IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-06-20

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th1aaelkner_: You may find this interesting:
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aelkner_hey th1a19:11
th1aHow are things?19:11
aelkner_fine.  i was up all night getting jelkner's bug fix int19:12
aelkner_i'm waiting to hear from him that matt is ready19:12
aelkner_i read the link you sent me19:12
aelkner_what was the part that you found most interesting19:12
th1aWell, just the general discussion of object references vs. string references, which is something we've gone over before.19:13
aelkner_you mean how ignas and i like to use ids to refer to person objects19:14
th1aI don't mean the post is a strong argument one way or another.19:14
aelkner_well, the thing about references that they can get broken19:14
aelkner_or better yet19:15
aelkner_if there is a reference out there19:15
aelkner_and you try to delete the original19:15
aelkner_it will still hang around due to the reference19:15
aelkner_so if one does a 'del app['person']['jdoe']19:16
aelkner_it may be gone from the persons container19:16
aelkner_but it will still hang around because it is referenced elsewhere19:17
aelkner_because the reference count won't have gone to zero19:17
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mattva01i'm here19:27
aelkner_hey matt19:28
aelkner_so you already switched jelkner to the bzr repositories, right?19:28
mattva01let me check19:29
mattva01wow this server is running incredibly slowly19:30
aelkner_maybe you should restart it19:31
mattva01one sec19:31
mattva01its hosted , so give me a sec19:31
mattva01kk restarting19:33
aelkner_unfortunately, i will be interrupted by a plumber who's arriving shortly19:34
aelkner_it will only take me five or ten minutes to get him started on the job19:35
aelkner_but i will be unavailable at that time19:35
mattva01ok its done19:37
aelkner_so you're looking at where the server is run?19:38
aelkner_does it come up automatically on restart?19:38
aelkner_using init.d19:38
aelkner_so where does the init.d script start it out of19:38
mattva01sorry I'm checking some stuff,just a sec19:40
mattva01yes they are switched19:42
mattva01(I figured out what was causing the speed issues and had to fix it)19:43
mattva01so what do I do ?19:44
mattva01oh guess the plumber came'19:44
aelkner_i'm back19:54
aelkner_he's set up19:54
aelkner_so go to the schooltool.gradebook dir19:54
aelkner_do a bzr info and tell me what branch it's pointing to19:55
aelkner_mattva01: ping19:55
aelkner_just wan't sure you were looking at the chat screen19:55
mattva01oh yeah :)19:56
aelkner_cool, already?19:56
aelkner_what revision number?19:57
aelkner_weird how bzr info doesn't give that number19:57
aelkner_how did you get that number19:59
aelkner_i did bzr log | head19:59
aelkner_but that's lame19:59
mattva01thats what I did19:59
mattva01well bzr  log --forward20:00
aelkner_bzr st doesn't work like svn st20:00
mattva01let me check20:00
aelkner_svn st says 'At revision x'20:00
aelkner_oh, no20:00
aelkner_not true20:00
aelkner_svn up does that20:00
aelkner_so if you just bzr pull, you should get the latest revision, right?20:01
aelkner_go fot it20:01
aelkner_restart the server and have jelkner call me20:01
mattva01oh its bzr revno20:01
aelkner_i'll have to make a note of that one20:02
mattva01meh :
mattva01bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir( Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()20:03
mattva01what was public one again?20:03
aelkner_ignas: i keep forgetting what this is caused by?20:03
aelkner_mattva01: the http one is the public one20:04
aelkner_th1a: do you know what causes that error?20:04
th1aPermission, I think.20:05
aelkner_but why?20:05
th1aWhat are you trying to do?20:05
aelkner_matt needs to pull my updates to his server20:05
aelkner_that's what the bzr docs say20:06
aelkner_he's already pointing to my branch20:06
aelkner_and he's one revision behind20:06
ignasbzr docs have one mention of pull, and even that is not in any examples20:06
aelkner_one sec20:06
ignasthe docs that I wrote20:06
ignashe should do "bzr status"20:07
ignasif there are any local changes - do bzr revert20:07
ignasand do "bzr up"20:07
aelkner_the section on Folling upstream changes20:07
mattva01hmm it says it up to date20:07
ignasbzr docs20:08
ignaswell - bzr docs are dealing with a branch20:08
ignasnot a checkout20:08
ignasand is talking about following upstream while developing on your own branch20:09
aelkner_so there are no docs about a checkout?20:09
ignasthere are20:09
ignasnot in the tutorial though20:09
aelkner_the users guide20:10
aelkner_i haven't read that on yet20:10
ignas5.3.5   Updating to the latest content20:10
ignasbzr update20:10
aelkner_mattva01: what does bzr revno say now20:10
ignasmattva01: careful with bzr up, check bzr status, and only bzr up if there are no local changes20:11
aelkner_he won't make local changes20:11
ignasmight have made them20:11
mattva01i did not make local changes here20:11
aelkner_did you do the pull command20:12
ignasi know20:12
ignasbut you did the pull ocmmand20:12
mattva01Using saved location:
mattva01bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir( Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()20:12
aelkner_yes, that's the pull command20:12
mattva01bzr up says its up to date at revision 3720:12
aelkner_should he just do a fresh checkout20:13
ignashe should do "bzr status"20:13
mattva01  python/20:13
mattva01  src/schooltool.gradebook.egg-info/20:13
ignasit seems good then20:14
ignashe has everything that he needs it seems20:14
aelkner_so why is he at revision 37 and i am at 3820:14
ignasaelkner_: bzr info20:14
aelkner_Repository tree (format: pack-0.92)20:15
aelkner_  shared repository: /home/aelkner/schooltool_sandbox20:15
aelkner_  repository branch: .20:15
aelkner_Related branches:20:15
aelkner_    push branch: bzr+ssh://
aelkner_  parent branch:
ignasmattva01: bzr info20:15
ignasaelkner_: you are not using a checkout20:15
mattva01Repository checkout (format: pack-0.92)20:15
mattva01  repository checkout root: .20:15
mattva01        checkout of branch:
mattva01         shared repository: /home/mgallagh/schooltool_sandbox20:15
mattva01Related branches:20:15
ignasaelkner_: your changes won't get published unless you bzr push20:15
mattva01  parent branch:
ignasaelkner_: you are using a simple branch20:16
aelkner_i did this at one point20:16
aelkner_bzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://
aelkner_replacing the part at the end20:16
aelkner_then i did bzr ci to it20:17
ignasaelkner_: push will not make your branch a checkout20:18
ignasit will publish it in it's current state20:18
ignasci will still commit to your local branch20:18
ignasso you either bind it and then when it is a checkout use it as a checkout20:18
ignasor commit changes locally and push20:18
ignasevery time you want to publish them20:18
aelkner_just bzr push, no args20:19
ignasyep, no args20:19
ignaspush branch: bzr+ssh://
ignasis already set20:19
aelkner_got it20:20
ignasand if you'd look at my docs -
ignasafter "publish it"20:20
ignasthere is a step for "Make commits go directly to that branch"20:20
aelkner_i've read your docs more than once20:20
aelkner_it just doesn't stick quick;y20:20
aelkner_i need time to get my mind around these concepts20:21
aelkner_you mention merge there20:21
aelkner_so i ignored it20:21
aelkner_cause i wasn't thinking about merging20:22
aelkner_mattva01: could you try bzr up again now20:22
ignasok, have to go now20:23
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mattva01kk updating20:26
aelkner_mattva01: what happened20:29
mattva01starting it now20:30
aelkner_did you check the revision number20:30
aelkner_mattva01: where did you put the file21:21
mattva01k now21:21
aelkner_ah ha21:21
aelkner_ok, thanks21:21
aelkner_i'll talk to you tomorrow night21:22
mattva01sounds good21:22
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