IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-08-01

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replaceafilljelkner, hi jeffrey!00:45
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fsufitchaelkner__: ping22:44
aelkner__hey filip22:44
fsufitchi've been mia the past couple days22:44
fsufitchwat's the status?22:44
fsufitchi see a ton of launchpad emails22:45
aelkner__i don't know of anything new.22:45
fsufitchso just bugfixing?22:45
aelkner__oh, me22:45
fsufitcheverybody in general :)22:45
fsufitchu too though22:45
aelkner__i'm working on the schooltool.proagation package22:45
fsufitchive never got what it is22:46
aelkner__but that's for sla22:46
aelkner__it's for automatically creating moodle and drupal records when schooltool pbjects are created22:46
aelkner__fsufitch: how's the gradebook coming along?22:48
fsufitchpretty great :)22:49
fsufitchright now next up is making it work like a spreadsheet22:49
fsufitch(enter doesn't submit, but scrolls down instead)22:49
aelkner__ah, yes22:49
aelkner__more javaScript22:49
fsufitchfun fun fun22:50
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