IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-04-02

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th1aignas: I set up a clean stapp2008 checkout yesterday and I'm getting some functional test errors.15:34
ignaslisppaste5: url15:34
th1aYes... is there some way I can get the output in an easily pastable form?15:34
ignashmm, i think you'll have to email it to me15:35
ignasbecause lisppaste seems down15:35
th1aCan I direct the test output to a file?15:35
ignashmm, can't recall how15:36
ignas>> might work15:36
ignasbut if the output is going to stderr15:36
ignasthere is some special syntax to do that15:36
ignaswhich i can't recall now15:36
th1aTrying >> ...15:38
th1aSeems to be working.15:38
ignas>> some_file.txt yes?15:39
ignasbin/test >> some_file.txt15:39
th1aOh, I just typed >> into the terminal...  was I supposed to hit enter?15:40
th1aI thought it was working.15:40
th1aI'd better call tech support.15:40
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th1aThese tests take a while...15:47
th1aignas: Email sent.16:01
th1aAlways happy to dump a problem on your lap.16:02
ignascould you svn info in "schooltool" ?16:03
th1aoh... ok.16:26
th1aignas: it is revision 7567.16:27
ignasi see16:27
th1aDo we get testbrowser from a deb?16:28
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ignasth1a: i think i might have an idea about what's wrong16:54
ignaswe started depending on z3c stuff17:08
ignasafter i have merged pcardunes changes17:08
ignasand some z3c packages have dependency metadata messed up17:08
ignasbecause i haven't been using them and didn't rant about them to srichter17:09
ignas(he fixed most of them)17:09
ignasso unreleased eggs get included as the dependencies17:09
ignaswhich is quite easy to fix, and i am doing it17:09
th1aOK, cool.17:09
ignasyou will probably have to rm -rf .buildout/eggs and .buildout/cache after I will commit the fix17:10
ignasand python2.4 && bin/buildout again17:10
ignasbut i want to check if it works from a clean checkout first, before commiting17:10
* th1a is going out for a minute anyhow.17:10
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ignasth1a: try bzr pull18:17
ignasand bin/buildout18:17
ignasdon't need to remove old eggs even18:17
ignasi think18:17
th1aignas: I assume I can ignore the "conflict" with my modified buildout.cfg.18:22
ignasyou will have to fix the conflicts18:22
ignasi mean - you have probably added stuff to develop = ...18:22
th1aNow I do need to call tech support.18:22
ignaslook at the file18:22
ignasor just send it to me ;)18:22
ignasor just bzr revert it18:22
ignasand make the changes again18:22
th1aWhat's the difference between BASE, OTHER and THIS?18:29
ignasjust bzr revert and redo the changes18:31
ignasas for the meaning of these #bzr can explain it better than I can :/18:32
th1a(setuptools 0.6c8 (/home/hoffman/.buildout/eggs/setuptools-0.6c8-py2.4.egg), Requirement.parse('setuptools==0.6c7'))18:43
th1aignas:  Should I nuke the eggs and cache?18:44
ignasno need to18:44
ignasi have fixed it in such a way that should not be affected by wrong versions of eggs18:45
Lumiereignas: why an == there?18:46
ignasth1a: oh, missed the error18:46
ignasth1a: try "bin/buildout -n" ?18:46
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th1aok... running tests...19:02
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th1aTotal: 4316 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors in 10 minutes 38.729 seconds.19:16
ignasgood :)19:21
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