IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-08-04

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ignasaelkner: good morning ;)16:23
aelknergood morning16:23
aelkneri have your colleague stting here next to me16:23
aelknerhe says you two sit next to each other in Vilnious16:23
ignasyeah :) back to back ;)16:24
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jstrawignas: where can I find the Your School16:38
jstrawto change it16:38
jstrawignas: and can we move it to the site.zcml by default or something easier to find?16:38
ignasManage ->  Site preferences16:38
jstrawthank you16:44
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wjohnstoaelkner: ping17:10
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jelknerare you all back in the sprint room yet?20:00
jelkneri came back from lunch but no one was there20:00
jboisturesome of us are back but the others are talking in the lunch room20:05
jelknerah, but you are back20:05
jelknerso we can go see nancy opsut20:05
jelkneri'm coming down now...20:05
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ignasth1a: ping20:25
th1aignas: pong.20:25
th1aWhat's up?20:25
ignaswe have voted that we won't allow overlaping terms, yes?20:25
th1aIt is considerably more complicated, right?20:25
ignaswell - it makes us think of a posibility that a date can have 2 terms associated with it all the time20:26
th1aAnyhow, yes, I think we decided not to.20:26
ignasthanks, just wanted to be sure20:26
th1aWe don't know anyone who needs them, right?20:26
th1ai.e., you don't?20:27
ignasno, I don't20:27
th1aSo no.20:27
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fsufitchaelkner: svn cp
fsufitchjust svn co the second thing to get it22:09
fsufitchthen run make22:09
fsufitchcd restructuring22:10
fsufitchmake ubuntu-environment22:10
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