IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-07-08

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ccareyfsufitch: ping20:01
fsufitchccarey: pong20:01
ccareyi think i might have to use javascript to position the description bar20:02
ccareyis there a way to get the length of the window in css?20:02
ccareyposition:fixed applies both horizontally and vertically, not one or the other20:03
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ccareyhello aelkner21:33
aelknerhey ccarey21:33
aelknerhow goies the battle?21:33
aelknerstill fighting with the pickel error?21:34
ccareynope we fixed that yesterday morning21:34
aelknertoo cool21:34
aelkneri didn't see the checkin21:34
ccareythe evaluator had a proxy attached to it21:35
ccareywe didn't check it in yet21:35
aelknerwell done21:35
ccareywhich would probably be a good idea21:35
aelknerplease try to check in anytime you hut a milestone21:35
ccareywhen i upgraded to hardy, my ssh keys were changed21:35
ccareyso i have to get set up with commit access again21:35
aelknerth1a: do you know how he shold go about that?21:36
th1aSend the public key to jinty, I think.21:37
th1aYou should keep a copy of your keys!21:37
th1aPut them on a usb key.21:37
ccareycan i change my ssh keys back?21:37
ccareybecause i should have them in a copy of the email i sent21:37
aelkneryeah, if you could find that in your sent folder21:38
ccareyok when its time to commit i'll transfer it over21:39
ccareythe emails are saved on my pc21:39
aelknerhow many files changed?21:40
aelkneryou could emailo them to me?21:40
ccareywe have them open in gobby21:40
ccareyif that would be easier21:41 is where we fixed the proxy error21:41
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aelknerok, thanks21:46
aelknerccarey: i imiagine i can get rid of the commented code right before the removeSecurityProxy bit21:47
aelknerthat was when you were debugging, right?21:47
ccareyyes go ahead and uncomment it21:48
aelkneruh, that wouldn't work21:48
aelknerunless the code after it should be indented to be included in the else21:49
ccareyoh you mean just delete the code?21:49
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ccareycause filip and i thought it wasnt neccessary21:49
aelknerlet's think about this21:50
aelknerwas that code there before you were fixing the bug?21:50
aelkneri seems to make sense21:51
aelknerthe logic is:21:51
aelknerif the student has already been evaluated for that competency21:51
aelknerthen just update the score21:51
ccareyrather than making a new object?21:51
aelknerotherwise we need to create a new one21:51
aelknerwhat if a different teacher is scoring them this time around21:52
aelknerthen we would need to update the evaluator as well21:52
aelknerlooks like this code was never completely correct21:52
aelknerand not commented which is bad21:52
aelknercheck out my change in gobby21:53
aelkneri think that's it21:54
aelknertest that out21:54
ccareynow it handles the case of the teacher changing21:54
aelknerum, i assume that the tests are still failing even if you fixed the pickle problem21:56
ccareyit hasn't been set up everywhere to link to go.html21:56
aelkneri'm failing at line 136, you?21:57
ccareyline 10521:58
ccareyits failing when trying to reach the gradebook as a manager21:59
ccareybecause its looking for index.html21:59
aelknerwhy would i get further?21:59
ccareywe changed it to go.html21:59
aelknercould you load up your browser README.txt in gobby?21:59
ccareyline 34 of configure.zcml21:59
ccareyfsufitch: ping22:00
aelknerum, i saved the README.txt and i doesn22:01
aelknerdoesn't show up as a diff22:01
aelknerah, the change was in configure22:01
aelknerso i get it22:02
aelknerccarey: why did you change index.html to go.html?22:02
aelknernot that it's a bad idea22:02
aelkneri just don't understand22:02
ccareyfsufitch said it needed to match with the go interface22:04
ccareyso i've been testing it logged in as the teacher for now22:04
aelknerhe might be right, i don't remember22:05
aelknerok, i get the same error22:07
aelknerthe men item needs to change22:07
aelknercheck out line 114 of the browser config22:09
aelkneroh, i see you're changing the page template22:09
ccareychanged the link to link to go.html22:09
ccareyits testing22:10
ccareyi don't suggest saving it yet22:10
ccareyis there a javascript event for catching the usage of the scroll bars?22:11
aelknerit's ok if you're not done22:11
aelkneri'm still at 105, probably cause it's not ready22:11
aelknerbut it doesn't crash22:12
aelknerit just doesn't pass the diff22:12
aelknerccarey: btw, i can work on other parts while you're bringing the page template in line22:14
aelknerwhat's your feeling about how soon you can have tests passing22:14
aelkneri'd like to commit something for the gradebook before you refine it22:15
ccareywe haven't written tests for filldown or the competency description bar yet22:15
aelknerthat's good22:15
ccareywhich is what filip and i are working on22:15
aelknerok, but that's unfortunate22:15
aelknerok for this time22:15
aelknerand i know you didn't have commit access22:15
aelknerbut it's important that we commit as frequwntly as possible22:16
aelknerit make s it easier for us to follow the diffs22:16
ccareysry i'll remember that for next time22:16
aelknerthat's ok22:16
aelknerfor now, let's do this22:16
aelknerget the filldown stuff to not fail22:16
aelkneri mean in the tests22:17
aelknerit doesn't have to work manually22:17
aelkneri'll just explain the incomplete filldown in the checkin comment22:17
ccareyfsufitch: PING22:17
aelknerthis is why he wants to come to the career center22:17
aelknerhe's probably getting distracted by his family22:18
aelknertell you what22:18
aelknerfeel free to disable anything that causes failures22:18
aelkneryou don't have to remove, just comment22:18
aelknerping me when the tests pass or you have a question22:19
ccareyaelkner, whenever the form is submitted, it links to gradeCompetencies rather than gradeCompetencies/go.htm22:30
aelknercheck out the action attribute of the form22:31
aelkneryou could change that22:31
ccareygreat i think that did it22:32
aelkneryou mean, tests pass?22:32
ccareyrunning them now22:32
ccareyi just mean it fixed the broken link22:33
aelknerccarey: where are you with the testing?23:03
ccareythe group and the comps are not changing23:03
ccareywhen i change groups23:03
ccareyi'm not sure if its the ftest browser or not23:03
ccareybecause it works when i manually run it in firefox23:03
aelknercould it be that problem you had at the sprint, not being sure how to set the pulldown value?23:04
ccareythat's what i'm trying23:04
ccareyi've tried every way i've looked up23:04
aelknerdid you look at schooltool.gradebook?23:05
ccareyi looked through some of it23:05
ccareyi can look through again23:05
ccareyis it possible that the form isn't being submitted when running ftests>23:06
aelkneri was considering the same thing23:06
aelknerthat would suck23:06
ccareyi could manually set the form in the ftest to see if thats the case23:07
aelkneri just did :)23:07
ccareyhey it worked23:08
aelknercrap, it didn't for me23:08
ccareythat means i can simplify choosing the group23:09
ccareybecause was trying more complicated methods to see if it would capture it23:09
aelkneri don't like hitting the submit button in the test23:10
aelkneri just tried it to see what we cold learn23:11
aelknerthe test should exactly reflect the user action23:11
aelknerso why do i still fail23:11
aelkneri see you changed something else23:12
aelkneroh, there you go again :)23:12
ccareywhen i first got it it failed, but it loaded the proper page23:13
aelknerso i'm at 166, you too?23:14
aelknerccarey: if you are, then that means we're both passed the diff23:15
ccareyyup i'm there23:15
aelknerin that case, i'd like to remove the submit change line23:15
aelknerthat may have been a red herring23:15
aelknerthat didn't go well23:16
ccareythe group selector gets submitted with onchange="this.form.submit()"23:17
ccareybut the ftest browser should be able to handle events like onchange, right?23:17
aelknerso why not in the test?  what about schooltool.gradebook?23:18
aelknerwe should look at that test ad compare23:18
aelkneralso the page template23:18
aelknerum, do you have the missing README.txt from your version of the schooltool.gradebook23:22
aelknerccarey: my schooltool.gradebook egg seems to be missing a lot of things23:22
ccareyi can load it into gobby for you23:22
ccareydo you need the page template also?23:22
ccareythe worksheet selector also uses onchange="this.form.submit()"23:24
ccareyhowever, the option that is selected uses <option selected="selected"23:24
ccareyaelkner, which README.txt do we need to be looking at?23:25
ccareyi had that one open before23:26
ccareybut i loaded the wrong one23:26
aelknerccarey: now that we know that you can't test javascript23:30
aelknerwe should maybe consider making the serve handle the fill down23:31
aelknerall the teacher want s to be able to do is put a value there ad have it result in  all rows below it changin to that value23:31
aelkneri'm discussing this with th1a right now23:34
ccareybut that leaves the danger of the user accidentally overwriting values they didn't want to overwrite, and it has already been submitted23:34
aelkneri'm not clear on what you mean there23:35
aelknercould you break that down in to actions23:35
aelknerand results23:35
ccareyactually with the submit fill down button23:36
ccareythat wouldn't happen23:36
ccareythere was some other reason though23:36
aelknerth1a has convinced me that we don't need to test fil down23:38
aelknerit's a javascript thing, not a server-side thing23:38
aelknerall we need to test is that values entered into the fields end up in the database23:38
aelknerit's not important to the server code how the values got there23:39
aelknerso that was easy23:39
aelknerso let's get these tests passing and some code checked in23:40
ccareyso pressing the submit changes button is how we'll submit the form in the test?23:40
aelkneri'd rather do it like stephan did23:41
aelknerwe have the same hidden form_submitted text field23:41
aelknerso the first time you change the group, have the comment be the same as stephan said23:41
ccareyaelkner, instead of grabbing the browser.url, can we explicitly state it23:50
aelknercome again?23:51
ccareybecause it already has ?form-submitted... etc attached to it23:51
ccareywhen it needs to be switched again23:51
ccareytry running the tests23:51
aelkneri understand23:51
aelknerso i agree23:51
aelkneruse the whole url23:51
aelknerset up a variable for the base23:52
aelkneri.e. base_url = browser.url23:52
aelknerthen use that23:52
aelknerccarey: could you add some paragraphs between those test like i started to do23:54
ccareyaelkner: the scoresystem has to be set up in the ftest23:57
ccareyi can add that23:57
th1aaelkner is taking a shit.23:57

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