IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-04-01

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Lumierehi eldar02:55
Lumierewjohnsto: hi02:56
Lumierehi eldar02:56
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eldarLumiere: hey Jason02:58
eldardo you know if jeff's coming today?02:58
Lumierehi fsufitch, ccarey02:59
Lumiereeldar: nope02:59
fsufitchnitromaster not here?02:59
eldaroh ok then, i'll just talk to you02:59
fsufitchand it's still 1959 ;)02:59
fsufitchnot 2000 yet02:59
fsufitchnow it is03:00
eldarok well, sorry about the weekend03:01
eldarit was really hectic, i couldn't respond on time and whatnot03:01
eldarwhich made me decide I can't do this03:02
Lumierefsufitch what have you been doing this week?03:08
* Lumiere is starting the meeting ;)03:08
Lumierefsufitch: no he isn't oh well03:08
fsufitchnot much03:08
fsufitchcuz i dont know where to start o.O03:09
fsufitchi had some hours to work03:09
fsufitchbut nobody could tell me what i needed to do03:09
Lumiereyea... I think i may have to regroup this week03:09
wjohnstoI haven't been able to use the computer during class03:09
Lumierewjohnsto: k03:09
wjohnstojelkner is messing around with one computer in the classroom, and it happens to be MINE03:09
Lumierewjohnsto: I'll light him up tomorrow03:10
Lumierewhat time is your class? :)03:10
wjohnstohe said that tomorrow I should be fine03:10
LumiereI'm still going to light him up03:10
wjohnstohopefully by block day though03:10
Lumierewith some flares03:10
wjohnstoI have class at 9:1003:10
LumiereI don't like it when people mess with people working for me ;)03:11
Lumiereccarey: how goes?03:11
ccareyi can't get my cando-buildout-integration tests to fail03:11
Lumierewell... this meeting looks to be very short03:11
Lumiereccarey: were there commits?03:11
ccareyi think i'm missing a step during set up03:11
ccareyi'm up to revision 1315; the latest03:11
Lumierethere ya go03:13
Lumierefsufitch, ccarey: just go for fixing tests.03:13
LumiereI unfortunately can't move forward without eldar at this poitn03:13
fsufitchLumiere: there are a BUNCH of tests to be fixed. who does what?03:14
fsufitchand what if  some tests influence others03:14
Lumierefsufitch: fix em all?03:14
Lumiereif the tests are right... fix the code03:14
ccareyhow does this affect Team Integration?03:15
Lumiereccarey: it's on hold for the moment.  with eldar unable to lead it03:16
Lumiereccarey: I will be talking with dwelsh wednesday03:16
eldarLumiere: what was the link to the buildbot?03:16
Lumiereand try and get forward03:16
eldarok thanks03:17
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | Visit the SchoolTool Developer Team at PyCon! | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 2000 EST (Tuesday 0000 UTC, 0200 EET) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you! | Build Status:"03:17
eldarok guys03:17
eldarwhen you set up the sandbox for cando03:17
eldaryou have to edit the buildout.cfg03:18
eldarto make it use the right schooltool03:18
* Lumiere passes torch to eldar and writes down that he's in the hole 30 minutes for today03:18
eldarlet me pull up my instance to see what i changed03:19
ccareywhere in buildout.cfg would that be?03:19
eldarif i remember clearly, you have to edit the line that says develop03:19
eldaryou know the one that says develop = .03:19
eldarhold on, my virtual box is starting up03:20
eldarok the easy way03:21
eldaris to checkout the schooltool trunk separately03:21
eldarso say if your cando checkout is in03:21
eldaredit ~/cando/buildout.cfg03:21
eldarand set "develop = /home/username/schooltool/"03:21
eldarand checkout schooltool trunk to /home/username/schooltool03:22
eldarif that doesn't work, we need to look at how the buildbot03:23
eldarbuilds its instance03:23
ccareyCouldn't find a distribution for 'cando'03:55
ccareywhen i follow the steps above03:55
ccareywhat should the "parts =" line have in cando-buildout-integration/buildout.cfg04:00
ccareyfsufitch, what is on your "parts =" line?04:03
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ACSpike[Work]good morning16:28
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th1aACSpike[Work]: Morning.16:45
ACSpike[Work]hi th1a, how'w it going?16:46
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th1aACSpike[Work]: Going pretty well.16:59
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