IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-03-29

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fsufitcheldar: ping19:03
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ccareyeldar, in my cando-buildout-integration, i went ahead and did a make testall and all the tests pass21:56
ccareyis my cando-buildout running the proper tests?21:56
eldarccarey: what command did you use?21:59
ccareymake testall21:59
eldardid you look at the cando wiki?22:01
ccareyno i haven't22:01
eldari can't attest to the completeness of the makefile22:01
eldarso try running manually22:01
ccareyhold on one sec22:02
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fsufitcheldar: ping22:23
fsufitchLumiere: ping22:26
fsufitchLumiere: what are we doing with cando?22:29
fsufitchi have time to work rite now22:29
fsufitchbut er22:29
fsufitchthe only instructions i got was to look at the horror of the tests22:29
fsufitchwhich i did22:29
fsufitchbut what now?22:30
Lumiereask eldar22:30
ccareyfsufitch, cando-buildout-integration are supposed to be at the same level directory, correct?22:31
ccarey*cando-buildout-intergartion and schooltool22:31
fsufitchLumiere: eldar isn't responding22:31
fsufitchccarey: that's how i have it22:31
fsufitchcando-buildout-integration is still running its own instance of cando methinks22:32
fsufitchLumiere: am i right?22:32
ccareyand did you get tests running and failing?22:32
fsufitchrun "make ftest"22:32
fsufitchthe utests all pass22:32
ccareyand the ftests fail?22:33
fsufitch11 of them fail22:33
ccareymine all pass, so i'm thinking that its not pointing to schooltool.stapp2008spring22:34
ccareyor the newest schooltool i mean22:34
fsufitchhow did u check it out?22:35
ccareysvn co
fsufitchthat's what i did22:39
fsufitchsvn up?22:39
fsufitchu at revision 1315?22:39
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eldaryou have to make it use schooltool 0822:47
eldarlike here22:47
fsufitcheldar: already got that22:50
fsufitchthat was part of the sprint22:50
fsufitchbut how do i make it use cando-buildout-integration22:51

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