IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-06-19

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jelknerignas: ryt?14:57
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jelknerth1a: ryt?15:49
th1aYes, jelkner.15:49
th1aI just read your email.15:49
jelknerneedless to say, i want to talk to you about it15:50
jelknerbut should i give you a chance to digest first?15:51
th1aYou can call me.15:52
jelknerwill do15:52
* jelkner takes out his headphone in preparation to using skypeout15:53
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ignasjelkner: hi16:30
ignasjelkner: was away16:30
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ignasth1a: so what did you decide?18:57
ignasor talked about18:58
ignasi mean - i got jeff's emails too18:58
th1aWith jelkner?18:58
th1aWe decided he should hire POV.18:58
ignasi see, the problem is - we don't have any capability to offer someone that soon :/18:58
th1aI know ;-)18:58
ignasi have written an email to Gintas asking him if he would be interested in something like that18:59
th1aIt sort of depends on where the work is left off.18:59
ignasjust in case, without any commitment from any side yet18:59
ignasto know what he'd think about it18:59
th1aHopefully eldar will finish most of the back end part.18:59
ignasI see19:00
th1aIf so, we might not need a serious Zope 3 hacker (as if there are a lot floating around unemployed)19:00
th1aIf most of the work is implementing the new gradebook ui, a good Zope 2 developer could probably handle it.19:01
ignasi see19:01
th1aAnd there are relatively many of them in northern Virginia.19:01
th1aIt just depends on how big of a mess is left.19:01
th1aIf it is a big mess, I don't know what they can do, but I don't think it will be that bad.19:02
th1aAlso, I was suggesting to Jeff they try to get some people to take on some Summer of Code style mentoring.19:02
aelkner_hey th1a, ignas19:18
aelkner_i spke with jelkner19:18
aelkner_he might be able to get someone from the plone community19:18
aelkner_to help19:18
aelkner_you see, at the cando sprint19:18
aelkner_we should have eldar to work with the interns19:19
aelkner_on writing the functional test for everything but the gradebook19:19
aelkner_and i could pair with a plone developer who has some Zope3 familiarity19:19
aelkner_on the gradebook19:19
aelkner_jelkner has gone to many ZPUG meeting in DC19:19
aelkner_and he says that more and more plone people are becoming familiar with Zope319:20
aelkner_so it could very well be reasonable to have me pair with one of them19:20
aelkner_and hand the rest over to them following the sprint19:20
aelkner_if eldar can handle the interns with the testing19:20
aelkner_i would be able to focus on the gradebook19:21
aelkner_it's not that big of a deal to write it if we don't use ajax19:21
aelkner_we already have a gradebook in schooltool as a model19:21
th1aAnd if you do use Ajax that doesn't require (much) Zope 3 expertise.19:21
th1aAlso the journal.19:21
th1aLyceum journal.19:22
th1aIs a gradebook.19:22
aelkner_oh, you mean as an example19:22
aelkner_anyway, i think a POV person would not be able to be on hand during the year19:22
aelkner_and that's what they really need19:23
aelkner_to handle bug fixes that come up19:23
aelkner_after the interns have gone home to roost19:23
th1aWell, that's always going to be a problem... eldar would have been back at school, etc.19:23
aelkner_if they get this DC area professional type person, that could end up being a gain rather than a loss19:24
aelkner_we'll see what jelkner can pull off over the weekend19:24
aelkner_btw, i get the unit tests for schooltool.cas done19:25
aelkner_i started reading bzr docs finally19:25
aelkner_just like i developed my stack trace tool out of necessity19:26
aelkner_to allow me to troubleshoot cas19:26
aelkner_i will learn bzr out of necessity :)19:27
aelkner_today, i'm going to work on the gradebook to allow jelkner to delete unwanted worksheets19:28
aelkner_that are corrupting his averages19:28
aelkner_tomorrow, matt will be back from Florida and available to install my fixes for jelkner19:28
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