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th1aGood morning ignas, aelkner.16:31
th1aLet's get started with ignas.16:33
ignaswell, I have added indirection for term access16:33
ignasadded schoolyears with terms in them16:34
ignasand will be connecting those two16:34
ignaswhich means - removing the original term container16:34
ignasand making all the code use the new one16:34
ignasI have listed all of the things to test for concerning term / school year relationships16:35
ignasand constraints16:35
ignasin commit messages/ test stubs16:35
ignasbecause some of them are not there yet16:35
ignasthe most difficult thing to solve this week will be deciding how to handle the fact that16:35
ignasterm container can "not exist"16:36
ignasoh and the new bzr release might break our repositories, which is kind of sub optimal16:36
th1aMoreso than other similar objects?16:36
th1a(the term container not existing, that is)16:37
ignassorry, not sure I understand your question...16:37
th1aI mean, does every necessary container have to account for the possibility of it "not existing?"16:37
ignasnot so much, i mean16:38
ignasthere is some code that relies on terms being there16:38
ignaslike timetabling for example16:38
ignaswhile there isn't much code that relies on listing all sections16:39
ignaslike - term pickers in timetabling16:39
ignasterm overlay in calendaring16:39
th1aI would think that not having a term container would indicate that things were seriously broken.16:40
ignasnot really16:41
ignasit would indicate that there are no schoolyears16:41
th1aOr that someone created a new SchoolBell?16:41
ignasat the moment16:41
th1aOh... I see.16:41
ignasnow that I think of it16:41
ignasonly terms have this problem16:42
th1aRegarding bzr, would we have to upgrade because of LP?16:42
ignasbecause some people are using PPA version of bzr16:43
ignasbecause it is way faster16:43
th1aAh.  Is this written down somewhere?16:43
ignasi think we are recommending it16:44
ignasin my sandbox instructions16:44
ignasif not, we probably should16:44
th1aNo, I mean, I should probably check the bzr website for a description of the changes.16:45
th1aOr something.16:45
th1aignas: What's your estimated time for completing the term work?16:46
ignashmm, just terms?16:46
ignaswithout putting all the other containers in it16:47
ignasprobably a week and a half16:47
ignasthen I will do evolution and sections16:47
ignasbecause these are the absolutely vital ones16:47
ignasnow some things depend on what we are doing with REST16:47
th1aHow long for the whole thing?16:47
th1aDon't do anything with it for now, I'd say.16:47
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ignasand what we are doing with sample data16:48
ignaswell - some things are breaking16:48
th1aUnless it makes things quicker for you.16:48
ignasso either we remove some stuff16:48
ignasor a lot of stuff16:48
ignasor fix it to keep tests running16:48
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th1aOK... we should discuss this later.16:48
th1aWe need to move on to aelkner.16:49
th1aI'll just say that REST is not an important end-user feature right now.16:49
aelknerdid you get my latest email16:49
th1aI did.16:49
th1aWe can talk on the phone after the meeting.16:50
th1aWhat is the state of CAS?16:50
aelknerwell, schooltool.cas works16:50
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th1ahi jstraw.16:50
aelkneri can't confidently work on their servers for moodle and drupaled without admin support16:50
th1aDoes CAS work with them on the test server?16:51
aelknerCAS works for moodle on the test system16:51
aelknerthey brokw the drupaled server without letting me know what they were doing there16:52
th1aIs that a stock Moodle or with modifications you and Frankie made?16:52
th1aYes what?16:52
aelknerit's the stick Moodle with the changes Frankyu and I made16:52
th1aSo right now to deploy that you'd need to make changes to the production Moodle.16:53
jstrawaelkner: it is to be expected that sysadmin are involved in production servers16:53
aelknerth1a: yes16:53
aelknerjstraw: what?16:54
th1aWhat is the status of the home page functionality?16:55
aelknerI created a home page that needs to be wored on to get the sections to loop properly16:56
jstrawthere has to be a sysadmin giving the hole needed... (btw, i'n on my cell... responses slow)16:56
aelknerI can make the drupaled linbks16:57
aelknerbut the moodle link that Chris gave me16:57
aelkneruses id=some number16:57
aelknerwhich would mean that I would need to know what the moodle course id numbers were16:57
aelknerthat would require using MySQL from SchoolTool's app server16:58
aelknerat the moment, I only use MySQL from the file16:58
aelknerwhich runs extra-SchoolTool16:58
aelknerI would prefer to use something like idnumber=section116:58
aelknerbut I don't know if moodle supports that16:59
th1aThe original idea was the we'd know the id number because SchoolTool would be creating it, right?16:59
aelknerthat right16:59
aelknerbut the id=some number refers to the sql table's id, not ours17:00
th1aWell, we may just have to export some of that data and fake it, or something.17:01
th1aThat is, just get a dump of the ids from Moodle.17:01
aelkneror maybe use MySQL from the app to query for those ids17:01
th1aYeah, that's quite possible too.17:01
aelknerunless the code allow using ldnumber=17:01
th1aSo what do you see as the top priority now?17:03
aelknerwell, helping them get their school year started17:04
aelknerhelping Marcie with the folksonomy17:04
aelknerso that she chooses section names correctly17:04
aelknerids that is17:04
aelknerhelping her enter the sections in moodle and drupaled if they except my help17:05
th1aWhat is the folksonomy?17:05
aelknerit's her term17:05
aelknerit's another word for nomenclature17:05
aelknerbut its for choosing section ids17:05
aelknerbased on school year, course, timetable17:05
aelknerthey never had a good system for choosing these names17:06
th1aSo, for example?17:06
aelknerwell, she hasn't sown me a final example17:06
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aelknercause we input for her advisory class whcih whe only came up with 40_0817:07
aelknerthat isn't the intended design17:07
aelknersometing like tech_B_0817:07
aelknerwould be technology development, B Band, 200817:07
th1aWhat about CAS?17:09
aelknerThere's noone there available to provide admin support, so...17:09
aelkneri don't want to touch their live servers or anything17:10
th1aThe whole idea is to get it running on the test server first and then move the changes over with them, right?17:11
aelknerkinda hard when they upgrade the test server half way without telling me17:12
aelknerchris has a relationship with this drupaled guy, Bill17:13
aelknerbut I don't know what that is17:13
aelknerthey happily overwrote the drupaled server on test without clearing or copying the live db there17:14
aelknerso now I can't get into the test server becuase the sql tables don't match the code17:14
aelkneras far as copying over code17:15
aelkneri don't know what versions they have between live and test servers as a first issue17:16
aelknerso copying code over there could be unsafe17:17
aelknerit would be better in my opinion to reapply the steps that I have documented17:17
aelknerin the hopes that the newer version would take to them17:18
aelknerbut at this point, touching anything live is not something that they can handle17:19
th1aOK... we'll have do discuss this further on the phone.17:20
th1ajstraw: Do you have anything you'd like to say this week.17:20
th1aGuess not.17:22
th1aA friend of mine here in Providence is willing to give SchoolTool a shot for resource booking, so that gives us a much-needed test case for that.17:23
th1aWe need someone to give the tires a kick on the changes there.17:23
th1aSo hopefully we'll be doing that this week.17:24
th1aThat's all I've got.17:24
th1aHave a great week!17:24
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:24
ignasYou too!17:24
th1aaelkner: Give me a call.17:24
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dwelshignas: can you remind Justas to get on 20 mins.?17:36
yvlI'm here dwelsh17:40
dwelshyvl = justas; got it!17:40
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jelknerfsufitch: i left messages for ccarey on both his home and cell numbers17:53
jelkneri asked him to get in touch with you if he has any time to work17:53
fsufitchjelkner: okay17:55
jelknerit's 11 am18:01
jelknerdwelsh: r u chairing this meeting?18:01
dwelshI'm here18:03
dwelshSure, are we ready???18:03
dwelshHere are my issues:18:03
dwelsh1) Status of critical bugs.18:03
dwelsh2) Import of eSchoolsPlus students and their sections.18:03
jelkner3) Deployment of ACC server18:04
dwelsh3) Any other items for CanDo08 to be ready for setting-up teachers on the Wed, Aug. 27th teacher workday.18:04
dwelshAnything else I'm missing???18:04
fsufitchnope, not as far as i know18:05
dwelshAlright, Justas and Philip, where are you guys with bugs??? (I'm pulling out meeting notes from last week and will update them as we go.18:05
yvlPhilip, want to go first? :)18:06
fsufitch*Filip :)18:06
fsufitchit's okay18:06
fsufitchi havent had much computer time because of utter laptop death and needing to set up my desk comp for cando18:07
fsufitchand other issues18:07
fsufitchbut i'm almost done with making the javascript of the gradebook work in a new way18:07
fsufitchvia page template18:07
dwelshitems to do from notes:  # Tree view needs to be fixed18:08
dwelsh# Associating of competencies needs to be fixed18:08
dwelsh# Gradebook will need to be fixed in new branch as a result of competency changes18:08
fsufitchgradebook needs to be fixed as is now18:08
yvljavascript quoting bug?18:09
fsufitchthat, and the student gradebook being in the dumps18:09
yvlerm, I meant escaping18:09
fsufitchyeah that18:09
dwelshJustas and Filip, have you estimated time and decided who is doing what?18:10
dwelshWhat is your time like this week Filip?  Can you work on this?18:11
yvlwe didn't talk about it since my visit, but as far as I understood, Filip is fixing the gradebook bug, and then other non-critical bugs18:11
dwelshFilip, as for your hardware, do you need to borrow one of our laptops?18:12
yvlthe rest of the critical bugs will be fixed via the competency model overhaul18:12
fsufitchdwelsh: my PC is good now18:12
jelknerfsufitch: if you have *any* other issues like this during the week, call me18:13
fsufitchwhat, hardware?18:13
jelkneri could have brought you a laptop18:13
jelknerand saved you time18:13
jelknerwe are under critical time pressure here18:14
jelknerdon't hesitate to ask for help is my point18:14
fsufitchand btw, wht yvl said about the status of work is about right18:15
dwelshWe obviously need for the comps associating to work, both teacher and student gradebooks, and the data importing from eSchoolsPlus18:15
yvlFilip, what did you mean by saying that gradebook is in the dumps?18:15
dwelshSo we need a plan to nail those issues this week.18:16
fsufitch*student* gradebook is in the dumps18:16
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fsufitchas in its features are way behind what it needs18:16
dwelshStudent gradebook is third behind comps associating and teacher gradebook.18:16
dwelshWhat will it take to finish those two issues?18:17
fsufitchi don't know the state of comps associating, but it should be simple enough18:17
fsufitchwhat's broken?18:17
yvlI plan to fix those in the branch and merge it by Monday18:17
dwelshOK.  How much more is left to do on comps associating?18:18
yvl~10-15 hours, including the views, manual testing, etc.18:18
dwelshFilip, that leaves teacher gradebook to you.  How much do you have to do on that?18:19
fsufitchteacher gradebook will take 4-5 hrs more max18:19
fsufitchnot including styling18:19
dwelshSounds goood.  Doesn't student gradebook borrow heavily from teacher gradebook?18:20
dwelshFusfitch:  I'm wondering how big a job student gradebook will be?18:21
fsufitchnot really, they sort of deviated, especially javascript18:21
dwelshSo how much work do we have on student gradebook?18:21
fsufitch5-6 ish hours18:23
fsufitchcould be more if issues pop up18:23
yvlmost of the work is with javascript, right?18:23
dwelshFsufitch:  How much time will you have this week to work on CanDo?18:23
fsufitchyvl: yes18:24
fsufitchthis week my whole tuesday and my wednesday morning (till about 16:00) are taken up18:24
fsufitchbut i can cancel that stuff if i'll need mroe time18:24
jelknerwhat we need if possible, fsufitch, is a number of hours18:25
jelknerhow many?18:25
jelknerwe need to allocate available time to available tasks18:25
jelknerand quickly, if possible ;-)\18:25
fsufitchi'm thinking...18:26
fsufitchi can do 6-7 hrs per day18:26
jelkner30 to 35 hours18:26
jelknerok, yvl, your up18:26
yvlok, not much to say here - I didn't ran into any issues18:27
yvland I'm confident that the competency model overhaul related changes + eschoolplus import will be ready by next week18:28
yvlone thing though:18:28
yvlI didn't get sample eschoolplus data yet18:29
yvl(or it got lost in my mail)18:29
dwelshI have the eSchoolsPlus part of the report...18:29
yvlthe xml files?18:30
dwelshWe have the data export specified, and I'm putting heat on the data folks to provide our data18:30
dwelshI'm hoping to have it by mid THIS week.18:30
yvlthanks, dwelsh18:30
dwelshThen we'll need to import it, which I'm hoping you'll take the lead on, Justas18:30
dwelshJason Straw and I are both back on Monday, and will spend a LARGE part of Monday and Tuesday preparing for the rollout18:31
dwelshFortunately, the State of VA is behind the Arlington Public School rollout18:31
yvlgood news :)18:32
dwelshso the pressure we have to handle APS should really help us with the State of VA18:32
dwelshThe order of things is right and will help us.18:32
dwelshBut it is quite important that things work for next Wednesday, as many new teachers will give CanDo a shot.18:32
dwelshWhat do you guys need from me with regards to testing???18:33
yvlit would be great if somebody who knows the system well could run trough it some time on Mon/Tue18:34
dwelshThis or next Mon/Tue18:34
yvlnext Mon/Tue18:34
dwelshGreat.  That won't be a problem.18:34
yvljust to check the corner cases after the merge18:35
dwelshWhen will the merge of the two branches happen, and who will do it.18:35
yvlearly Monday morning18:35
dwelshOK.  Is that mainly you, Justas, doing it?18:36
fsufitchthen justas and i will work on making any broken stuff work?18:36
yvlyes, that would be good18:36
dwelshI'm hoping.  Filip, you've been great on this project, and we obviously need you this week.18:36
jelknerand next18:37
jelknerit is very important we have everything ready for the 27th18:38
jelkneri can see that monday and tuesday we should plan on not sleeping much :-(18:38
fsufitchi don't mind18:38
fsufitchremote sprint woo!18:38
jelknerso, we are 40 minutes into the meeting, what else?18:39
jelknerdwelsh ?18:39
dwelshI think we're on track.  My question:  what check-ins this week would be helpful.18:40
dwelshI'm at the beach with family but have very good bandwidth.18:40
dwelshAnd Jeff is at work.18:40
jelknerthrough thursday18:40
dwelshWould it help touching base throughout the week?18:40
jelknerit is mainly yvl and fsufitch who need to be in contact18:41
jelknerthey should ping us if they need our involvement18:41
jelknerfsufitch: would you want to work in here durning this week?18:42
yvlWell, I'm hoping to get some sample data from eschoolplus.  Other than that, everything seems to be fine.18:42
dwelshYes, yvl, will send you data.18:43
dwelshFilip, APS is a good working environment, if you need it.18:43
fsufitchdwelsh: transport is annoying though18:43
fsufitchi do agree to being able to work better in APS ;)18:43
dwelshfsu:  jelkner will connect with you.18:44
fsufitchwait, connect?18:44
dwelshOK, guys.  Let's all stay in touch.18:44
dwelshWe do have a bit of a virtual sprint this week, to get to our finish line.18:45
dwelshBut if we can push now, it will really help us going forward.18:45
yvlI couldn't agree more18:46
dwelshI have updated the post-sprint doc in GoogleDocs to reflect our meeting.18:50
dwelshJustas to work on comps associating (~10-15 hours, including the views, manual testing, etc.) and merging branches.18:51
dwelshFilip to work on finishing teacher gradebook (4-5 hrs more max) and student gradebook (5-6 ish hours).18:51
dwelshWelsh will provide eSchoolsPlus data to Justas, who will work on getting it imported.18:51
dwelshWelsh will focus on testing Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 25th & 26th.18:51
dwelshJason Straw and Matt Gallagher to work on APS CanDo instance Aug. 25th & 26th, for Aug. 27th rollout.18:52
jelknerfilip will come in tomorrow from 9 am to 7 pm18:53
jelkneri'll give him a ride home18:54
jelknerso he can get a lot done then18:54
dwelshThat's a beautiful plan.18:54
dwelshFilip, I seriously encourage you to use the ACC.  It's a great place to work, as you know.18:54
jelknerok, can we let these guys get back to hacking code?18:55
jelknermattva01 is not available 25 and 2618:56
jelknerso it will be jstraw18:56
jelknerkeep that in mind18:56
jelkneri don't know what other 1st day back duties he will have18:56
jelknerdwelsh ?18:58
jelknerto follow th1a's protocol, you need to drop the bag of gravel ;-)18:59
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* jelkner drops the bag of gravel19:00
jelknersince dwelsh didn't respond19:00
yvlhave a productive week guys19:01
jelknertalk to you all soon...19:02
dwelshTalk to everyone soon.19:06
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