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pcardunehmm, i guess ignas isn't around06:48
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th1aignas: Ah.15:51
th1aHow are you feeling, ignas?15:51
ignasquite well, thank you15:52
ignaswas mostly recovered yesterday, but had to put my sleep schedule back to normal15:52
ignasstaying in bed for 2 days can ruin it in a pretty spectacular manner ;)15:52
th1aYes, I've just had to work on the sleep schedule part.15:53
mgedminwhat is this "sleep schedule" you speak of?15:56
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wjohnstoignas: ayt?18:11
wjohnstowe are having some trouble selecting a checkbox in a test browser18:11
wjohnstolet me see if whaddon is on, he has the workable branch18:12
whaddonhi wjohnsto, ignas18:12
ignaswjohnsto: can you lisppaste5 me the snippet of the functional test18:13
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "ignas, ftest" at
wjohnstoignas: we are unsure of exactly how to select it. '' is a ListControl, and has no label18:18
lisppaste5ignas annotated #63837 with "change it to this:" at
ignasand see if that checkbox even works18:19
ignasas for ListControl - a lot of unrelated stuff in testbrowser are ListControls18:19
wjohnstochecking now18:20
whaddonthe checkbox works18:21
ignasi see18:22
whaddonbut if i put the trace thing after the browser.getControl ... stuff it says nothing was selected18:22
ignasi'd look at the html that was generated18:23
ignasand check for the id of the checkbox18:23
ignasto see if it's really the one you are selecting18:23
ignasand if you put startServer after delete - it will not be aware of the checkbox18:24
ignasit can't transfer the browser state18:24
ignasso it only opens the "url"18:24
ignasand the url of the delete page will render the delete view as if no checkboxes were selected18:24
ignasbut you are sure you can check the checkbox in the browser and delete the stuff18:25
whaddonso then the checkbox might actually be being selected18:25
whaddonwe thought the startserver thing was including the http post stuff18:25
ignasit only opens the url18:26
wjohnstoand we were putting the startserver in the wrong place the entire time18:26
whaddonbut i guess it cant tell the browser to do that very well18:26
ignasdo what?18:26
whaddonthe http post stuff18:26
ignasyeah you can18:26
whaddonfrom the startserver thing?18:26
ignaswhich "browser" you are talking about?18:27
ignasfirefox or the browser =Browser() one?18:27
ignasif you startServer you can do POST and GET and whatever you want from firefox18:28
whaddonso then why doesn't it remember that the checkbox is checked?18:28
th1aignas: Is this right: bzr co lp:~ignas/schooltool/user-guide-buildout ?18:28
ignasnah, you should probably bzr co lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/users-guide18:29
ignasI have merged my branch into mainline ages ago18:29
th1aOK.  Thanks.18:30
ignaswhaddon: can you explain me step by step what you are doing to get the "no checkbox checked" error?18:30
ignaslike - in which place the start server is18:30
ignasand what you do in firefox18:30
whaddonwe probably are mistaken that there was an error18:30
whaddonwe were relying on running startserver after the test clicks delete18:31
whaddonand thought that the checkbox was not being selected because we saw the "nothing is selected" page18:31
ignasi see18:32
ignaswell - you must understand that "firefox" is one browser and Browser() is another one18:32
ignasthey are sharing the same database18:32
ignasbut that's about it18:32
ignasit's as if you were performing all your tests using opera18:32
ignasand then copy pasted the URL in the middle of the test into firefox18:33
whaddoni see18:34
ignasI was thinking of adding cookie support, but it's kind of tricky to do :/18:34
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whaddonthank you ignas18:37
th1a more or less working now.19:37
ignasth1a: cool19:58
th1aI don't know where the sidebar went though.19:58
ignasno clue20:12
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wjohnstoaelkner: ayt?21:21
wjohnstowe were assigned
wjohnstoand we can't find a view for "Pending Messages"... it looks like it was deliberately removed.  Do you know anything about this?21:22
aelknernot off hand.  how do you say it was removed?21:23
wjohnstowe found the link in newskin21:23
whaddonit worked in CanDo 07, but the view and the registration don't exist at all now21:24
wjohnstobut we can't find an assigned view for the link21:24
aelkneri see21:25
aelkneri can't recall removing it, but i don't see wy we couldn't just ad it back21:26
whaddoni'm just worried that it was removed because something was wrong with it21:26
aelknerif you want, you could look at the source for CanDo 0721:26
aelkneri wouldn't worry about that21:27
aelknerif you add it back and there's a problem, then you could look into what is wrong21:27
whaddonwhere can we access the CanDo 07 code?21:27
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aelknerwe should check the svn repo online21:29
wjohnstoI see 05, 06, not 0721:32
aelknerwhere do you see 05 and 06?  what url?21:33
wjohnstocando-buildout wasnt too long ago21:33
aelkneri'm looking at
aelkneri think 07 IS the trunk21:34
aelknerperhaps eldar did it in the message branch21:34
whaddonneither trunk nor the message branch seem to have the view we want21:36
aelknerit's in the queueing package, not the message package21:39
aelknerit was never removed21:39
wjohnstonow I see21:40
wjohnstothanks aelkner21:40
aelknerno prob21:40
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jelkneraelkner: did you see my skype call?22:15
jelknerit connected, but i couldn't hear you22:15
aelkneri'm connecting my earphones22:15
aelknercall again22:16
aelknerth1a: ayt?22:27
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