IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-07-18

th1aaelkner: I am here.00:13
aelkneri sent you an email about the mailing list00:16
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fsufitchaelkner_: ping03:47
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aelkner_jstraw: what's up17:45
jstrawnot much17:45
aelkner_what's the latest on CanDo17:45
aelkner_state of the app, schedule for training, etc17:45
jstrawthe app is good... just need skilldriver gradebook17:46
jstrawtraining schedule is probably going to start the first day of the sprint17:46
aelkner_oh, that's good17:46
jstrawwhen we have lee17:46
jstrawup here17:46
aelkner_that way we'll all be there to respond to tech issues17:46
aelkner_so lee is the first to be trained?17:46
jstrawand next week I will be helping him setup his server17:47
aelkner_as i understand it, you will be training trainers17:47
aelkner_so that you don't have to distribute the knowledge to everyone17:47
aelkner_is that correct?17:48
aelkner_if so, who will the trainers be?17:48
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aelkner_jstraw: ?18:01
jstrawme and welsh18:01
jstraw4-5 things going at the same time18:01
ignasjstraw: is there a place to find all the documentation related to cando development?18:01
jstrawignas: not really18:01
ignasjstraw: code an function wise...18:02
jstrawthe test coverage is up over 80%18:02
jstrawit's getting better18:02
ignasmore high level18:02
ignaslike - explaining what it actually does ;)18:02
jstrawignas: the acc cando site can explain what it does18:02
ignas"acc cando site" ?18:03
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jstrawalthough it is a bit more user oriented18:10
jstrawbeyond that, send me an email with what we need18:10
jstrawand I'll get it written18:11
ignaslooks good at least for now ;)18:14
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