IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-07-09

aelknerccarey: go for it00:02
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aelknerccarey: dropped from the network much? :)00:05
ccareyaelkner: tests pass00:14
ccareyit reaches the breaking point i mean00:14
aelknerone thing before we commit00:14
aelknerlook at line 28500:15
aelkneri created this convenience function a while back00:15
aelknerit replaces a couple of dozen test lines near the top00:15
aelknerwhile you're doing that i'll see if we can't go ahead and kill the rest of the tests00:16
aelknerah, nope00:17
aelknertoo much useful stuff there00:17
aelknerwhen you hafve made that change and it still passes the 'End of Test' point. i'll commit00:17
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ccareyaelkner: ok the change to the test has been made00:27
aelknerit passes00:27
ccareyand it passes the End of Test point00:27
aelkneri;'ll test it and ping you when i commit00:27
ccareyhold on phone call00:28
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aelkneri submitted the changes00:31
aelknerso here's what i want you and filip to do00:31
aelknerstarting with right now for you and as soon as filip gets back00:32
aelknerdo an svn up00:32
aelkneras you make changes and want to submit again (filip for now until you have access)00:32
aelknermake sure you svn up before submitting00:33
aelknerthis is an important thing with svn00:33
aelkneryou need to make sure before submitting changes that someone else hasn't changed one of the same files00:33
aelknerin a way that causes a conflict00:33
aelknerwhen you do the svn up, if there is a conflict, there will be a 'C' next to the file in the list that svn up gives you00:34
aelkneryou will have to edit that file and look for ====00:34
aelknerthere will be two change blocks, on that's yours and one that the other commiter made00:35
aelkneryou will have to decide which code is ok to keep00:35
aelknerusually this is easy to do00:36
aelknerlike for instance if someone added something to an import statement00:36
aelkneryou wouldn'thave a problem with that, so you'd keep their change00:36
aelknerif on the other hand they removed something that you know that you need00:37
aelkneryou keep it the way you want it00:37
aelknerso you decide which code needs to stay and make sure to get rid of the === stuff00:37
aelknerthen you save the file, but you're not done yet00:37
aelkneryou then need to say 'svn resolved FILENAME' for the file that had the conflict00:38
aelknersvn st will then show no C next to that file00:38
aelknerit will then allow you to commit00:38
aelknerlet me know when you're back from he phone if this is clear00:38
fsufitchaelkner , ccarey: ping00:39
aelknerhe's back!00:39
aelknerccarey is on the phone00:39
fsufitchive read the log00:39
aelknerso i had a chance to help out from here in Vilnius00:39
fsufitchsry i've been gone00:39
fsufitchso i see00:39
aelknerlike you were saying before?00:40
fsufitchi'd forgotten my aunt was leaving back to romania today, and i needed to babysit my 3 yr old bro while my mom took her to the airport00:40
aelknerah yes00:40
fsufitchbut yea, in general, distractions00:40
aelknerwe'll need to get you to that career center :)00:40
aelknerto cacth you up00:41
fsufitchi'm still supposed to be babysitting...00:41
fsufitchi just managed to sneak my laptop away from my room00:41
fsufitchby tricking my bro to go there00:41
aelknerso i sugested to ccarey to get things commited sooner00:41
fsufitchso, yeah, about the Go views00:41
aelknerand he didn't have access so i di it for him00:41
fsufitchoh crap00:42
fsufitchi had all the changes on my laptop00:42
aelknerwhat's wrong with that00:42
fsufitchi was going to do the commit right after we finished the filldown and bar functionalities00:42
aelknerthere's no prob00:42
aelknerhear me out a sec00:42
* fsufitch listens00:42
aelknerso i told ccarey i wanted you guys to commit more ofter00:42
aelknerin other words, even though you need to do the fill down stuff, and it's great what you already have written00:43
aelknerit would have been better to wait until the tests that ccarey wrote until then were passing and then commit00:43
ccareyok sorry about that00:43
aelknerit's no biggy, but that's what i want you to do in the future00:44
fsufitchccarey: hi00:44
aelknerbaby steps :)00:44
aelkneri'm catching filip up00:44
aelkneri suggested not removing good partially written code, but just commenting it out00:44
aelknerand getting the tests to work00:44
aelkneri had som esuggestions for getting that go.html thing to work00:45
ccareyhi fsufitch00:45
aelknerand we had an adventure with swtiching groups in the test00:45
aelknerwell, ccarey, you could explain that to him00:45
aelknerbefore i sign off00:45
aelknerccarey made the necessary changes00:45
aelknerand the tests reached that end point where the old tests start00:46
aelknerso i considered that a time to commit00:46
aelknerwe can00:46
aelknercan't get rid of those old tests becuase there's studd in there that you will want to reintrocude at some point00:46
aelknerlike the score report00:46
aelknerbut not right away00:46
aelknerit's ok as long as the tests reach the end point00:47
fsufitch*can't we just comment out the nonworking tests?00:47
aelknerwe could00:47
fsufitchand just have tests for what we know is implemented and should work?00:47
aelkneri kinda like that idea00:47
aelknerthere's just so many00:47
aelknerbut you cold do that00:48
aelknerso do that for your next commit00:48
fsufitchshould i svn up?00:48
aelknerso before i go, look at my discussion above about svn up00:48
aelknerwhere i explain the need to svn up even if you are the submitter00:48
aelknerlook at it now and tell me when you think it's clear00:49
aelkneror if you have a question00:49
ccareyits clear00:50
aelknerwhen filip's ready, i00:51
aelkneri'll sign off00:51
aelknerplease explain to him all of the nuances of what we did,00:51
aelknerthe comment you made about javascript and the use of form_submitted00:51
fsufitchit's clear00:51
aelkneralso, it00:52
aelknerit's ok to not test fill-down00:52
aelkneri'm outta here00:52
ccareyi'll explain00:52
aelknerkeep up the good work guys00:52
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ccareyok fsufitch so a quick summary00:53
* fsufitch is listening00:53
ccareyis that javascript doesn't run in functional tests00:53
ccareyif you look at README.txt00:53
ccareyinstead of selecting the group from the group selector00:53
fsufitchoh crap00:54
fsufitchit doesn't?00:54
ccareywe put it directly in the url like this00:54
ccareyno =\00:54
fsufitchtestbrowser is not JS compliant?!00:54
ccareywe don't need to test fill down though00:54
ccareyapparently not00:54
fsufitchthat's ok then00:54
ccareyis how we submitted the form00:55
ccareyand changed the group00:55
fsufitchbut um00:55
ccareywhere base_url00:55
fsufitchthat submits the data using GET, not POST00:55
fsufitchthen we need to change the original form to method="GET"00:55
fsufitchyou can't submit the data using POST with a url00:56
ccareyyou can't?00:56
fsufitchthat's the whole point00:56
fsufitchPOST is used when privacy is needed00:56
ccareythe tests passed, that's strange00:56
fsufitchlike on forms that have passwords00:56
fsufitchmbe post can access get data?00:56
fsufitchi'm confused00:56
fsufitchor maybe i'm thinking in PHP and zope integrates the two00:56
fsufitchi know in php u can't00:57
fsufitchbut if u can in zope00:57
fsufitchthen yay!00:57
ccareyso after svn up we should continue where we left off yesterday00:57
ccareydid you have any other questions?00:58
ccareyoh we also fixed the links to work with go.html01:00
fsufitchccarey: sorry, i got pulled away by ppl around here01:14
ccareyits ok01:14
fsufitchnope, no other qtns01:14
fsufitchand yay about the go.html01:14
fsufitchwe should try to figure out some Go views for the manager too...01:14
fsufitchbut that's secondary01:14
fsufitchso i'll get to work01:16
fsufitchas soon as i can get my lappy back to my room01:16
fsufitchccarey: i'm there01:18
fsufitchso. i'm finishing up my fill-down01:19
ccareyok that's great01:19
ccareyi'm working on the comp bar01:19
ccareyi don't think its possible with just css01:19
ccareybecause position:fixed applies both horizontally and vertically01:19
ccareyso i'm using javascript01:20
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fsufitchccarey: where's all the JS?02:11
fsufitchgradebook.js is empty! :(02:12
fsufitchwell, empty of all the stuff we did...02:12
fsufitchwait, nvm02:14
fsufitchthat was in python XD02:14
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fsufitchccarey: i has filldown working!04:23
ccareyyou do!04:24
ccareylet's merge our code in gobby then?04:24
fsufitchccarey: or i could commit <_<04:45
fsufitchisn't that what alan wants?04:45
ccareywell do you have my code with yours?04:46
fsufitchi just did a fresh checkout when i started working04:46
fsufitchi do have your bar thingy04:46
ccareyoh ok04:47
fsufitchand i didnt change any code that you were working on04:47
ccareyi've added some changes since then however04:47
fsufitchi'll open gobby04:48
fsufitchpoint them out and i'll insert them04:48
ccareyi can remove the files04:48
ccareyin gobby04:48
fsufitcheven if they ARE to the same file, it doesnt matter04:48
ccareyand then insert my changes04:48
fsufitchcuz we wont have conflicts...04:48
ccareywouldn't we?04:48
fsufitchactually i dont know04:48
fsufitchso let's just do this04:48
fsufitchtell me wat to open04:49
fsufitchkk04:52 and gradebook.js should have the changes04:52
ccareyi was still working on the widths of the bar and the message display04:53
ccareyand also, the bar moves with a delay so that it doesn't jerk04:53
ccareyyou'll see when you get it running04:54
ccareyfsufitch: you made the changes?05:06
fsufitchmy gobby is being insane05:07
ccareylet me find my ssh keys05:07
ccareyyou could make an svn up05:07
ccareyi mean a commit05:07
ccareythen i would commit my changes after that05:07
ccareyoh wait05:08
ccareynvm your tests pass correct?05:09
fsufitchi didnt run them yet05:10
ccareyoh i just realized05:10
ccareythe ssh keys are for my pc05:11
ccareynot this laptop05:11
ccareyso i don't think i ever had commit access in the first place05:11
fsufitchok i got the changes05:12
fsufitchlet me run tests05:13
fsufitchutest or ftest?05:13
fsufitchokayyy... running all05:14
fsufitchccarey: uhm05:17
fsufitchsomething in the SETUP is failing >_<05:18
fsufitchFile "/home/fsufitch/cando/src/cando/gradebook/browser/README.txt", line 289, in README.txt05:18
fsufitchFailed example:05:18
fsufitch    addCompetencyGroup('Basic Programming Techniques', browser.url)05:18
ccareyoh that's good!05:18
fsufitchthat's what supposed to fail?05:18
ccareyits past the end of the test05:18
ccareyaelkner wants the old test to still be there for reference05:18
fsufitchso now05:23
ccareysvn st is good?05:23
ccareytests good?05:24
ccareyok go ahead then05:24
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fsufitchccarey: committed!05:30
fsufitchyou can revert, then updatte05:30
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