smile, nod, and move on :)01:48
fsufitchthat's great though01:48
aelknerno prob01:48
fsufitchyay, my task of putting js in a pt is done!01:56
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th1aignas: What is necessary to make the (.deb) SchoolTool-2008 run on port 80?  In addition to changing paste.ini?16:29
ignaseither - nothing16:40
ignasor - ask jinty whether he can make schooltool startup scripts start up as root and then su to schooltool16:40
th1aYes, it appears to be a permission issue.16:41
ignasonly root can get port 8016:41
ignasso the process must start up as root, but then switch users16:42
ignasI don't really know how to do that at the moment16:42
ignaswith python + wsgi + our current startup scripts16:42
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