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algaaelkner__: ayt?03:16
aelkner__how's it going?03:16
algafine, thanks03:16
aelkner__didn't recognize you right away03:17
algacould you do me a favor? If it isn't too much trouble, could you grab a used or new XO off ebay and pass it on to Justas when he's in VA?03:18
algaOLPC laptop03:19
aelkner__does he need to keep it or just use it while he's here03:19
algaI want one for my son :)03:20
aelkner__i don't have an ebay account, but my brother had some03:20
aelkner__but i think they are not for sale, i could check03:21
algathere's plenty of them on ebay, for less than 200 bucks03:21
aelkner__i'll look into it03:22
algaI'd be very grateful03:22
algahave you seen your photo from Trakai?03:22
aelkner__no i hadn't03:23
aelkner__it's a nice phot03:23
aelkner__i think tom and i enjoyed the tourism stuff03:23
algaa bit blurred if you look at it in high res, but better than nothing03:23
aelkner__there's nice lighting in the backround though03:24
algaI enjoyed that evening as well03:24
aelkner__thanks for the link03:24
algaLaurynas has a 20 year old Toshiba laptop:
algabut an old PC is hard to make any sense of for a kid03:26
algahe was thrilled when I showed him a picture of XO03:26
algaI'd pass the cash with Justas if you're up for getting one for me03:28
algais Jeff back from Latin America yet?03:29
aelkner__alga: just got off the phone with Jeff03:45
aelkner__he'll have an XO waiting for Justus03:45
aelkner__alga: ping04:06
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algaaelkner__: thanks!10:29
algaPlease let me know how much do I owe Jeff.10:30
aelkner__no prob.  it was actually good luck that jeff had one10:30
aelkner__well, i asked him10:30
aelkner__and he didn't want to work it out with me10:31
aelkner__you'll have to email him10:31
aelkner__but he's not looking to make money10:31
aelkner__he just doesn't want it to go to waste10:31
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ignasth1a: did you know that we have a page in wikipedia?17:19
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th1aignas: I think I knew that.  I haven't looked at it in a long time.17:36
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jstrawignas: ayt?17:38
jstrawI just installed cando on a new server17:38
jstrawstarted it up17:38
jstrawand the interface has come up in german17:38
jstraw(or lithuanian, but I can't tell)17:39
jstrawthe LOCALE of the server is set to en.UTF817:39
ignaswell - i'd check browser preferences17:39
ignasbecause schooltool has 2 modes of operation17:39
ignasreact to browser settings17:39
ignasor - to the schooltool.conf settings17:39
jstrawI'll check the browser settings17:40
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wjohnstoignas: ayt?19:09
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wjohnstowe are having trouble understanding something in a page template19:09
wjohnstodisabled obj/schooltool:has_dependents19:09
wjohnstothere's a checkbox when viewing skill drivers19:09
ignasdid you try grepping for "has_dependents" in zcml ?19:10
wjohnstohmm let me try19:10
ignaswhen you will find the namespace traversal thingajamajig19:11
ignasjust look at what it does19:11
wjohnstoignas: our method is inheriting everything from (except the template), but I cannot find "has_dependents" in either of the zcml19:15
ignasit's not anywhere near the container19:16
ignasit's in app or skin19:16
wjohnstoI grepped for it in skin, but only found it in container.pt19:16
wjohnstoI'll see about app19:16
ignasfound it19:16
ignasis the class19:17
wjohnstoI see19:17
wjohnstothank you19:18
wjohnstodo you know how you would use disabled obj/schooltool:has_dependents if you had to use python?19:19
ignaswell - look at the source of that thing19:19
ignasIDependable(thing, None)19:20
ignasreturns an iterable that has all the objects that your object depends on19:20
ignasthat depend on your object19:20
ignasit's so you could not delete groups that "group" container depends on19:21
ignaslike "manager" group19:21
wjohnstowell in our case19:21
wjohnstoit's course skill drivers displayed within sections19:21
wjohnstoand the section depends on the course19:21
ignasI am not sure you even need that check, but if you want to use dependents then look at the IDependable19:22
ignasand maybe find the place that creates groups in schooltool19:22
wjohnstothe problem we are having is when we try to delete the course-skilldriver from the section19:22
ignasit sets up dependencies that prevent system groups from being deleted19:22
wjohnstoit comes up with an error19:22
wjohnstoalright, I will do that19:23
wjohnstothank you ignas19:24
ignasnot that I helped much ;)19:25
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