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Lumiereignas: if I am setting up a new instance of schooltool, should I be using the package or trunk/branch bzr?19:32
ignasi'd suggest using debian package19:32
ignaswe need more testing for it19:32
ignasand for the process19:33
Lumierecan I make 2 instances from it?19:33
ignasyes, python-schooltool package comes with make-schooltool-instance and start-schooltool-instance19:33
Lumiereawesome :)19:33
ignasthat can be used to create a "personal" instance19:33
Lumierewell, I plan on hosting multiple schools from one schooltool19:34
Lumiereso when I update the package once I get everyone at once19:34
ignasas long as you install the relevant "school setup" like python-schooltool.stapp2008spring...19:34
ignasyou will get everyone at once19:34
* Lumiere is running out of backup space on vacation19:35
ignas"vacation" ?19:36
Lumierethe reason I wasn't on the meeting this week19:36
Lumierebecause I am in the mountains for the week19:37
ignashow can you run out of backup space on vacation?19:37
Lumiereuh backing up my photos to usb sicks19:37
Lumiereerr sticks19:38
Lumiere for a selection of pictures19:39
ignasthough copyright notice sometimes seems buggy ;)19:40
ignasand then it disappears on the really big images19:41
ignaswhich is kind of funny ;)19:42
Lumieregallery2 doesn't let me do different copyright images19:42
Lumiereon the full size and thumbnails19:43
Lumierewhich is silly19:43
Lumiereif I use the full size one it looks horrible on the thumbs19:43
Lumiere(it can overwrite the entire thumb it's so big)19:43
Lumiereand the smaller one falls away on the fullsize19:44
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replaceafillignas, hi, i just got your mail about the templates20:54
ignasreplaceafill: good ;)20:55
ignasit took a while, launchpad people insist on approving translation templates manually, but don't have time to do it responsively...20:56
replaceafillcould you describe the process to get it done please?20:58
replaceafilli have to download the template, right?20:58
replaceafillschooltool-es.po i guess20:58
ignasnot necessary20:58
ignaslet me try walking you through20:58
ignasyou should have Your languages20:59
ignason the left20:59
replaceafillyes i see it20:59
ignasdo you have the language you will be translating into in there?20:59
replaceafillyes Spanish20:59
ignashmm, can you see the "Template "schooltool" in SchoolTool 2008.4"20:59
ignaswith Spanish under it20:59
ignasSpanish being marked as completely untranslated?20:59
replaceafill1082 untranslated!!!21:00
ignasif you would click on Spanish21:00
ignasyou would see the Launchpad UI for translation21:00
ignasthat at the moment would be suggesting you all the strings from the other translations21:00
ignasit should get filled in a day or two21:00
ignasTemplate "schooltool.lyceum.journal" in SchoolTool 2008.421:00
ignashas no old translations21:01
ignasand only has 27 strings21:01
replaceafillyes 2721:01
ignasso you might want to start from it21:01
ignasto practice a bit ;)21:01
replaceafillah ok :)21:01
ignaswhile schooltool Spanish translation gets imported21:01
ignasso just go to
replaceafillgreat, so Launchpad uses strings from other projects to help you translate, right?21:02
replaceafillnice :)21:02
replaceafillis it possible to get more "context" while you're translating, i see i can get the line of code where the string is used21:04
replaceafillLocated in /src/schooltool/lyceum/journal/browser/
ignasare you using ubuntu?21:05
replaceafillno, debian21:05
replaceafillbut i got schooltool running in my pc21:05
ignasso you should have the source code available21:05
replaceafillyes im on it right now21:05
ignaseither in the directory you set up schooltool in or in ~/.buildout/eggs/schooltool.lyceum.journal...21:06
replaceafillshould i always mark the "Someone should review this translation" box/21:07
ignasdon't know really21:09
ignasi don't think so21:09
ignasi'd even say - you should not21:09
ignasor else your translation will not be picked up by running schooltool21:09
replaceafilllast question21:09
ignasbecause Zope3 ignores unapproved translations by default21:09
replaceafilli noticed some projects uses project-es.po, project-es_AR.po, project-es_ES.po files21:10
replaceafillis that important for schooltool?21:11
ignaslaunchpad takes care of it21:11
replaceafillah ok21:11
ignasif you would download the tarball with translations, you would see everything assigned properly21:11
replaceafillwell i'm starting with the 27 :)21:12
replaceafillshould i mail you when i'm done?21:12
replaceafillor launchpad will tell you?21:12
ignasyou can, but I will see it anyway21:12
replaceafillok thanks for the tutorial ignas21:12
ignasglad to be of any use ;)21:13
ignasreplaceafill: i have talked to the launchpad guys, so spanish translation for schooltool should be imported quite soo, in 30 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe less21:23
replaceafillignas, great21:24
replaceafillignas, i can start today then21:25
ignasmost probably21:25
ignasi will be going home soon, so see you tomorrow, it's getting quite late in here21:27
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