IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-08-14

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fsufitchyvl: ping03:31
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replaceafillanyone around?07:54
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wbradyfsufitch: how are the bugs going?17:10
fsufitchwbrady: more like, how is the crappy laptop going... i just managed to set up cando on my desktop computer and am getting to the bugs, especially the student gradebook ones17:16
fsufitchalso, no response from whaddon or ccarey about status and work availability17:16
wbradyahh ok17:16
wbradyhmmm, well fyi i am available this weekend and then i leave early next week17:16
fsufitchalso i'm breaking into emacs :)17:18
fsufitchso far it's fun17:18
fsufitchyvl: i realised what was wrong with your views not working properly at the sprint17:54
fsufitchfor a teacher to see the teacher views, they *need* to be in the "Teachers" group :)17:54
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fsufitchreplaceafill: hi. i noticed you tried to contact someone earlier. need some help?18:52
replaceafillfsufitch, yes i was translating some strings to spanish and i wanted to know what a term was exactly?18:53
fsufitcha term in the schooltool way of naming it?18:53
th1aWhat terms?18:53
fsufitchi'm not 100% sure, but i believe a term is like a section of the school year18:53
fsufitchth1a: terms in the calendar18:53
th1aNot "term" as "a word."  ;-)18:54
replaceafillfsufitch, i've seen the word translated in spanish and doesn't match what you describe18:54
th1aYou mean in the current translation?18:54
th1aWhat does it mean now?18:55
replaceafillwell, i've seen it translated as "termino" and "trimestre"18:57
replaceafilli guess "trimestre" match the word in a calendar context18:58
replaceafillbut it implies a 3 months period exactly18:58
th1aWhat does termino mean?19:00
jelknerhow about perĂ­odo?19:00
replaceafillperiodo was the one i was thinking of19:00
replaceafillit's close to what we use here19:01
th1aNote that in the upcoming release terms in schooltool will be almost completely redesigned, and there will be more specific types of terms.19:01
th1aignas is working on that right now.19:03
th1aIt might actually make it easier, since currently "term" covers a lot of different things.19:03
ignasnot sure about more specific19:03
ignasI am keeping terms as parts of a schoolyear19:03
ignasthey will not overlap19:03
ignasbut I am not adding the semester/trimester19:03
ignasdistinction at the moment19:03
ignasreplaceafill: efectively term is a word used to describe things that can be both "semesters" and "trimesters"19:04
th1aSo 'terms' are a set of non-overlapping divisions of a school year.19:04
ignasat least that is how I understand it19:04
th1aJust making sure we're on the same page.19:05
ignaswe needed one word, because writing "semester/trimester" all over the system would be cumbersome ;)19:05
replaceafillignas, does "period" sound right to you?19:30
th1aWell, we use that to define time during the school day in English.19:30
ignasa time span of one lesson19:30
replaceafillhere we use it for a time span of a month or trimester19:32
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th1aIt is certainly ok if you use terms consistent with your local usage.19:34
th1aI'm just warning you that you'll also need a word for the time span of a lesson.19:34
replaceafillis it "class" ok for that?19:36
replaceafillwe call "clase" to a period of 50 mins - 1 hour19:37
th1aWell, we don't use the english word "class" at all, since it has so many meanings, including in programming.19:37
th1aBut "clase" might be best for you.19:37
replaceafilli think so19:37
th1aAlso, we don't use "period" that much.19:37
th1aIt isn't as important as "term."19:37
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